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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 186: Time To Teach These Kids Bahasa Indonesia


Even after I analyzed it from every angle I could see, I could not come up with a concrete answer for the scene I saw. Was it something that happened in the past? Was it a premonition of the future? Would that scene happen in the near or far future? What does it have to do with me?

What are those stars, really?

Why is all of this even happening to me?

Of course after coming up with no answers for the entire night, I did the most sensible thing that anyone would do.

I forgot about it.

Hey, it’s a simple reasoning ok?

This is the perfect guide to a stress-free life. If a problem comes up there are two outcomes, whether I can solve it, or I can’t.

If I can solve the problem, there’s no need to worry. But if I can’t solve the problem, then worrying wouldn’t help either. So don’t worry!

Simple, easy and straightforward.

So that’s why I’m now on my way to take over the special class without a worry in the world, strutting straight into Elder Gong’s courtyard with a carefree smile on my face.

“Ah, Master Lin, there you are,” Elder Gong greeted me with a respectful nod. “Brendan has already informed me about your decision to take over this class to look for a prospective student. Is that correct?”

I nodded, “Yes. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Oh not at all! Do you require this old man’s assistance or shall I take my leave?”

I thought for a moment, “I could use some help if you don’t mind? I’m not the best teacher around here after all.”

“Hahaha! No need to be so modest Master Lin! But this old man shall stay around just in case you need anything, although I’d wager I would just be a student as well!”

Elder Gong chuckled to himself and went to sit at the pavilion in his courtyard, a tea set already laid out and waiting for him.

I turned back to look at my former classmates, all of them just staring at me like they saw something they had yet to comprehend.

“Mas… Master Lin… In the flesh…” Chris gaped.

“We were… Classmates with Master Lin?” ‘Chris with a K’ muttered beside his twin.

Instead of paying attention to those two, I was more interested in what was going on with the other pair.

I pointed to Brendan, “So… Any reason why Sylphy is hugging your arm?”

He just gave me a sheepish smile, “That is… She er…”

“He saved this life of mine and I have come to realise my adoration for him,” Sylphy explained in his stead. “I sincerely hope sire can give us your blessing.”

Huh… Ok.

Suspension bridge effect maybe? But whatever floats their boat I suppose.

It wasn’t like I had an interest in her or anything. In fact, this suits me just fine since I really don’t want this self-proclaimed goddess to continue with the ‘sire’ thing. And if it turns out what she said was true about gods ‘falling’, then it’s just going to bring even more problems for me so no thank you.

“But sire… I never knew you were Master Lin! That means your ‘fall’ was–“

“Ah, ah, ah, let’s just move on from there,” I interrupted her.

Seriously, is she some kind of dunce? I don’t believe a normal mortal should be aware of whatever she has already revealed to me. If she really was a goddess, she must have been one hell of an airhead.

Maybe she’s just a useless goddess?

Or maybe she had hit her head somewhere?

“I believe Brendan has informed all of you about the special circumstances regarding your class?”

All of them nodded.

“We… We thought he was joking…” Chris admitted.

His twin nodded his head, “It was… Hard to believe that Mark… Er… Was actually Master Lin…”

“Yes! It makes sense that only Master Lin would be able to achieve Perfect Circulation for his techniques!” Brendan added enthusiastically.

I decided not to comment on that, “Alright, let’s just continue from yesterday from where we left off. We’ll proceed with the live combat demo.”

I waved my arm in front of me and an inscription appeared on the ground, turning this section of the courtyard into a safe zone just like the one used in the Grand Courtyard.

“Master Lin’s… Instant inscription Technique!” ‘Chris with a K’ gasped, staring at the ground slack-jawed.

“It’s true! It really is true! Master Lin is really right in front of us!” Chris squealed almost girlishly.

Even Brendan was gaping beside them, “Such… Such mastery! As expected of the Legendary Immortal Master Lin!”

I tried my best to not cringe at the name.

Unfortunately, once that name was uttered, it spurred everyone else on.

Chris ran up to me, “Master Lin! Is it true you summoned a dragon that killed a giant demon in one hit?!”

“Master Lin! I heard you defeated a thousand Elders and Masters in the last Sect Showcase Festival, is that true?!” ‘Chris with a K’ asked with sparkles in his eyes.

“I also heard Master Lin was the one who revolutionised the Practitioner way with new Techniques and inscriptions!” Brendan enthused. “I’ve read through all your published works!”

“Me too! I heard sire called down two giant meteors on top of Abaddon! As expected of sire!” Sylphy added.

Ok… How did she know about that one? Seeing how she knew Abaddon by name… I am already quite convinced that she might be the goddess she claims to be, albeit not a really smart one for that matter.

I raised my hands, “Ok, calm down. Most of those were exaggerated. I did not summon a dragon. It was most likely one of my disciples using an attack that looked like a dragon to take down the demon. I did not fight with a thousand Elders and Masters, the number was only a hundred. Yes, it is true I wrote a few manuals on new Techniques since those were needed to prove my expertise before my promotion to Master rank, I can affirm that. As for Sylphy’s… That is a very active imagination you have there.”

I thought that this might quell their excitement a bit but instead, upon hearing my words, the twins got even more excited.

“Did you hear that brother?! His disciples used a Technique that killed a demon in one hit!”

“Yeah! And he took on a hundred different Elders and Masters! That is so wicked!”

I clapped my hands together to get their attention again. Really, I barely started my lesson and I’m already struggling to keep them in control. Really makes me appreciate my disciples even more now.

“As planned, let’s continue with the live combat we were doing from yesterday. The incident all of you have gone through already shows how much all of you are lacking in experience so this is much more important for you. We shall do this a little different from yesterday since we have… Well, two established pairs now.”

Yeah, with how Sylphy is clinging on to Brendan, I doubt she would be letting him go any time soon.

I gestured to them, “It shall be a two versus two combat, the twins against Brendan and Sylphy. Both teams may enter the formation when ready.”

Both sides looked at each other and nodded, moving a distance away from each other to begin their impromptu team battle.

Now this should be interesting.


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