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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 259: I’d Rather Not Sneak Around Bahasa Indonesia


It’s been a while since I last had to sneak around like this.

Honestly though, when I followed the tracking inscription I put on that guy, the last thing I expected was to find a giant ruin like this.

Judging by the age on the stone, this place might possibly even predate the forming of the Beiyang country, quite a curious place indeed.

Oh, I knew the Crown Prince placed some kind of tracking talisman on me already. That’s why I came here directly on purpose so that he could investigate it and send some people down to take care of this place in case I can’t or don’t want to.

If I find it too bothersome or whatever, I’ll just stick the talisman on some random guy and leave it to them.

Right now I’m just walking through this series of tunnels a good distance away from Death Pass town, the entrance of which was suspiciously left unguarded.

Not sure if that was deliberate on their part or I managed to catch them in between shifts?

The walls were filled with carvings of various scenes, though I was not sure about what. From what I can see, the place seems to be created by a cult of some kind, its members worshipping what I assume to be a horned demon of some sort.

Unfortunately, I do not recognise the demon depicted in the carvings, so I have no idea what this place actually is.

One thing I know for sure is that the Dark Sect have definitely taken over this place for their own use.

I had to avoid several patrols of these members by hiding in crevices or the ceiling when they passed by, just in case they had a special skill or artifact that allowed them to see through or sense my invisibility.

Judging by the number of people I have seen walking around here, I have no doubt that this place is more than just a simple hideout, the real question is what was this place used for?

I made the decision to just follow the crowd, figuring that the place with more people would be where I would find the information I need.

Rounding one of the corners, I spotted a group of them gathered together and walking away at a rather quick pace, the one leading them dressed to look rather important with his sigils and embroidered robes.

I snuck close to them by floating along the ceiling, listening in on their conversation.

One of them seemed to be reading off a report to the important guy, “We already confirmed their infiltration, so things will be proceeding right on schedule.”

The important person nodded, “Good. War or no, we will have the blood ready. The exact time must not be missed for that is when the fabric between worlds is the thinnest. We will never get this chance again in a million years.”

Another one at the back spoke up, “The number of sacrifices we will need to make though… Would we have enough?”

The important guy stayed silent for a moment before speaking, “We have already sent someone to warn them right? They will get five days, just enough time for them to issue an emergency mobilization order and bring a number of people to the field of battle. Though it’s not much, but that will contribute enough to the number that we will only need a couple more from our side to fill in.”

“About that, there have been a few dissenters amongst the sacrifices, some of them getting a few… Ideas…”

He rolled his eyes, “No doubt they’re one of those guys. Separate those who show such behavior and lock them up with the unwillings. They will be part of the first sacrifice.”

Well, this talk about sacrifices and what not is quite ominous if you ask me. Still, it’s rather typical of the Dark Sect to engage in such things I suppose.

But what do they mean by this field of battle? And the talk of an emergency mobilization unnerves me. Were they planning on doing something big in the country of Dong?

I had to stop following them when they walked towards a doorway flanked by guards wearing ominous black coloured plate mail, recognising those guards for what they were.

Abyssal Knights, suits of armour inhabited by tortured souls of the dead. One of these things requires at least a hundred living beings that were tortured for three days straight to create. As long as the guy who binded them doesn’t die, these things will keep regenerating themselves no matter how many times you break that armour.

Since they were kind of like an undead, they require neither sleep nor sustenance to keep functioning.

Guess there’s a Practitioner around here quite proficient in Spirit, Astral and Darkness Quarks, probably a Master level at least.

These guys have spirit vision so tricks like invisibility wouldn’t work on them either, making them the perfect set of sentries.

For them to post two as mere door guards means whatever is behind them is quite important.

Of course, I do have a way to banish them, but since the summoner would know when one ‘dies’ I shall leave them be for now.

I would prefer to keep things as quiet as I can for now since I have no idea how big this place is. If I just kill everything on sight, they might have enough time to keep whatever they are doing here and escape before I can find out what.

Ugh… This place is probably huge and I really don’t feel prowling my way through it though… Maybe I should actually just go ballistic after all? I’m just going to assume this place is like that group who tried to summon a Great One, which they might not have actually summoned if I wasn’t there.

I went back from where I came from, intending to see what else I can find there. If this place is seriously too much effort to go through, I’ll just leave.

But just as I had that thought, a robed guy turned the corner with two more Abyssal Knights flanking him.

“Well, well, well… Seems like a monkey managed to sneak its way in here. Guards are getting quite sloppy these days,” The guy tutted.

Ah… This guy must be the one controlling the Abyssal Knights then.

“So, you’re another one of the betrayer’s goons aren’t you? First time you guys actually managed to get this far. Quite impressive. Oh well, we can always use more sacrifices, hahaha!”

Ah, that’s right, he probably can see my spirit form using the spirit vision, but he can’t actually see what my face looks like.

I was going to run but I just had a great idea.

Let them capture me and put them with where they are putting the ‘unwillings’ as well! Why take the time to find them, when they will bring me to them instead right?

Doesn’t take a genius to know that the Dark Sect currently have at least two different factions inside it right now, one where they don’t want to be sacrifices and another who wants sacrifices.

All I need to do is just change my face a little bit using a restructuring Technique, change my robes to one of the Dark Sect robes I picked up that I didn’t auction off way back when I ‘rescued’ the princess, activate my storage ring’s invisibility inscription, then proceed to charge that guy like an idiot.

The guy scoffed at me, probably thinking I was trying to escape from him.

He pointed his finger at me and one of the Abyssal Knights came charging towards me, its wicked claymore held in both its hands.

I made a show of panicking at the thing’s advance before being splendidly flung away by a slash from its blade. I even made sure to use one of the spare chickens I kept in my storage ring to spray blood all over the area.

I crashed into the wall nearby and deactivated my invisibility, showing my defeated form for him.

The acting must have convinced him since he started laughing like a madman, “Hahaha! To think he would actually send someone as weak as you to come here! Well then, you will definitely make a fine sacrifice indeed!”

I mentally did a guts pose. Yeah, bring me to your dissenters, I could get more information out of them than if I snuck around myself!

And if they’re dumb enough to keep all their so called ‘sacrifices’ in one place, then all the more better for me too!

I feigned unconsciousness as the two Abyssal Knights came closer, lifting me up by the arms to drag me away through another door down the corridor. The hooded guy just laughed as he walked away, no doubt thinking I was already taken care of.

Well… That was easier than I thought.


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