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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 301: Two Foxes And Sunscreen Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

I feel a little bad for lying to Master.

Of course Master did tell us it was not needed to put these on our tails and hair but we had thought it might make them much more glossier like our skin. We could use them to tempt Master into stroking them and then bury Master in fluff.

We didn’t know it would actually make it so sticky instead…

We returned to the spot that Brendan had set up the beach mats and parasoles to have Master rescue us from our predicament.

Brendan himself was still out cold from Manami’s tackle, the poor man would probably be waking up with a massive headache later on.

Master waved His hand at us and the skin lotion peeled itself away from us before disappearing into nothingness.

We had thought Master would only peel off the ones in our hair but it seems like Master knew what we actually wanted.

We were even prepared to plead Master for it if Master did not remove everything.

The small smile that Master sent us when He materialised another bottle was enough to confirm my assumptions.

“Alright, let’s have both of you lie down on the mat, I’ll start with your backs first.”

Both my sister and I laid down on the mat obediently, occupying either side of Him.

Manami dropped her shawl aside, not needing to adjust her swimsuit since it already showed so much skin.

I looked back at Master coyly, “Won’t Master help me undo my top? It’s a little hard to reach from here~”

Master just gave a smile without commenting on how I could have just used one of my tails to do it. He also ignored the tails that I had used to wrap around His waist, though Manami had done the same as well.

Master reached out with a hand to pull at the string with deliberate slowness, maintaining eye contact with me as my top became undone.

The strings slipped away and gave Master an unobstructed view of my back, hiding nothing from Him.

Master poured out the cool liquid onto each of our backs, both my sister and I moaning out loud when it dripped on us.

Unperturbed, Master began spreading the lotion all over our backs simultaneously, His right hand on mine while His left hand was on Manami’s.

Ahh~ This is absolute bliss!

Forget the lotion, just having Master touch me is… Is… Fuwaaahhh~~

The way Master kneads my back muscles… It’s like Master knows exactly what to do to make me feel relaxed~~

Ahhhh~~ I can tell Master was also infusing us with a bit of his Quarks to heal us of fatigue too. Of course only Master would be so thoughtful and make this feel soooooo goooooood~

This is blissssssss~~

I chanced looking to my side and found Manami already a moaning mess, it was quite a sight to see my elder sister making rather obscene noises whenever Master kneads a part of her back.

Then again, it wasn’t something I haven’t seen before.

I was once again reminded of my blissful circumstances when Master’s hand got close to the base of my spine, his touch sending a shock of pleasure to rock through my body.

Master moved further downwards, his hands roaming to my behind.

Not wanting to waste the chance, I had one of my tails pull out the string of my bikini bottom and casted a desperate look towards Master.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Manami adjusting her own bikini as well, giving Master the same look I was.

Master said nothing as he reached even further downwards, massaging the lotion into my bare cheeks.

I heard my sister let out a very suggestive moan while I wriggled my behind a little to entice Master. That earned me a playful spank on my behind for my efforts, the action giving me more pleasure than pain though I obediently stopped myself from doing it again. For now.

Hearing the same slapping sound and a high pitched moan on my left a moment later clued me in that Manami tried to do the same thing as well.

I shivered when Master moved his hand lower, working on my bare thighs with his hands oh so achingly close to wear I most want them to be.

There was a yelp and another slap sound on my left but I was too preoccupied with enjoying the sensation of Master’s hands to investigate what happened.

The pleasure soon faded a little when Master moved His hand down to the bottom part of my legs, but it returned when He moved back up to work on my other thigh.

It was so close. Like just a little bit more to the left, close.

Another slap and a yelp was heard and this time I turned my head to look at my sister.

Her face was completely flushed and her tongue was halfway out of her mouth, her breaths coming out in large gasps.

She noticed me and gave me a weak smile, somehow still managing to use her telepathy to connect us.

‘How… How is it?’ She asked through our mind link.


‘Ufufufu~ I’m pretty sure Master made me come four times.’

‘Just from that?’

‘Ara, ara? Is my cute little Kiyomi saying she was unaffected?’


‘Ufufu~ Let me guess… Once on each thigh?’

‘… Yes…’ I relented.

My sister looked like she was going to laugh but she interrupted herself with a loud moan and her body spasmed slightly.

I was about to ask her what happened when Master pressed down on the base of my spine again, right at the sensitive point above my tails.

My toes curled and that was enough to set me off, my entire back arcing as I saw fireworks go off in my mind.

“I’m done,” Master declared, removing Himself from us.

I needed a few seconds more to register His words.

Manami pushed herself up on shaky arms, “E… Eh? But Master… Our front too…”

Master smiled, “You can do the front yourself right?”

That smile… Master knows…

Kukuku… If Master wants to play like that…

It took both Manami and I less than a second to pull Master back to us with our tails, both of us laying on top of him on either sides, holding Him down.

Master’s smile didn’t waver in the slightest, “Brendan is still laying just a few feet away you know?”

I waved my hand at him, freezing our alchemist in a thick block of ice.

Master raised an eyebrow at me, “No hesitation?”

I kissed Master on the cheek, “I’ll free him later… But right now… Could we?”

“The others might come soon,” Master pointed out.

Manami then teleported us further down the beach before making us invisible with a barrier.

Master gave us a wry smile, “So does Brendan still need to be frozen?”

My sister kissed Him on the other cheek, “We’ll deal with that later. Could we please do it Master? Now?”

Master sighed, “Fine… Only one round each.”

Manami and I pounced on our most dearest Master, throwing caution to the wind after He had given His approval.


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