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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 205: Oh Look! It’s A Yandere! Bahasa Indonesia


He’s a heaven sent genius.

No, I don’t mean he’s as talented as Lian Li, she is on another level by herself.

His ‘genius’ part isn’t on his Practitioner side either, since his Cultivation is quite abysmal actually.

Alright, that was kind of comparing to my disciples so that evaluation isn’t exactly fair. He could possibly be an Elite Practitioner in the future, just that the time he needs is counted in decades.

No, the thing that he is absolutely a genius in is in the creation of potions.

He had the uncanny ability to judge and measure the necessary ingredients required to produce the best potions with his given ingredients, something that took me years to perfect.

This kind of changes things a bit.

I watched him recreate the healing pill after only showing it to him once, although he did use up his entire body’s worth of Elemental Quarks just to create one and passed out right after.

I let him sleep in one of the unoccupied beds and compared the pill he made with mine.

“Master’s one still feels more… Refined,” Manami commented from behind me, her head leaning on my shoulder.

“Yes…” Kiyomi agreed, leaning herself on my other shoulder. “There is much more power from Master’s. Though I suppose it is admirable for him to be able to achieve such a feat to this degree.”

Kiyomi is right. It took me several months of trial and error just to even get the recipe right, although other alchemists might have taken decades to do the same but that’s beside the point.

The point is, this guy can make practically any pills and potions without much training and experience, something that should not normally be possible.

I will need to investigate more into this.

Manami nuzzled my neck, “Is Master planning to teach him?”

I considered for a moment, “I suppose… It will help me with the making of the pills quite greatly. I wanted to see the results of his test first, but with Sylphy going Yandere on him, I don’t think that’s a good idea anymore.”

Manami and Kiyomi glanced at each other.

The younger fox sister tilted her head at me, “Master? What is ‘yandere’?”

“Oh… That… Hmmm… It basically means that a particular person has an unhealthy obsession over another person that might lead to violent tendencies, sometimes killing their lover due to jealousy or insecurity issues..”

Manami gasped, “How disgraceful… If they love someone, they should love them with their whole heart. Right, Master?”

I patted her head, “Well, everyone has different forms of love. Let’s not judge them.”

She giggled before kissing me on the cheek, “Mmm~ This is why we love you, Master~”

I guess having spent a few days away from me have made the girls rather needy for attention, thus their current clinginess. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

“But what should we do about that Sylphy girl? I don’t think she would listen to us either, right?” Kiyomi pointed out.

“She might listen to me. While Brendan’s passed out here, I might as well go talk to her for a bit.”

“Ufufufu~ Then we shall accompany you, Master~”

The three of us left my courtyard to head towards the student dormitories.

Since Brendan had said she was looking for him, I had thought the self-proclaimed goddess might still be outside looking for him.

So imagine my surprise when I found the girl inside the room, dragging her knife across the skin of an already dead Chris, a stab wound right in between his eyes.

The scene was so unexpected that I just stood there for several seconds, watching her cut away at Chris’s corpse.

His twin brother lay dead at the foot of the bed, another knife impaled in his back.

“Hehehe… Brendan doesn’t like me that way? Hehehe… Let’s hear you say that now? Can’t say it? Because it’s not true, silly~ Hehehe~”

“She does indeed seem a little… Unhinged?” Kiyomi remarked.

Her voice drew the attention of Sylphy, her face brightening up when she saw me.

“Sire! I’m so glad you are here! Could you help me make Brendan see his silliness? It is obvious that he belongs with me, but he’s just too shy to admit it!”

“Sire?” My two disciples echoed.

“Long story, don’t worry about it,” I explained before diverting my attention back to her. “You killed them?”

She looked down at the bodies as though just noticing them, “Oh… Yeah, I think I did. They were being mean by saying Brendan wasn’t interested in me that way. So I just made them shut up.”

This girl… She’s really fallen off the deep end.

“You’ll help me right, sire? Brendan will definitely listen to you! Then he’ll come back to me where he rightfully belongs!”

I pointed at her, “You do know you just committed murder right? That’s like… Really bad.”

She blinked, “Murder? This is just exterminating some bugs. Besides, I am a goddess, mortal lives never bothered me from the start.”

I sighed, “Yeah… You just killed two students within my Sect. That is not something I really want to happen here you know? Besides, they speak the truth, Brendan really doesn’t see you that way.”

Sylphy tilted her head slightly, as though she had trouble understanding my words. Her face changed from confusion to disbelief and into rage extremely fast.

“So sire… Is also one of my enemies?”

I stretched my right hand out to the side slightly, “I’m not your enemy, but you can’t force someone to feel what they don’t. Now if you would just–“

The self-proclaimed goddess screamed, throwing up her hands to summon forth a miniature tornado towards me.

I got ready to raise my right hand to disrupt the tornado when it got close enough, but my girls moved sooner than I did.

Kiyomi had thrown her arms up to create an ice dome around us, the dome not even receiving a scratch when the tornado exploded right on top of it.

Manami had then waved her tail in Sylphy’s direction, creating a small explosion of flames that threw the wind goddess off balance.

While she had been trying to recover her footing, Manami had already moved beside her and grabbed her wrists, preventing her from escaping.

Without warning, a bright circle appeared under both their feet, the two girls disappearing into particles of light when the teleportation ring got activated.

Kiyomi lowered her barrier when she saw that the threat was removed, sighing in slight frustration.

“Apologies, Master… I will need to join my sister before she does something untoward… Could I request that you send me to her?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Should I… Come along?”

She shook her head, “I am sorry Master, but I think we require some privacy on this matter. I pray that you understand.”

“Oh… Cool. Cool. Cool. I’ll go back and check on Brendan then. Since the special class is now non-existent… I might need to do some things about the freed schedule as well.”

“Thank you, Master,” Kiyomi bowed.

I pictured Manami in my mind and concentrated on locating her whereabouts in order to summons a teleportation gateway to her. I quickly realised she had gone back to somewhere in Jin city though I’m not sure of the exact location.

I guess Manami must be wanting to hand her over to the authorities. What quick thinking on her part, I must commend her for it.

Kiyomi probably wanted to go just in case her sister embellishes her statement to the police too, since she can be quite passionate at times.

Having located her rough position, I waved my hand through the air and a portal appeared, hovering ominously in front of us.

Kiyomi gave me another peck on the cheek before she quickly stepped through it, the portal closing right behind her.

With everyone gone… It seems it’s up to me to clean the dead bodies.

Oh what am I talking about, I’ll just get someone else to do it for me.

Heh. Totally not an abuse of authority of course.

What? I seem to be taking the deaths of the twins a little too lightly? Well, they wouldn’t have amounted to much anyway. At the most, they could maybe become Inner Core Practitioners within the sect but nothing more than that.

So honestly, not really a big loss.

Now I wonder… What should be done about Brendan though?


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