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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 25: It’s A Date, Is It? Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)


Cai Hong shouted as she rushed towards Master.

“Oh, Cai Hong? Lian Li, Manami and Eris too? What are you girls doing here?” Master asked, receiving Cai Hong’s hug.

“Lian Li is showing us around, Master,” Eris explained.

“Master Lin, are these your students?” The old fart beside Master asked.

“Ah, that’s right. Girls, this is Elder Qing, he was my mentor back when I first entered the Sect. Elder Qing, these are my disciples, Lian Li and Manami. This little one is Cai Hong and Eris is the one at the back.”

He looked at each of us in turn, nodding his head at each of us.

“Hmmm, very good. I heard two of them are already applying to be Inner Core Practitioners?”

Master nodded and gestured to Lian Li and I, “Yes, they’ll both take the test next week.”

“And the other two?”

Master gave a wry smile, “Eris isn’t a Practitioner and Cai Hong is too young.”

“I see, I see. Does that mean the first two will be entering this year’s Sect Showcase Festival?”

Master nodded an affirmative.

Ah, the Sect Showcase Festival… I’ve heard about it before.

This year’s showcase should be at the Phoenix Sect west of Jin city, near Mount Yin where Cai Hong’s egg was supposedly found.

It’s quite an important event for us Practitioners that even Master has participated in once or twice. We’ve tried asking him about his participation before but he didn’t want to tell us, stating it was embarrassing.

How cute.

What we did find out from other information sources was that Master participated in at least two of them. Once as an Inner Core Practitioner and another as a Master.

He had asked if we wanted to join this year’s festival and we immediately agreed. To represent Master and win him glory, why would we pass up something like that?

Mmm… And after we win, I’ll ask Master for my reward.

First a thorough tail brushing, then I’ll offer to massage his shoulders, then envelope him with my tails… Slowly pushing myself on him, and then…

Ara ara, that’s no good. I’m getting turned on just by imagining it.


“Ho ho, then I wish you girls all the luck then! This old man shouldn’t bother you young ones anymore, take care of your disciples Master Lin.”

Ara? This old fart is quite considerate. As expected of someone who had seen Master’s greatness first hand.

Master waved the old man off with his usual smile.

Cai Hong started pulling his sleeve, “Papa? Join?”

“Hmm, touring the Sect? Well, why not? I can show you some places I know of back in my student days. Come then.”

Master beckoned us to follow him, turning towards one of the paths.

Ara? Could this be a date? It’s not right? It’s just Master giving us a tour.

“Master? Is… Is this a date?” Lian Li asked.

Oh my, how bold of you, sister.

Master turned his head to give a smile, “Hmm? I suppose you can call it that? Hahaha.”


Ara ara?






Bad tails! Stop wagging so much!


No, I can’t control them! I’m so happy!!



Stop screaming me! Stop! Calm down!

No! No! No! I can’t! My face is feeling weird! I can’t stop myself! Nooooo!! My body’s moving on its own!

My hand reached out for Master’s arm, only for another hand to grab my wrist.

I snarled at Lian Li, who held my glare with one of her own.

“We had an agreement,” she stated simply.

Tch… She wins this time.

But still, you shouldn’t hold yourself back like that Lian Li, I can see your trembling hands that you want to do the same as well.

Fufufu… I shouldn’t let something like that bring me down. It’s our first date with Master after all!



(Eris POV)

“That’s the medicine pagoda. If you’re looking for any alchemical ingredients, that’s where you want to look for,” Master explained, pointing to the pagoda building across the lake.

“Is that where Master got the godly pill from?” Lian Li asked.

“Ah, you mean the pill I healed you with right? I only got the ingredients there, I don’t think anyone else but me knows how to make it right now.”

“God…” I could not help but mutter.

Lian Li and Manami had told me of how Master had created a divine pill that could heal any ailments. Even Manami’s supposedly crippled Quark Veins were restored without a hitch, who else but a god could create such divine items? [Eris]

By the way, I’m still quite in shock that we’re on a date with Master ya know? [Bait]

… Date… [Laverna]

For Master to allow this one’s humble self to date him… This one is not worthy… Not worthy… [Denna]

Hehehe, they’re still broken. Hey, hey. Why don’t we just jump him already? [Bait]

Heresy… [Laverna]

Oh? You’re back huh? That was fast. [Bait]

To suggest such things… Unbelievable… [Laverna]

Oh shut up, not like you’ve never thought of doing it anyway. Did’ja see how crazily Manami’s tail was swishing around just now? Thought they would’a fallen right off right there, hahaha! [Bait]

Quiet, Master is talking. [Eris]

“That’s where I used to go to cultivate,” Master pointed to a small grove of trees. “Peaceful and private, I haven’t seen anyone else pass through there before.”

I filed that information away under ‘potential happy spots’. [Eris]

Hey, hey, what didja think about the spot on the roof of the Grand Hall? I think I like that the best! [Bait]

You are impossible… [Laverna]

Shaddup, at least I’m honest with myself you prude. [Bait]

Privacy… [Laverna]

Bleh, am I the only one around here who wants a little outdoor action? [Bait]

No doubt. [Eris]

Yes… [Laverna]

This one humbly denies such thoughts. [Denna]

You three are sooo boring. [Bait]

“Eris? Are you ok? You seem to be spacing out.” Master called out.

“Eh? Ah! I’m err… This one is okalrightyfine…”

Ah? Why did all of you speak? [Eris]

I panicked ok?! [Bait]

Nervous… [Laverna]

This one humbly apologizes. [Denna]

Ugh… Look, Master is worried now. [Eris]

Eh? Master’s placing his hand on my forehead?

“Hmmm… Your temperature is fine, I guess you’re just tired?”

Uwawawawawa~~ [Eris]

Calm down, damnit! Calm the hell down! It’s just a touch! I’m not panicking, you’re panicking! [Bait]

Warm… [Laverna]

This one humbly requests for this moment to last forever. [Denna]

“Hmmm, it’s about time we head back as well. Why don’t you hop on my back Eris? I’ll carry you.”

I waved my hands frantically, “Nononono! What are you even suggesting Master?! Someone like me just can’t-“

“Oh don’t make such a fuss. Here,” Master scooped me up in his arms.

“There, see? I’m not that weak you know?” He smiled down at me.

PRINCESS CARRY?!!! [All four]

I blacked out.


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