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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 249: Political Gifts Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

“I understand… Please take care Master, tell us if you need anything. Anything at all, we will do it,” Manami whispered, ending her telepathic call with Master.

“What happened?” Lian Li asked, as concerned as the rest of us.

Manami seethed in silent anger, “Someone… Excuse me… Some pathetic piece of trash framed Master for the third prince’s death. Master decided to do some investigating on his own but we might be dragged in because we are his disciples.”

“What should we do?” Lian Li asked.

“Master told us to seek protection under Sect Master Qing and if failing that, go to Master’s courtyard and activate the defensive inscriptions.”

“Master… He is always looking out for us…” Kiyomi muttered, though all of us heard it.

Indeed, Master is just too kind. [Eris]

Yeah! Master shoulda just let those buggers have it! Kick ’em down and crush ’em like da little shits ‘dey are! [Bait]

Inelegant… [Laverna]

Indeed, Master would never resort to such crude methods of disposal. This one humbly thinks that Master has the bigger picture in mind. [Denna]

Bleh. Or ya know? We can just clean ’em up to save us ‘sum trouble eh? [Bait]

As ridiculous as this sounds, I actually agree with her for once. [Eris]

Master… Disagree… [Laverna]

Aww come on! Master wouldn’ need ta’ know! We’ll jus’ do it nice and quick! [Bait]

It is this one’s humble opinion to not give Master a reason to hate us. [Denna]

Yeah? And whatchu’ gonna do if those shitheads come an’ bother us eh? [Bait]

Different… [Laverna]

Well, we’ll just have to see what happens. Master has given us instructions so let’s put them as priority. Agreed? [Eris]

Agreed… [Laverna]

This one agrees. [Denna]

Urgh fineeee. But let me rampage if dey do come eh? [Bait]

“The Crown Prince… He looks relatively calm for someone who just lost a brother…” Kiyomi spoke up, nodding towards the prince who had just entered the hall.

“Master said he was there right? Is he trying to keep his brother’s death under wraps?” Brendan suggested.

Lian Li frowned, “Perhaps. It would not be good news to share on his sister’s coming of age ceremony. Especially when Master is involved and so many Grand Sects are around.”

Diao Chan nodded, “It would surely undermine their authority if it gets out. I’m sure the Royal Family is at least aware that some of the Grand Sects seek more political power, so they are not able to appear weak before them. Not that it is working much anyway.”

As if on cue, the prince got the attention of everyone else by tapping on a glass with a spoon, “Good evening dear guests, I bear the unfortunate news that my brother, Prince Bei Ji Xiong, is feeling unwell and shall not be joining us tonight. He sends his thanks and regards to all present for our sister’s coming of age.”

Murmurs began spreading throughout the hall at the news.

“This one suggests that we stay together in case the prince has some ideas about us,” I suggested.

All of my sisters nodded.

“Brendan especially, you are the easiest target amongst us,” Lian Li stated.

I notice Brendan glancing at Cai Hong who was busy sucking on a lollipop for a second before nodding in understanding. It’s nice that he is at least sensible.

“In that case, let’s just continue as we were, lest we draw unwanted attention to ourselves,” Manami decided, lifting up the cup of tea that she had initially set aside.

I took the time to look around the now crowded hall, where moments before it was still relatively spacious.

A short while after we arrived, various people from important families had also begun filtering in, no doubt to offer their congratulations and gain favour from the supposed genius princess.

Brendan’s family was here too, giving us nods of greeting to avoid other people finding out our relations.

Sect Master Qing was busy conversing with the other Sect Masters, no doubt trying to gain more benefits for us using Master’s name.

Heyyyy… [Bait]

No. [Eris]

But I didna’ say nothing yet! [Bait]

We all know what you are going to say. [Eris]

Aww come on! You guys never wanna do anything fun! [Bait]

Inconvenient… Peace… [Laverna]

Yeah, yeah. You guys getn’ off on yer peace and quiet stuff! Who’s the one who got Master ta lay us huh?! [Bait]

Yeah, that’s what aye thought. [Bait]

Still does not give you leave to cause problems for our sisters. [Eris]

Oh she wouldna’ even notice! Just a bit! [Bait]

No, that thing is meant for the princess. If you are to temper with it, we would implicate the plan. Just sit still won’t you? [Eris]

Quiet, this one sees the princess coming. [Denna]

A herald announced the princess’s arrival and everyone turned to witness her enter the hall through the double doors at the back. She was dressed in a gown fit for her position with a train that seemed to glide across the floor behind her.

Where before her face had been bare, she now wore a thin veil to cover a part of her face.

Behind her was the rest of the Royal Family, the King and Queen walking directly beside her while the Second Prince followed a short distance behind.

Once she was settled in her seat of honor beside her parents and brothers, the heads of various Houses and Sects began lining up in front of her with their gifts in hand or carried by their servants.

Most of them had a rather arrogant air about them, their heads held high while subtly looking down on those around them.

Sect Master Qing was first, stepping up towards her with a small box in hand.

He was allowed to approach the princess directly since Master was now considered her Master as well, the other guests could only present their gifts a set distance away from her.

“Congratulations, Princess Bei,” Sect Master Qing bowed. “A little gift from our little Heaven Sect, courtesy of Master Lin.”

“Oh my,” She gasped, clearly excited. Lian Li had already told us about her infatuation with Master so we were not surprised by her reaction. “May I?”

“Of course,” Sect Master Qing gestured.

She opened the box and within were two petals of a Phoenix Ember, an extremely luxurious gift for a Practitioner that even we were surprised to see.

Since Master had only decided on the gift when He left the Sect, only He and Sect Master Qing actually knew what Master had prepared for her.

The ones people nearby who saw it also gasped in response. Each of these petals are worth a small fortune and Master had just given away two of them. There definitely isn’t anyone who could gift something even more luxurious than this.

She closed the box after a while more, “They’re beautiful… Please give my thanks to Master Lin.”

“Of course, princess,” Sect Master bowed before moving out of the line.

“Did I see that right? Master actually gave her two Phoenix ember petals?” Brendan gasped.

“Indeed… Master’s generosity truly knows no bounds,” Diao Chan sighed dreamily, wiping the drool off the side of her lips. No doubt she had been fantasizing about Master again.

I’m surprised Master gave her that. [Eris]

Politics… [Laverna]

Ah, this one understands. Master must have already known that the other Sects would be trying to use the princess. Thus he chose this gift to make all the other gifts seem inadequate to prevent the others from using the princess. [Denna]

Ahhh! So difficult! Master thought that far ahead?! [Bait]

Definitely… [Laverna]

As expected of Master. [Eris]

As we thought, the others who were bearing gifts became more subdued than before, none of them saying anything other than just offering their congratulations and gifts.

Then it came to Brendan’s family’s turn.

“Congratulations, your highness,” Dill Vera bowed. “I have brought a rather unorthodox gift of my own. It is something one of our partners invented and we would like to present the first of its kind to you.”

“Oh? That sounds quite promising, may I know what it is?” The princess inquired, her eyes glinting slightly.

“For that, I will let my business partner introduce the gift to you.”

Dill stepped aside to let a rather young woman dressed entirely in a black coloured dress complete with a lot of white frills to step forward.

“Greetings your highness! I am Elaria Lindulf from the town of Ahkeehar Barah! It shall be my honor to introduce my creation to you!”

Huh… It seems like she has adopted her sister’s fashion as well…

Now it’s up to her to present the gift to gain the interest of everyone around, this will decide whether the Vera family soars or crumbles to dust.

I do hope she isn’t going to break into one of her weird episodes…


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