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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 184: Candy For The Good Girl Bahasa Indonesia

(Cai Hong POV)

“Muuu? Was… Was Cai Hong a bad girl, Papa?” Cai Hong sniffed.

“No, no. Cai Hong has always been a good girl!”

“Then… Why no Papa’s candies tonight? Cai Hong was bad girl?”

“Oh, you sweet little thing, come here.”

Cai Hong went to Papa.

Papa hugged Cai Hong.

Ehehe~ Papa feels warm~

“Cai Hong is a good girl ok? Just that a very mean monster came and ate the candies before papa could stop it.”

Cai Hong looked at Papa, “Mean monster? Papa beat?”

Papa nodded, “Yes, papa beat it already. Cai Hong don’t need to worry ok?”

“Okies~ Papa strong!”

“Hahaha, yes your papa is strong. Now don’t cry ok?”

“Mn! Cai Hong won’t cry!”

“Good girl, now see what I got?”

Papa pulled out something from his pocket.

“Papa’s candy! Can Cai Hong have?”

Papa gave the candy to Cai Hong, “Yes, Cai Hong can have it. Papa only managed to make one tonight though, Cai Hong won’t hate papa right?”

Cai Hong hugged Papa, “Cai Hong wuvs Papa!”

“Oh you cute little thing, you. Papa loves you too.”

Ehehehe~ Papa is patting Cai Hong’s head~

“Ok, papa has to go back now. Be a good girl ok?”

Cai Hong nodded, “Mnn! Cai Hong will be good!”

Papa patted Cai Hong’s head again, “Umu, tell your sisters to be good too and enjoy their off days. Now remember to brush your teeth after eating your candy and go to bed properly, ok?”


Papa waved his hands in the air and a big, blue, glowey portal came out. Papa patted Cai Hong’s head again before Papa went through the glowey portal.

Cai Hong ate Papa’s candy. It was as yummy as Cai Hong remembered! It made Cai Hong feel all happy and full!

Muuu… But how is Cai Hong supposed to tell big sisters to be good too? All of Cai Hong’s big sisters are busy!

Big sis Lian Li and Diao Chan were busy with some new lady, teaching her about how great Papa was.

Big sis Manami and Kiyomi were looking for that weird person that wanted Papa for himself. Bad man. Yuck.

Big sis Eris went somewhere far away to find out where the really bad men making Papa sad were.

So Cai Hong is all by herself in this really big room but no one to play with.

Mm… Maybe Cai Hong will go out?

Mm… But Papa said Cai Hong must ‘bwush’ teeth first, so Cai Hong went to ‘bwush’ teeth~

Mnnn~ Cai Hong likes it when Papa ‘bwushes’ Cai Hong’s teeth. But Cai Hong wants to be a big girl too, so Cai Hong will do big girl things!

Muuu~ But Cai Hong also misses Papa. Cai Hong wants to go back already~

Maybe Cai Hong will go and see how all the nice people are doing tonight! There’s a big ‘stwash’ of Papa’s nice clothes there!

Cai Hong went out of the big sleepy room. Big sisters said this place was an inn that people go to sleep in. But Cai Hong didn’t find any of Papa’s clothes so Cai Hong don’t know how people can sleep here?

The nice lady at the big table looked up, “Oh, High Priestess Cai Hong. Are you heading out?”

This lady had a bad man bullying her, so Cai Hong made the bad man disappear. The lady then followed Cai Hong to learn about how great Papa was!

“Mnn~ Cai Hong is going to Papa’s Church~ Cai Hong will sleep in the sleepy room there~”

“I see, should I get someone to accompany your holiness?”

“Buu~ It’s ok, Cai Hong is a big girl! Cai Hong will go by herself!”

The nice lady bowed, “Understood, have a safe trip.”

“Bai bai~”

Cai Hong went to the back of the inn past the kitchens. A lot of nice men were there.

A big, nice man came up to Cai Hong, he was wearing a very big and tall white hat.

This man is nice. Big sis Diao Chan brought him back saying the man was being bullied by some mean men, so Cai Hong told nice man to cook one of Papa’s food. Nice man can cook Papa’s food so big sis Eris also taught him a few things.

“High Priestess, would you like something to eat?”

“Cai Hong already ‘bwushed’ teeth!”

He nodded, “I see, are you going to the Church then?”

Cai Hong nodded, giving the nice man a big smile.

“I shall open the door for you then. Please, this way.”

Cai Hong followed the nice man to a big door in the ground. The nice man pulled open the door for Cai Hong.

“Be careful on your way down, High Priestess.”


Cai Hong skipped down the stairs, humming a little song that Papa taught Cai Hong.

At the end of the stairs was a nice lady wearing a veil over her face. Cai Hong remembers that this lady got burned by her very bad sisters because they thought the sister was ‘pwettier’.

So big sis Manami went to burn them too and brought the nice lady back.

This nice lady still wears the veil after big sis Manami gave her Papa’s pill, but Cai Hong don’t know why.

“High Priestess Cai hong, well met. Might you be going to your personal room?”

Cai Hong nodded.

The nice lady bowed, “Understood, please take care.”

Cai Hong skipped past the nice lady, turning right and going towards Cai Hong’s own sleepy room.

There was a door that was open on the way and some weird sounds were coming out.

Cai Hong looked into the room.

“Oh? Cai Hong? What are you doing here?”

Ah! Big sis Lian Li and big sis Diao Chan!

Mnn? There is a weird lady hanging upside down form the ceiling? Is big sis Lian Li and big sis Diao Chan playing with the weird lady? The weird lady smells a bad…

“Cai Hong going to sleepy room!”

Big sis Lian Li smiled at Cai Hong, “Mmm… Maybe I will join you later. It’s been a while since I saw Master, I hope Master is doing well.”

“Papa came just now to give Cai Hong candy! Papa said there was a bad monster over there but Papa beat it!”

“Ah? There was a monster that attacked Master?!” big sis Diao Chan gasped. “Who? What? How? When?”

“Cai Hong dunno… Papa say he beat it already~”

Big sis Lian Li and big sis Diao Chan looked at each other.

“We’ll need to ask our people back at the Sect, find out who and what was involved,” big sis Lian Li told big sis Diao Chan.

Cai Hong jumped, “Oh! Papa said, umm… Papa told Cai hong to tell big sisters to be good and to relax~”

Big sis Diao Chan sniffed, “Oh Master, to be thinking about us even at this point, we truly are undeserving of you!”

“Umm… Umm… And also Papa got big again! Big and umm… Tall!”

Both big sis Lian Li and big sis Diao Chan stopped and looked at Cai Hong.

“This is… Wonderful news indeed!” Big sis Diao Chan clapped her hands. “Ahhh~ I’ve missed laying myself over Master’s lap and getting punished!”

Big sis Lian Li smiled at Cai Hong, “Thank you Cai Hong, you should go to sleep then. It’s not good for you to stay up so late. Have you brushed your teeth?”

“Mnn! Cai Hong already ‘bwushed’ teeth!” Cai Hong said proudly.

“Mm, good girl. I’ll come to your room later after I finish with this little student of mine.”

Big sis Lian Li turned back to the weird lady.

Cai Hong went out before the weird lady screamed.

What a weird lady.

Mmm… To the sleepy room! Cai Hong wants to hug a lot of Papa’s clothes to sleep tonight~


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