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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 254: Who Is She? Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

“Hahaha! You main branch people are always so predictable! You guys think if you kill me here everything will be solved? It’s already too late!”

The weak little thing squealed like the animal he was.

We just stared at him until he calmed down, smirking at us, “You have no idea what you’re doing… Do you?

Eris grinned, tapping the flat of her blade against her shoulder, “Ruining ya day o’course! Ya got any last words ya wanna say?”

“Ha! You guys have doomed yourselves and your little group! Even if I fail, you won’t succeed!”

Brendan crossed his arms, “Yeah, doomed us to never remember your existence, that’s what.”

“You think yourself funny huh? I’d like to see how you guys are going to handle the Dong’s invasion by yourselves?! My only regret is not being able to see it!”

Our alchemist rolled his eyes, “We already knew about that. They’re digging a tunnel through the mountains right? We already stopped the miners.”

The prince stopped moving, staring straight at Brendan with wide eyes.

“The miners… You guys… You guys stopped the miners? You guys killed them?”

Eris spoke up, “You mean that random Sect that was kidnapping children to work in the mines? That was me, yep. Got a problem with that?”

“You… You did? Aha… Ahaha… Ahahahaha!”

The maniac started laughing noisily.

I extended one of my tails to strike him in his abdomen, shutting him up.

“For someone so beneath us, you sure do make a lot of noise,” I commented, crossing my arms.

“Heh… Heh heh… You guys have no idea do you? You thought those guys were mine? Hahaha!”

I think he has lost his marbles from being cornered. I supposed weak animals like him use this to escape reality… Idiots like him must find it hard to adapt.

He stopped to grin at us, “Don’t you know? You guys killed your own people without even knowing it!”

Own people? We never stationed anyone in Eris’s home town so that can’t be possible. Is he just bluffing now? He’s doing a really bad job at it if that is the case.

The prince spread his arms, “I thought the Dark Sect was always divided, but I never thought it would be to this extent! You guys thought I wouldn’t know huh? Giving yourself some name like ‘Master’s Church’… I was already monitoring your actions ever since you guys freed my sister.”

He spat on the ground in disdain.

I would have skewered him right where he stood if not for the fact that Manami had told us telepathically not to, since he was volunteering free information away.

“I admit I was a little surprised that Master Lin was actually one of you guys… But I never thought the main branch would have infiltrated so deeply here and sent people of your skills. They must really be desperate huh?”

Hmmm… So he thinks we are part of the Dark Sect? What gave him the idea?

“Huh… So you know everything hmmm?” Diao Chan giggled, purely just to egg him into talking more.

Of course, it worked.

“I already anticipated your group’s interest in summoning her, do you not care what she will bring forth?! I don’t understand what you think she will bring except death and suffering!”

Oh? Interesting. From what we managed to gather, there should be a fracture within the Dark Sect right now. We never managed to confirm if the information was genuine, but Brendan had told us that this prince should be the leader of one such group.

I admit his stupid acting had me thrown for a loop. We almost wanted to punish Brendan for giving out the wrong information back then.

To date, we actually have no idea what the real goal of the Dark Sect is, most of the time suspecting that they are just doing evil for the sake of tainting this world. But at least now we can have an idea of what these pathetic little bugs are trying to do.

I chuckled humorlessly, “Huhu… So you know about her… What do you intend to do about it?”

“All of you think she will bring you salvation… Just because of some half destroyed records said she had been our first ancestor or something, you think she would just grant you power just like that? I have said time and time again, that she will bring nothing but death! But no, you main branch bastards all stuck to your stubborn beliefs!”

He drew his own blade that he had on his waist, “It’s too late now… I’ve found your other agents that you placed in the palace! To think you would have already replaced my father and mother before I had even got back here from my post… But you think I would falter just because of that?!”

The princess was in a state of shock now, I think she hasn’t realised that we are playing out this drama for him to reveal even more things to us and she actually believes we’re Dark Sect.

“You… All of you are Dark Sect too?” She gasped, stepping away from us.

Not wanting her to attract more attention than necessary, I waved my hand and froze the door shut.

The princess glanced at the frozen door before turning back to glare at us, electricity sparking off her arms.

She has guts, I will give her that.

“I suggest you not do that princess…” Lian Li warned, her own lightning forming around her. “You will not come on top of this.”

She gritted her teeth, “You… Master Lin must be the only one that is innocent… It was all of you that led him astray!”

Hmm… At least she knows that Master is the purest of them all. No matter how corrupted the world is, it is Master that will remain as the shining beacon for the lost.

“You are delusional, sister.” The prince growled. “He was already one of them from the start… Why else would he free you from my facility?”

“Why? Why else but because you held me captive?!”

“Hmph! I don’t know how, but he must have found out about the prophecy! ‘The blood of a Royal from the fairer brood shall send her back to her promised land’! If I did not do what I did, we would have nothing to prepare for her summoning! He knew this and went to stop me!”

The princess was visibly furious now, “You keep on saying her, her, her! Who the hell even is she?! And even if you needed my blood, couldn’t you have just asked me nicely?!”

The princess does have a good head on her shoulders, Master does know how to pick them. We were right in the midst of discussing through telepathy on how to make this stupid insect stop playing the pronoun game with us when she offered this simple solution all on her own.

I’ll make a mental note on asking if we can keep her later.

The little prince furrowed his brows, “For all I know… They might have replaced you as well… First brother was replaced, you know? Found his corpse in an unmarked grave with our parents in it too. They had left out second brother because of his potential knowledge with his books and I had been one of them. They didn’t take you either because they deemed you too young to be a threat to them, you wouldn’t have the time to mature enough before their plans were complete.”

“Lies! Father, Mother and elder brother Bang Jia were all fine weren’t they?!”

The prince rolled his eyes, “Do you really think they can’t duplicate a person’s face? You just saw me do it didn’t you? As long as they have the real one on hand, they can do it. It’s even easier when the target is not a Practitioner.”

The princess choked, “Why… Why?!”

“To facilitate her summoning of course. When the country’s regent is under their control, it’s much easier to move around undetected, you know?”

The princess threw a lightning bolt that barely missed her brother out of frustration, “WHO?! Stop trying to be all mysterious to stall for time you stupid excuse of a brother!”

The prince scowled at her before turning to us, “The name wouldn’t even have held significance to you… It’s Lilith. They are trying to bring Lilith into this Plane. Am I right, you scumbags?”



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