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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 244: Princess’s First Contact Bahasa Indonesia


I whistled as I watched the meteorite I summoned crashed into the ground, resulting in a giant shockwave that shook the entire area.

Since the appearance of the first meteor, I had already relocated myself here and substituted with that mud puppet, letting them fight that instead.

What? Were you expecting me to personally do a long drawn out fight of the century with those four? Come on, ain’t nobody got time for that.

What about respecting their conviction to fight me? Well, I used this Technique on Abaddon, pretty sure that’s respect enough right?

I’d thought since they could deal with the first one they should be able to handle the second one somehow.

Apparently not.

Just as I was about to start searching for my disciples, I found myself being enveloped by a white light that completely encapsulated me.

Oh? Does this mean the fight is over?

Huh… I guess those Masters that were giving pointers to my disciples must have chosen to forfeit after seeing the meteorite? A little disappointed at that though, I thought I could at least watch the lesson for a bit to get more ideas on how to train my disciples.

Oh well, can’t get everything you want in life.

My vision was soon entirely encased in white and the next thing I knew, I was back on the stage with everyone else.

It seems like the bout lasted longer than I thought as the sky was tinged red with the setting sun. Off to the side, I could see all the Heaven Sect members cheering and clapping away when they saw our return.

On the opposite side of the stage, the other participants seem to still be trying to get a hold of their bearings, stumbling around on their feet with a few of them even tripping up one another.

I guess when they ‘died’, they were sent elsewhere first instead of directly out here, only returning when the bout was over.

I tried looking for the cloaked person that sent us to the incorporeal world at the start but it seems like he has disappeared.


I heard a shout before I got pulled into the embrace of my disciples, each of them hugging a part of me. Brendan just remained at the side, smiling a little awkwardly. Maybe he really wants a hug too?

I patted each of them on the head, “Welcome back. Did all of you receive great lessons from the seniors?”

“Yes, Master!” They answered all together, clearly exuberated.

How nice. Isn’t it great that the Earthen Plane people are so helpful? Definitely wouldn’t get this kind of accommodation from the other Planes.

The sound of a rather out of place, enthusiastic clapping interrupted my thoughts, all of us turning to see the princess clapping away with a big smile plastered on her face while standing a short distance away from her seat.

“Congratulations Master Lin,” The king applauded, standing up from his throne. “Your skills are indeed as legendary as they say it is.”

I stepped away from my disciples to give the king a bow, “You flatter me, your grace.”

“Oh, not at all. You gave us quite the show, Master Lin. Your disciples are also very, very competent.”

I guess they must have a way to spectate whatever was going on in the other world, I only wonder what they saw?

“Thank you for your praise, your grace. I try my best to please.”

The king nodded at me, “And it seems my daughter is very fond of your showcase as well, you will make a fine teacher for her.”

“Ah… Abou–“

The king clapped his hands before I could get my words out, “With the conclusion of this bout, I declare Master Lin as the winner! We shall discuss the details at a later timing. In the meantime, it would greatly please us to invite all present here for Princess Guiying’s Coming of Age reception in the palace’s dining hall.”

As if on cue, the queen and the other princes got up on their feet, following the king to board the carriages they had used to get here.

I noticed there was a third carriage that was not there before and the princess had not followed after her family. Instead, she remained standing at where she was while smiling at me.

A rather well dressed man with a very impressive moustache approached me from the side. I assumed him to be a servant of the Royal Family judging from the insignia on his clothes and the way he carried himself.

“Master Lin,” He greeted with a bow. “If you would please, the carriage is prepared for you as well.”

“I take it that this is meant for the winner of the bout?” I asked.

“You assume correct, sir.”

It would be rude of me not to accept it then. I would also assume that the princess is there so that she can talk with me in the carriage privately, something that I do not wish to be alone for since I still remember how ruthless of a man hater she was in the previous timeline.

Not to say that she’s like that now, but you can never be too sure you know?

“Could my disciples join me?”

The butler glanced at the girls and Brendan standing beside me, “As the carriage is quite small… Could I beseech Master Lin to limit the number of people accompanying you?”

Oh dear… How would I choose? There’s no way I can–

“Ara, ara. In that case, Lian Li should go with Master,” Manami suggested.

Well that’s convenient.

I turned towards the others, “Is that fine?”

“Yes, Master. I will take care of Cai Hong for you~~” Diao chan offered, picking up Cai Hong in her arms.

Wait a minute, when did Cai Hong get here? I thought I left her behind with Sect Master Qing? Ah, she must’ve slipped in when the girls were hugging me. Yep, that must be it.

Nodding my head at her, I held up my arm and Lian Li slipped her own through it, beaming at me when she did so.

“I will be in your care, Master~~” She chirped.

Deciding it would be a good idea to make myself scarce before the other Practitioners who had been staring at me started raising questions, I led her towards the princess while the servant followed behind me.

“Master Lin, it is an honour to finally meet you,” The princess curtsied.

I bowed in return, “Your highness princess Guiying. I have heard rumours of your beauty and thought them to be exaggerations. But it seems they were understatements instead. The pleasure is all mine.”

“Teehahahaha~” She giggled, covering her mouth with the back of her hand. “Master Lin really has a way with words!”

“You flatter me,” I bowed again, gesturing to Lian Li. “This is my first disciple, Lian Li.”

I had expected her to curtsy as well but she had stretched out her hand instead, an action that the princess somehow reciprocated almost immediately.



Both of them held each other’s hands for a good minute, staring at each other in the eye before finally letting go.

Ok, what.

I didn’t imagine that right? What the hell did I just see?

Did Lian Li and the princess just shook hands?

I’m also about fifty percent sure they just had a really quick silent conversation right there too, the contents of which are known only to them.

Princess Guiying turned to me, “Your disciple is very charming as well, Master Lin. I hate to admit that I am plenty envious of her.”

I blinked, “Ah… Princess Guiying does have a way with words too. Umm… Should we go? I would hate to keep your royal parents waiting.”

She bowed her head slightly, “This princess shall be in your care, Master Lin. I look forward to your future guidance.”

Ah, yeah. That.

We’ll need to have a good talk about that for sure.

But right now, I’m still quite in shock about how my disciple and the princess just shook hands so nonchalantly like that.

Like… What the hell?

Is this a disciple thing?


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