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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 298: Dressed And ‘Ready’ To Go Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

I watched as Master dismounted from Gamma’s back when they reached the front doors of the villa, where another group of servants were waiting to greet our Master.

The centre of the villa was a five tier pagoda with the top most level sitting on top of the hill. The second and third level were stretched out towards the sea, the third level protruding further than the second level’s to create a pseudo roof for it.

Master doesn’t know this but we had Guiying switch out the usual staff for this villa with our own followers, drawing on a lottery on who would receive the honor of serving Master here.

Of course there were also the few who stood out during the war with the Dongs which also received this honour for their achievements, all of them completely ecstatic at the prospect of such an honour.

“Welcome Master,” All of them bowed in unison, obviously barely restraining their delight in being able to bask in Master’s presence.

Master nodded at them, “Thank you. My disciples and I shall be in your care.”

Alpha stepped forward, gesturing to the interior, “Allow me to guide you to your rooms, Master.”

She led the way through the entrance, walking past the rows of bowing followers towards the staircase that led to the upper levels.

Master followed after her with us a step behind while Beta, Delta and Gamma took the rear. Cai Hong rushed forward and grasped Master’s hand while looking around her excitedly.

“The first floor is the main hall,” Alpha gestured, not slowing down her gait. “To the right of the entrance is the kitchens and the left is the living room. The second floor is the dining area while the third floor consists of the lounge, baths and sunbathing deck.”

Master turned to her, “Sunbathing deck? I’m surprised they actually had something like that.”

Alpha adjusted her glasses, “Yes, it was originally designed as a viewing platform but the newer generations of the Royal Family had made some changes to the villa.”

“Hmm… Hard to imagine any of the current members to actually like sunbathing.”

Delta chuckled behind us, “You will be surprised Master. The former queen actually liked to spend time sitting under the sun during her free time.”

Alpha continued to lead us upwards, “The fourth floor has the bedrooms and study while finally the top floor is the master bedroom.”

Alpha stepped aside to allow us to enter the large bedroom fit for a king.

The centrepiece of the room was the huge bed big enough for six of us to lay down side by side with room to spare. There was of course, other furniture littered around the room but my and my sisters’ attention were all focused on the bed.

“That’s a… Really big bed,” Master pointed out.

“Yes it is,” was Alpha’s only comment.

Eris nudged me, whispering, “You think Master will let us all sleep with him tonight?”

I just smiled at her.

Master pointed at the side, “Attached bathroom?”

“That is correct, Master. The balcony is also accessible through the doors on each side of the walls.”

Master seemed to think for a moment before clapping his hands together, “Alright. We can explore the place properly later. How about let’s all get changed and head to the beach for now?”

All of us agreed.

Cai Hong looked up at Master while stretching out her hands, “Papa! Swim!”

Master patted her head, “Yes, yes. We can go swimming. Come, let’s get you changed first.”


The rest of us filtered out of the room to give Master privacy, returning to the floor below to claim a room for ourselves.

There were enough rooms for each of us but we still stuck to sharing one, except for Brendan of course, who claimed another room for himself.

“Do call us if you need anything, High Priestesses,” Delta bowed before closing the door to our room.

Each of us rubbed the storage rings that we had received from the Merchant’s Guild to materialise the swimsuits we had brought with us.

It was extremely fortunate that these were a few of the products that Elaria had made and brought over to sell, so we could pick any of the swimsuits we liked.

Since it was a rather last minute shopping trip, we have yet to see each other’s swimsuit choices and were quite eager to see which ones each of us had picked out.

Not wanting to keep Master waiting for us, we quickly stripped and changed into our swimsuits without hesitation.

Elaria showed off her black coloured one piece proudly, “Ehehehe~ I’m so glad I prioritised making these before everything else! I knew a beach arc would be coming soon!”

Odriana had a similar coloured one except hers was a two piece that emphasized her assets.

“Fufufu~ It was definitely worth all the time spent to make. I wonder if our dearest brother would be turned on by this?”

I looked down at my own red bikini that was showing a generous amount of skin. Ufufufu~ I’m sure Master would definitely enjoy what I will be showing!

“Elder sister… Was it necessary for me to get the same type of swimsuit as you?” Kiyomi asked, looking down at the white bikini I had chosen for her.

“Ara, ara? Is my cute little Kiyomi feeling shy? Don’t worry, you look absolutely gorgeous in it! Trust your big sister on this~”

Diao Chan laughed, “Kukuku! Master will definitely be all over me with this!”

I turned to see our witch already changed into her own swimsuit, posing in front of the mirror with a lascivious smile on her face.

The one she chose really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, I believe Elaria had called it a G String bikini? It seems like she was going all out for this little vacation of ours.

Eris had chosen a greyish, V neck one piece for herself, showing off her toned arms and legs for us to see.

“Mmhmm, as I thought, it doesn’t restrict my movement much. Perfect,” She muttered to herself.

“Uhhh… This feels rather weird…” Lian Li groaned, adjusting the straps to her red swim dress that had a diaphanous skirt around her waist.

“Oh? You sure picked out a rather conservative one, Lian Li,” Diao Chan commented.

Lian Li scowled, “I’m not used to running around showing this much skin in public ok?”

“Ara, ara? You seemed pretty eager to strip in the bedroom with Master that time~” I chuckled.

“That’s different ok?” She pouted at me, smoothing out the creases on her swimsuit before nodding. “Alright I’m ready. Is everyone else ready?”

All of us nodded.

Lian Li led the way out of our room where Alpha and the others were waiting, only to realise that they were distracted by something and were entirely unaware of our entrance.

Following their gaze, we saw Master walking down the stairs holding Cai Hong’s hand, the loli dragon dressed in a rainbow one piece swimsuit that had frills on the straps and waist.

What really caught our attention was Master dressed in nothing but a white pair of tight swim shorts that hugged the very sumptuous curves of His hips and thighs.

Master’s toned body was on full display and the swim shorts only further enhanced how incredibly enticing His body was.

Odriana barely had time to sketch the picture of Master before passing out with a nosebleed.

This will be a very, very fun vacation indeed~


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