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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 308: Mandatory Bath Scene Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

Ehehehe~ Onii-sama is already showing signs of recovering his memories! With enough time, Onii-sama will remember all the fun times we had and even the promise he gave me!

This proves that what I’ve been doing is right!

I just need to continue with my current plan and Onii-sama will be back to normal! Then once he does… Ehe… Ehehe… Ehehehehe~

“Elaria? Why are you smiling creepily like that?” Lian Li prodded me.

All of us were currently in the baths, enjoying a soak in the warm waters after our sumptuous dinner.

We wanted Onii-sama to join us but he had told us to go ahead on our own, stating that we should spend some girl time together in the baths.

The little Cai Hong girl had gone with Onii-sama instead and I do envy her a lot. Ahhhhh!! I want to bathe with Onii-sama again!!

I splashed my face with the water to return it back to normal, “Huuu… Ehehehe~ I’m just thinking about my future with Onii-sama!”

“Ufufufu~ I wonder what those futures of yours entail?” Manami chuckled, lifting her bare leg out of the water while stroking it with a finger seductively.

“Ehehehe That’s a se~cret~~” I giggled.

Odriana smirked at me, “Oh? Are they similar to the stories you had been writing recently?”

I turned to look at her in horror, “What?! Onee-sama?! How… How did you…”

“Ufufu… Your hiding spot is quite obvious you know? I must say, you might do well as a novelist too~ The depicted scenes were very… Very… Descriptive~ I especially liked the one where you were living in a lodge within–“

“Onee-sama!!” I screamed, splashing some water at her to shut her up.

Odriana dodged it quickly while giggling, not at all repentant of almost revealing my secrets.

Kiyomi lifted her head, “Oh? Now I’m interested in what she wrote. Is it worthy of a play?”

I knew I shouldn’t have contracted a fox youkai into theatre! Kiyomi will definitely want to find out about it now!

Odriana turned to me, her lips curling up into a wicked grin.

I puffed my cheeks at her until she shook her head that showed she won’t try again.

“Mmm… A good older sister like myself wouldn’t spill her cute little sister’s secrets. This stays a secret I’m afraid.”

I gave a sigh of relief, sinking back into the water.

“Mmm… Since we’re all here… Why don’t we have some girl talk?” Diao Chan suggested.

My face lit up, “Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this! I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about it! The heroines will always talk about the guy they like the most when in the bath! It’s that sort of talk! Then they’ll also start groping each other, and then… And then… Ehehehe~”

“Heh! She’s got a funny ‘ead on ‘er, doesn’t she?” Eris laughed.

Manami giggled, “Well there’s not much to say about that. We all love Master here don’t we?”

A chorus of agreements echoed in the bath.

“We have to talk about why we like him! And then we’ll gush about what we just said and get all embarrassed and be teased about it!” I continued.

All the girls just looked at one another with a smile.

Lian Li sighed, “I guess I’ll start first then? I suppose it’s mostly because Master saved my life, I would have been a nobody without Him. My past is not something that I enjoy recounting but this new life that Master has granted me… I intend to devote it entirely to Him.”

The golden haired girl stretched a hand towards the ceiling, letting an arc of lightning dance between her finger tips.

“In a world where everyone else believed me to be nothing more than dirt, Master pulled me up from the ground and made me who I am. There is nowhere else I feel safer than in Master’s arms.”

“Ufufufu~ I suppose it is almost the same for me,” Manami giggled. “I won’t go into details but Master had accepted a Request from us to rid a rather troublesome thing. Master then returned to me something that I had thought was lost and I knew then Master was my destined mate.”

Oh? It seems Onii-sama has been quite busy going around saving people. As expected of Onii-sama!

Eris tapped her chin, “Hmmm… I guess for my case, Master had seduced me through my stomach. Ahhh~~ I still remember how He fed, clothed and took care of me while I was hungry, dirty and miserable. The rice He had made was absolutely out of this world~~”

“Yes and you were the first to taste Master’s cooking. We were so envious at that time,” Lian Li pouted.

Eris looked like she was about to say something but she quickly stopped herself before turning to Manami, “Cai Hong…?”

The fox youkai smiled, “Master literally bought her egg in an auction and she hatched on the very same day for Master, seeing Him as her father.”

Oh! The classic auction setting! But usually the protagonist would buy a slave or something as their first love interest, right?!

How interesting!

Diao Chan sighed, “I suppose it’s my turn? I would say my meeting with Master was… Less than appropriate.”

“That is taking it lightly,” Lian Li commented with a chuckle. “We had almost planned to take your head off that day.”

“Yes, yes, I know. I have repented for my foolish actions,” Diao Chan groaned. “Master has already shown me the errors of my ways and… Hehehe… I do quite like Master’s firm yet gentle hands~”

Eris waded over to Diao Chan and groped her from behind, causing the girl to moan quite lasciviously.

“Oh… Look at you! All sensitive an’ stuff! Master must ‘ave trained you quite a bit, eh?” Eris chuckled.

Diao Chan slapped her hands away, grumbling while massaging her chests.

All of us then turned to Kiyomi, the one who has been the most quiet out of all of us.

The white fox shrugged, “I sought for a powerful mate. Master has shown me His strength and is thus my destined mate. The fact that Master is also my elder sister’s destined mate is a bonus.”

One of Manami’s hands reached in between her sister’s thigh, “Oh my cute little Kiyomi… Are you sure that’s the only reason why you’re here?”

“Kuuhh… I… I never said… That was the only reason…”

Manami grinned before retrieving her hand to suck on her fingers, “Mmm… Delicious as always.”

“What about Elaria and Odriana?” Eris asked, moving away to avoid Diao Chan who was trying to grope her breasts in revenge for earlier. “You two are quite smitten with Master too.”

“It’s obvious that little sisters belong to their older brothers!” I stated without hesitation.

“Fufufu~ And younger brothers belong to their older sisters~” Odriana giggled.

The others rolled their eyes at us but what do they know? They never had Onii-sama as a brother!

“Speaking of which… Are we doing it tonight?” Manami asked.

Lian Li grinned, “Is that even a question? Of course!” we are! We came all the way here after all! It would be a waste not to use that bed!”

I tilted my head at them, “Do what?”

“Hehe~ A night visit of course!” Diao Chan giggled.

My eyes widened, they aren’t joking at all?! So they’re actually going to do it?!

That’s… That’s a real Yobai!!!!! I always wanted to do one with Onii-sama!!

Ehehehe~ I can’t wait!


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