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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 226: Unexpected Encounter Bahasa Indonesia


“So, you got a name?” I asked the guild staff that was guiding me right now.

“Theodore… Ma… Master Lin…” He stuttered.

“Theodore huh? Nice name. Got a family?”

He gulped, “Mas… Master Lin… I… Please… They are innocent…”

Innocent? Oh, he means like they are pure at heart?

“Oh? That’s great to hear. So you’re a family man?”

“Yes… Yes sir…”

“Oh, no need to be so formal, we are already acquainted after all. I’ll even let you call me by my first name: ‘Master’.”

He goggled at me.

“I was kidding,” I explained. Some people really don’t know how to understand sarcasm around here huh?

“That… That’s a relief… Then… Er… I… That is… My…”

I stopped and waited for him. By the heavens, this guy must have a severe issue of anxiety or something. I guess that means the front he was showing me back then was just a mask he puts on to deal with his issue.

Not an elegant solution by any means but at least he’s working on it right?

Now I kind of feel bad for singling him out for my little plan here.

“I’m… I… I… Am… Er…”

I raised my hand to stop him, “Take a breath and calm down. You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re that nervous.”

He obeyed, sucking in a deep breath before exhaling. He repeated the action a few more times before he finally calmed down enough.

He bowed his head, “I… I apologize for my earlier misconduct, Master Lin… Please forgive me.”

I waved my hand, “Oh it’s fine, I totally understand. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Theodore looked at me in surprise, “Re… Really?”

“Yes, so stop worrying.

He gave an odd sigh of relief.

Come on, do I look like a tyrant to you? I’m very reasonable ok? I mean sure, I did just break some stuff there and threatened your Guild Master a little but… I didn’t do anything else right?

Pretty sure those young masters would have already started burning the place down or even ask his goons to start thrashing to place. Judging by how many guards they have there, I can already guess it used to be a common occurrence within the Guild too.

“He… Here we are, Master Lin… The… The Premium section of… Of our Guild… It’s… The… Erm… All the best items for sale are here…”

Looks like his anxiety is acting up again. At least he seems like he’s making progress, great job Theodore!

I gazed at where he gestured at, finding a set of double doors twice my height ahead of me. The door itself was intricately decorated with various carvings of what seems to be scenes of decadence. Even from here, I could feel the thrum of Quarks coming from the door. They seriously went all out to protect this particular room.

The guards outside the door looked to be even more heavily armed than the previous ones I saw, their armour and weapons even look to be inscribed with enchantments too. The Guild is rolling in some serious dough if they can outfit their guards like this.

One of said guards stepped forward, “Halt, who goes there?”

“It’s Theodore from the Wood Section. We have a customer…”

The guards looked at one another before breaking out into laughter.

“Hahaha! What’s a Wood Section staff doing here? Did you get lost? This is the Premium Section brother, it’s not for low rankers like you to step foot in! And what are you thinking bringing this vagrant here? He doesn’t even deserve to come into the building!”

Oh… Office politics. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Merchant’s Guild has their own share of it. But seriously, why vagrant? I’m just wearing my casual robes, they aren’t that bad right?

I mean yeah they don’t look expensive but it’s not like I’ve got holes in the–

Oh, there’s actually a small tear in my sleeve. When did that happen? Don’t tell me it’s just because of this that they think I’m homeless? Their standards must be really high.

I noticed something white near the hole and pinched it between my fingers.

A strand of white hair? Odd.

Theodore rushed up to them, whispering something into the lead guard’s ear.

His face went from mocking laughter to shock and then dread in a record fast time. I’m guessing Theodore just told him about the Guild Master personally inviting me here or something.

“O… Open the doors!” The guard shouted, waving his hand in the air.

His buddies looked at him in confusion before their faces cramped up, all of them moving to push open the massive doors in front of me.

I expected them to only open it a crack, but they actually went ahead to open the doors fully. The people inside were also evidently quite shocked by the action, all of them just standing still and gaping at the doorway.

“Master Lin, please,” Theodore bowed, gesturing towards the open door.

Not wanting to cause another scene, I stepped through the doorway quickly. Off to the side, I heard one of the guards whisper something to another guard.

Not entirely sure what he said but I think it sounded something like “tell the rest… Code Lin…” or something which didn’t make any sense to me.

“What is the meaning of this?! Even when this prince comes to visit, the doors were never fully opened! Who is it that you guys deem more important than this prince?!”

I turned towards the voice just in time to see a young man dressed in quite flamboyant clothes strutting up towards me. He had a rather handsome appearance and his body was quite lean, evidence that he practiced some form of martial art.

He looked at me from head to toe before turning away, “Who was the one they opened the doors for?! Or are they just doing some maintenance on it? This prince demands to know!”

Yes, it’s most definitely not me, please go bother someone else. Honestly, I’m just here to get some rings, is that too much to ask for?

Another staff member ran up to him, flashing a professional smile at him, “Third Prince Bei, please be at ease. It must be a mistake by the guards, I will deal with it personally, you do not have to worry.”

Oh, so this guy is the third prince and supposed leader of this continent’s Dark Sect?

“Hmph! It better be, Kenji! Do you know how much business I’ve given you? You better give me a satisfactory answer later!”

Without a second glance back, the prince spun around and swaggered off the way he came.

Kenji turned towards us, narrowing his eyes when he saw Theodore.

“Theodore? What the hell are you doing here? Weren’t you assigned to the Wood Section after your screw up last week?! And what the hell do you think you’re doing bring some poor–“

Theodore rushed forward, covering Kenji’s mouth with a hand while giving me a professional smile of his own, “Dear customer, please go ahead and look around, I will need to settle some arrangements first before getting back to you.”

Wow, that’s a real one eighty he did there. I suppose that’s a professional for you, being able to slip into that customer service mode is probably his unique skill.

I watched him drag off his colleague away from me, leaving me alone near the entrance where most of the staff and some of the other customers were still staring at me with interest.

I noticed that a few of the guards and staff were also moving throughout the room, whispering something in their colleague’s ears which causes their eyes to widen and stare at me.

I wonder what they were told?

Well, none of my business, I should just concentrate on getting what I came here for.

And since he’s here as well, I should try to find out what I can regarding the third prince too.

Now where is the storage ring section?


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