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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 176: The Not So Literal Face Slap Bahasa Indonesia


The Enforcer was so stunned by my action he released me without a second though, his face still tilted to the side from the force of my slap.

I brushed my sleeves to straighten them out before turning around to walk away, not even giving him a backwards glance.

It only managed to walk about five steps away before a voice full of rage and indignation rang out behind me.


I gave him a backwards wave, “Save it buddy, I’m giving you the chance to walk away now before something happens. Trust me, it will not end well for you.”

I took two more steps before I was forced to a stop, my legs unable to move for some reason.

Looking down, I realised both my feet were now encased in mounds of earth and dirt, wrapped all the way up my shins.

It seems this guy is proficient in Earth Techniques.

“I’m telling you again,” I repeated, letting a little bit of frustration bleed into my voice. “I am going to the Grand Hall to see Sect Master Qing because he called for me. Are you sure you want to get in the way of that?”

He stomped up to me dramatically, “If that is true, you should know that Sect Master Qing and the Elders are holding a meeting right now. Someone like you shouldn’t even be there!”

I sighed, “They’re meeting to talk about the Wendigo and I’m supposed to be there to talk about it too as a witness.”

Not really true, but not really a lie either. At this point in time I just want him to get out of my face, really.

“Hmph! Why would they need someone like you when Elder Hong was there as well?”

Why does this guy have so much sense? Well… I guess it’s a good thing to know our Enforcers take their job seriously at least but this situation is really getting on my nerves. I want to go back to bed ok?

Ok… Deep breaths. I can slap him again later if I have to.

He grabbed me by the collar, “Also! How dare you?! You really are full of yourself to think you can get away with hitting an Enforcer! I’m going to have you brought up to the Disciplinary Elder and you’ll definitely be kicked out of here!”

Oh? That gives me an idea.

“Well then, I believe he’s at the Grand Hall right now, so why don’t we go see him?” I suggested.

“Hmph! You must be an absolute fool to even suggest such a thing! Very well, let us go and meet Elder Xu right now!”

Ah yes, Elder Xu. I still have yet to thank him properly for helping me teach Eris her sword arts. She had told me that training with him granted her insight into the intricacy of swordsmanship, although she did add at the end that she would still prefer my teaching methods over his.

Not sure if she was just being polite about it though.

He took out a length of rope and began tying my wrists together behind my back. I made no move to stop him and just waited patiently until he was done.

The Enforcer rough-handled me away towards my initial destination after removing my leg restraints. I remained quiet this time, already knowing that whatever I say at this point in time is equivalent to talking to a rock.

The Grand Hall was surprisingly quiet, I’d had thought it would be bustling with the Elders debating about the Elder Wendigo situation right now.

Both the Enforcer and I stepped through the doors of the hall and more than fifty pairs of eyes settled on us.

To be honest, seeing how quickly Sect Master Qing’s face went from relief to confusion then terror made this entire thing worth it.

Most of the other Elders don’t seem to have understood what was going on yet so they’re still stuck on the relief and confusion part.

The Enforcer bowed his head towards the hall, “Good evening Elders, I’ve caught a student wandering around suspiciously outside and thought to report this to Elder Xu.”

Elder Xu raised an eyebrow, “Where is the student then?”

The Enforcer turned to me and pushed my head downwards to make me bow as well.

“This one here, Elder Xu.”

It was too bad I wasn’t able to see their faces, but the chorus of gasps was enough to clue me into what happened.

“YOU IMBECILE!” Elder Xu roared, slapping his hand away from me. It was also then he realised that my hands were bound behind me back.

Elder Xu turned on the Enforcer with furrowed brows, “Did you not read the memo I posted out in the Enforcement Hall?!”

The Enforcer’s mouth was opening and closing like a fish on dry land, “Me… Me… Memo? There… There was one?”

Elder Xu sucked in a breath through his teeth and smacked him hard on the head.

Well, I suppose the only reason why this guy doesn’t know is because of his own ignorance. I’m pretty sure this guy is in a lot of trouble right now.

Elder Xu turned and made a perfect ninety degree bow to me, “Master Lin! Please accept my most sincerest of apologies and forgive this stupid Enforcer of mine! I accept all responsibilities for his failure!”

That was the moment it clicked for the Enforcer.

He was immediately on his knees and did a similarly perfect dogeza, too dramatic of a response if you ask me.

“Master Lin! This imbecile apologizes! My useless eyes are unable to see the Mount Tai that was in front of me! I accept any punishment you see fit to give!”

Ok, that really was a damn big change of attitude that even I’m impressed.

But seriously though, why are they being so desperate about this? It’s not like anything will happen to me even if this guy arrested me right? Or were they expecting me to do something to them? I’m not that scary am I?

I broke out of my restraints easily by burning through the ropes, waving my arm in the air to feign nonchalance, “It’s alright, he was just doing his job anyway, no big deal. Just make sure the information gets disseminated properly next time. It’s already quite late so let’s just get on with the meeting.”

“Thank you Master Lin for your benevolence!” Both of them said in unison.

I took my place beside Sect Master Qing as the Advisor, giving him a nod as a greeting which he returned with a smile and a nod of his own.

Looking back, it used to feel weird that I was the only one that was in his twenties within this hall whenever a meeting was called. Now that I’m in this even younger body… Well, you can understand how much more disconcerting it is.

That is ignoring the female Elders who have chosen to use youth pills to make themselves look younger, though none of them chose to regress to my current age group anyway.

Don’t ask me why most of the males chose not to use them, I always suspected it was because of the beard.

Elder Xu whispered a few words to the Enforcer before returning back to his spot, the Enforcer leaving quickly with his complexion a little paler than before.

Sect Master Qing nodded, “Now that Master Lin is here, let’s begin.”


All of you were really just sitting here and staring at each other while waiting for me? Oh come on!

I want to get back to bed already!


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