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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 192: When You Expect The Worst But It’s Even Worse Than You Thought Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

When Master Lin said that ‘something’ will chase us, I already had a feeling what that ‘something might be.

But even so, nothing prepared us for the monster with the shape of a Wendigo that had extra tentacles growing out of its back, four pairs of arms, six sets of eye sockets on its skull and fire coming out of its nostrils. Did I mention that there were five of them?

“Say… Do you think Master Lin actually wants us dead? I expected one… But five?” Chris asked, his gaze locked on the five monsters that had begun stalking towards us.

Sylphy chuckled, though there was a distinct lack of humour in her laughter, “I believe this might be what they call ‘tough love’?”

“They’re… They’re illusions aren’t they?” I asked hopefully.

“Illusions that can punch you half to death, yeah,” Kris reminded me. “If you don’t mind, I would rather not try it. Especially since it doesn’t look like Master Lin set up a Sect-sized Protection Inscription this time….”

“So… We run?” Chris suggested.

“We run,” I confirmed.

All of us took to our heels, the mutated Wendigo monsters roaring and immediately giving chase.

Out of desperation, I tossed a ball of water at them in an attempt to slow them down. But that got swatted aside by the leading monster like it was nothing, thus confirming the theory that they can punch the lights out of us just as easily.

“It’s one round around the perimeter right?!” Kris screeched, running faster than any of us. “But where do we go?!”

“Maybe there?” Sylphy pointed ahead.

I looked at where she pointed to see a rather prominent wooden signboard stuck to the ground with the words “One lap around the Sect: Turn Right Here” painted on it. Right below the words was a squiggly arrow pointing towards our right.

With no other options, all of us opted to follow the signboard and turned right, the monsters following right behind us.

I chanced a look behind me and instantly regretted it, the leading one was almost within arm’s reach of me, its tentacles reaching out towards me. At the rate we were running, they will definitely catch up to us soon.

Noticing our predicament, Sylphy gathered a ball of air in her hands before throwing it backwards.

I half expected the ball to receive the same treatment as mine did, but when the ball got close to the monster, it changed into a ball of fire without warning and stuck itself to the monster’s tentacle.

The tentacled monster gave a shriek of pain, stopping in its tracks to try and put out the fire.

Unfortunately for the monster, its own brethren behind could not stop in time and ended up crashing into it, all of them falling over each other in an entanglement of limbs.

With all of them trying to get up and away from each other, that should at least buy us some time.

“Good one Sylphy!” Chris called out, grinning from ear to ear.

She waved the compliment away, “It is nothing. Did sire not instruct us on other ways we can use our Techniques just moments earlier? It will not do if you were to forget that so quickly.”

Ah that’s right, the appearance of the monsters made me panic so much that I almost forgot about it…

This must be the way that Master Lin is getting us to adapt more quickly to our new knowledge. As strict as it is, I can’t deny the fact that it is really efficient and effective.

Just as that thought crossed my mind, the roars of five mutated Wendigos rang out behind us.

Looks like they have already recovered enough to continue the chase again. With their agility, they will no doubt catch up to us soon.

We continued along the path around the Sect, throwing glances behind us every once in a while and hoping against all hope that we wouldn’t see one breathing down our necks when we did so.

We followed the directions of another signboard, taking a left turn into an alley in between two buildings. Unfortunately, that made us come face to face with a dead end with a high wall that was impossible to climb out of.

We didn’t even have time to process our crisis when the crashing of something barrelling towards us could be heard not far around the corner

“What do we do now?!” Kris shrieked.

I glanced at the top of the wall, “We have to get over this wall… But the wall is too smooth and high… Sylphy? Could you send all of us over with your wind?”

She nodded quickly, “For you, darling. I can. But I am only strong enough to send over one at a time right now…”

“We need to slow them down somehow then!” I yelled, trying my best to replicate the ice spear Technique that Master Lin had shown us.

Unfortunately, all I got was a normal water spear that failed to even maintain its shape. Seriously, Master Lin made it look way too easy than it actually is…

Still it was better than nothing. I tossed the water ‘spear’ towards the end of the alley, just in time to catch the leading monster in the face.

Though it did nothing in terms of damage, it was enough to surprise the monster into stopping for a few precious seconds.

“I’ll send you over first, darling!” Sylphy declared before pointing her finger at me.

Almost immediately, I felt myself lifted up into the air, the winds cradling me carefully as it lifted me over the wall.

While I was being lifted, Kris had also tried to replicate the light ball that Master Lin had shown him.

Of course, his ball merely exploded into a flash of light rather than burning a hole through them. At least it still managed to stun them enough to prevent them from attacking us.

I guess it’s going to take a while longer before any of us can actually put what Master Lin taught us to practical use.

The wind safely deposited me on top of the wall, allowing Sylphy to immediately begin lifting Kris up. It was quite obvious that there was a little favoritism involved since Kris was basically just chucked over the wall by a mini tornado.

While his twin was being man-handled by the air, Chris managed to finish his materializing his Technique of creating a fire wall in front of him, blocking the monsters from proceeding further.

I watched as Kris was flung over the wall unceremoniously, landing on the other side on his butt with a soft thump.

“I resent the difference of treatment!” He whined, rubbing his sore butt.

The other twin was soon lifted by Sylphy as well before being thrown over the wall, the winds depositing him right on top of his brother.

Just as the monsters started to leap over the fire, Sylphy shot herself up into the air, stopping on top of the wall to carry me in her arms before dropping down on the other side.

A tentacle had tried to catch us mid flight but I managed to deflect it with a whip of water.

The twins were still busy untangling themselves from each other when we landed.

“We can’t stop now, they’ll get over the wall in no time!” I reminded them, freeing myself from Sylphy’s grasp.

As if on cue, the first of the monsters were already clawing its way over the wall, growling menacingly at us. A mass of its tentacles were spread out behind it, holding on to the walls around to support its ascend.

Just to spite it, I tossed another water spear at it with full force, enough to knock it back and away from the wall.

At this point of time, I have to admit the effectiveness of Master Lin’s lessons. Before this, the sight of a single Wendigo was enough to make me freeze up in fear.

Now, even when faced with five absolute monstrosities that should have been much more frightening and were currently chasing us down, I felt nothing more than irritation at their pursuit. These monsters had become nothing more than just annoyances in my path to learning under Master Lin rather than the demonic monsters that they should be.

For him to be able to turn our fear around so quickly, it really is remarkable.

Master Lin truly is beyond comprehension… I will do whatever it takes to learn under him!


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