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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 222: I Demand To Speak To The Person Of Authority! Bahasa Indonesia


“I would first like to ask what kind of storage rings are you looking for?” Our guide asked, leading us through an opulent corridor decorated with various paintings and sculptures.

“Well, I’m not sure what kinds you have,” I answered truthfully, it was my first time buying anything directly from the Merchant’s Guild after all. I’ve only gone to a few of the Jin city’s auctions where they might be auctioning a few of their items.

“What do you recommend?”

He gave an exaggerated sigh, “That would depend entirely on how deep your pockets are, young man.”

“Oh… They’re not very deep, unfortunately…” I sighed.

Our guide stopped abruptly, turning around to give me the most disgusted look I have seen, which is quite impressive considering I’ve seen my fair share of them in the other Planes.

I pointed to my robes, “Because you see, my robes have no pockets, hahaha!”

“Ehehehe~” Cai Hong giggled at my little joke, the precious little thing. I gave her a pat on her head.

The man’s disgusted face scrunched up even more before he turned back and continued his way forward.

Guess he doesn’t have a sense of humour, how sad.

After a few more twists and turns that most likely led us to the heart of the building, we stopped at a pair of double doors that were being guarded by even more guards.

I could even feel the hum of Quarks coming from the door, an obvious indication that it had been strengthened and inscribed with protection Techniques.

Our guide straightened his shirt before gesturing to the guards, prompting them to open up the door wide enough to let just a single person through.

All of them watched us with unblinking eyes as we stepped past them, as though we would do something else other than walk through the door.

Stepping past the threshold, we were greeted with the sight of a large room with numerous display cases littered around the room. All of them were inscribed with some form of protection inscription and at least a guard and staff member standing behind for each display case.

Brendan wasn’t kidding when he said that these were the Merchant’s Guild’s most closely guarded item.

“This is our storage ring section… Do talk to any of the counter staff if you see anything that you can afford… I will be… Busy…”

After saying that, the guide lost interest in us and proceeded to stand a distance away, talking to one of the other staff nearby in low whispers.

Well, according to Brendan, even the simplest storage ring should be quite expensive so I’m prepared to spend at least a few hundred gold here. At this point in time I’ve yet to have much use of my money and hoarding them serves no purpose anyway.

Since Brendan’s family should be making good money, it would be a good idea to make friends with them for future endeavors.

Also, there’s that big investment I made to that idol group and apparently, they made quite a big profit after the performance I took part in. It seems they were already planning a sequel of some sort and as much as I don’t want it to happen, it’s bringing me quite a substantial amount of cash.

Basically, I’ve got more money than I know what to do with right now.

I looked back at my girls, “Help me find a few as gifts, won’t you girls? If any of them catches your eye, don’t hold back and just let me know.”

“Master… Will buy us rings?” Lian Li whispered. “Could… Could this be… Kyaaaa~~”

Manami started giggling, “Ara… Ara, ara? This… Ufufufu~ How bold, Master!”

“To be ringed… This one… Ehehehe… Ring…” Eris muttered under her breath.

I didn’t even have time to respond to them before the girls had already scattered, each of them looking through the display cases like their life depended on it.

Only Cai Hong remained behind, holding on to my hand while looking up at me.

“Papa… Cai Hong ring too?” She asked while sucking on a finger.

I patted her head, “If Cai Hong sees a ring she wants, she can tell Papa too. Papa will get it for Cai Hong.”

Cai Hong shook her head and reached her arms up towards me, “Muuu… Cai Hong just wants Papa!”

“Oh you. You cute little thing,” I picked my cute loli dragon up to carry her in my arms. “Does Cai Hong not want a pretty ring too?”

Cai Hong tilted her head a little, “Papa… Make one?”

“Oh what a clever girl! Alright, Papa will make you one when we go back.”


I gave her another pat on her head before carrying her towards the nearest display case, peering into it to see what kind of storage rings they have on sale.

What I saw displayed completely stumped me.

“Are these… Made of wood?” I asked the sales staff, a middle aged man with a goatee, standing behind the case.

He rolled his eyes visibly at me, “Yes it is, is it not obvious enough?”

I frowned. My own ring that I made was forged and shaped using gold and silver so even without its storage capabilities, it is still a rather valuable ring.

Brendan’s storage ring was made of polished wood so it looks rather unique, I had even thought it was the fashion trend or something at first. But the ones here are just… They’re just blocks of wood with a hole cut in the middle for the finger to slot through. The holes aren’t even cut evenly either.

Curious, I pointed to a random one within the case that looked the least crude, “How much for this one?”

The male staff glanced into the case and scoffed, “It’s the highest non-polished wood class we have. A total of two metre cube of storage space.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Ok, how much?”

He cleared his throat, “Ahem… A total of two metre cube of storage space.”

“Yes, I heard you the first time, I’m not deaf. I’m asking you how much?”

“Fifty silvers.”

Five thousand coppers for this little bit of wood? And just two cubic metres of storage space? That’s just bloody daylight robbery!

I can create that much of a space without even using any mediums to create it! This is such a scam!

My astonishment must have been shown clearly on my face since the staff just let out an exasperated sigh before turning his head away, obviously dismissing us.

No, no, no… Maybe I’m being too biased. Can’t compare everything to myself right? Perhaps their rings’ inscription contains even more enchantments than I have on mine? That would make sense.

“Can I see it?” I asked, balancing Cai Hong on an arm. She seemed to be staring at the staff member rather closely, maybe she’s interested in his face?

The man made no sign of having heard me.

I cleared my throat, “Ahem, could I see it?”

“Sorry, no rings out of the cases unless you plan to purchase them,” he declared after a while.

“Ok, that’s just rude now.”

Again, he ignored me.

That was also when Lian Li came back to me, “Master… All the rings here are the lower quality ones… They said if we want the better fashioned ones, we’ll need to go to another room. May we?”

“Go ahead, I’ll stick around here for a little while more. Take Cai Hong with you as well.”

I still have a bone to pick with this guy, after all, and I don’t want Cai Hong to pick up any bad manners from me.

“Muuu?! Cai Hong want stay with Papa!”

I lowered her down onto the ground, “Be good ok? Cai Hong can go find something nice for herself and Papa will buy it for Cai Hong!”

“Muuu… Cai Hong can take anything?”

“Yes, Cai Hong can take anything.”

“Yayy~ Okies! Cai Hong will find something nice for Papa!”

Hnnng… How can you be this cute?!

She followed Lian Li to the rest of the girls where another staff member was waiting to guide them out of the room.

They seemed to be treated quite well by the staff, so why the hell am I the one with the bad service? I feel discriminated against.

I waited until the girls were gone from the room before leaning on the display case, “So, I’m interested in that one, can I see–“

“Could you not lean your cheap self on the case?” He interrupted me.

Alright, that was it.

I slammed the top of the case, “I want to speak to your manager!”


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