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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 280: Me And This Army Bahasa Indonesia


Well of course I don’t expect her to go down from that hit alone.

The pillar was shoved away with force, the debris flying straight towards me.

I managed to dodge it by the skin of my teeth, letting it crash into the wall behind me.

Not a second later, the demoness came flying towards me with her right leg extended.

I barely managed to get my arms up in a defensive posture before she kicked me away from where I stood, sending me flying through the air to land a distance away.

“Impudent mortal! How dare you?! You think you can get away with insulting me like that?!” She screeched.

I raised up my hand, “Hey, you were the one who suggested I do it, why the hell are you blaming me?”


Dark miasma gathered around her like a cloud before being launched at me.

I stretched out my hand to summon forth a solid rock wall that blocked it from reaching me, though the miasma caused it to disintegrate without a trace.

A streak of black lightning came crashing towards me, only to be deflected away when I punched it with the back of my fist.

She glared at me through her crimson eyes, her wings stretched out behind her. Interestingly, I notice she was actually hovering slightly above the ground although her wings were not flapping.

“An impudent human still has their uses… I admit you at least have some skill to be useful…” She muttered, watching me. “Tell you what, perhaps a pet is not the place for you. Help me conquer this land and I’ll make you my servant instead. Quite an honor, no?”

I shook my head, “Like I said, not interested.”

She scowled, “Don’t push your luck mortal. I am already being extremely generous with this offer. You may be a big fish in this small Plane of yours, but there are others out there who could trample you with just their pinky alone. Serve me well and I would even grant you the power to make those beings kneel to you.”

“What makes you think I need your help to stand against them?”

“I did not use my full strength behind those attacks, do not let that swell up your little pride and allow yourself to be consumed.”

I grinned, “Really? I think I can hold my own against you easily enough actually.”

“Ha… Foolish mortal pride. You lot are always so insufferable.”

“You’re threatening to destroy my home alongside the people I care about, of course I would go against you.”

“Hmph, what gave you the idea that I would destroy this place?”

“Would you swear that you’re not?”

She smiled, “I suppose not. I would need to purge the troublesome ones after all.”

“So it’s either obey and be a slave or die huh? Sorry, but I don’t support that and I’ll have you banished away if I have to.”

She smirked, “Really? You and what army?”

She raised her hands and all the blood in the room converged underneath her, leaving the hall spotless where even the corpses from before had disappeared.

The blood pool divided itself into individual blobs that formed itself into humanoid shapes rising up from the ground. The blob gained colour and features, transforming into actual humans whom I recognised were the people who Lilith had killed just moments before.

Heck, even the third prince is there too alongside his posse.

All of them seemed surprised at their reanimation, looking at each other and patting themselves all over as if to confirm that they were not dreaming.

She snapped her fingers and all eyes turned to her.

The moment those guys saw her, they immediately fell to their knees in worship, even the ones who had been against her summoning.

“Mother Lilith!”

“The pure Mother Lilith!”

“Command us! What is your will?!”

She licked her finger, her eyes not leaving me for even a moment.

“They might be weaker than you before this but I have blessed them with power, each of them could potentially be stronger than you now.”

Hmmm… About five thousand of them. I’m not particularly worried about these people but Lilith doesn’t seem like a pushover either, might need me to go all out just to put her down.

She already stated her desire to sow havoc in this Plane and there ain’t no way I’m letting that happen to disrupt my simple life here.


“Interesting… You even converted those guys who were against you from the start.”

She chuckled, “Of course. Isn’t it natural for the children to obey their Mother? Once you have gone through rebirth like they have, you will understand too.”

“I’m not into that unbirthing thing so I’m afraid I’ll have to refuse. I don’t even know who my real birth mother is so I doubt I would get along with you either, especially with the obedience thing you are so adamant about. Do your parents even know you’re here? I think they would be quite disappointed that their little girl is out destroying Planes eh?”

Her face turned ugly in an instant, “Don’t you dare mention them with that unworthy tongue of yours! You’re just a small frog in a well, unaware of how high the sky even is!”

Ouch, guess I stepped on a landmine there. Maybe she’s a girl with daddy issues? Well, too bad for her father, I’ll just have to discipline her in his stead.

“Deal is off the table!” She screamed, obviously in rage. “You will die here slowly and painfully as I watch my thralls tear you from limb to limb while you beg for the sweet release of death!”

Her thralls immediately got to their feet and turned to me, their eyes full of hatred like I’ve just insulted their mother. Which in their case, I suppose it could be an accurate comparison.

“Death to the one who dares goes against Mother!”

“Tear him apart!”

“Destroy him!”

“Mother’s will is our will!”

Talk about fanatics, holy crap. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with something like this myself, can’t imagine having a cult worshipping me at all.

I snorted and turned my head towards the demoness, “You asked me and what army right?”

I stretched out my arm and summoned the sealing orb stored in my storage ring into my palm.

“Funny you should ask that since I actually do have one right here.”

She narrowed her eyes, “A Sealing Orb? Do you think you can seal me inside it? That thing is used for mortals and gods who have lost their divinity, not for immortals, foolish human.”

“Who said I will be putting anyone in here?” I asked, using the orb to call for the monsters for assistance. “Rally!”

Hey, I am technically rallying them from wherever they are ok? What? Were you expecting me to say ‘Assemble’ or ‘Come Forth’?

The sealing orb glowed and I felt a large group of presences materialise behind me.

I didn’t need to look behind me to know that they were there, the growls and bone cracking were more than enough to clue me in on it.

“Here is my army.”


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