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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 172: Meanwhile, The Vacationers Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

“What do you think about this? I think this would make a great set of pajamas~”

I turned to look at what was held in my dearest sister’s hands.

“Dear sister… That is nothing more than underwear… It’s not even functional underwear even…” I pointed out.

The piece of clothing my sister had presented to me hid nothing for the viewers’ imagination. It would leave all our most intimate parts on display, covering just the barest of skin. A rather scandalous piece of clothing even if I do say so myself.

Manami looked at it with pride, her tails waving sporadically behind her, “Yes! I’m sure Master would be overjoyed to see me in this no? Should I get a matching set for you as well?”

I stared at her without saying anything.

“Oh? You like that too? Ufufufu~ Alright, big sister shall get one for you too! White? Or should I get blue for you? Which one would you like, Kiyomi?”

I sighed, “I’ll leave the decision to you, dear sister.”

“Ara, ara? My cute little Kiyomi is shy? Ufufufu~ Don’t worry, leave this to your big sister~ Now, turn around so I can see which one suits you more~”

I pursed my lips at her but did as I was told without complaint.

Just as she was about to hold up one of the lingerie to check, Eris appeared from the entrance of the store and headed straight for us.

“Oh, good day Eris. Are you here to find enticing clothes for your night sessions too?” Manami asked.

The swordswoman stopped, as though she just had something profound revealed to her.

“Oh damn I did’na think of that! I’ll come back and grab some later!”

Manami tilted her head slightly, “If not because of that then… Perhaps because there’s somewhere you need to go?”

“Hehehe~ You know me so well!” Eris grinned, pulling out a map from her sleeve.

She unfurled the map to show us what I recognised as the Death Mountains, though there was a landmark for a town that I did not know existed marked on it.

“I need to get to that town,” Eris explained. “There’s some people I need to take care of before they inconvenience Master.”

“Ara? You’re going to do such a thing and no one else is invited? How cruel of you, Eris,” Manami gasped, faking an expression of disbelief. “Shouldn’t we call the rest if that’s the case?”

Eris giggled at her antics, she obviously knew my sister well enough to realise when she was joking.

“Ehehe~ It’s just that they were also a part of my personal problems in the past, so I’d like to at least settle it myself.”

Manami patted her head, “Ara, ara, my poor little Eris. If you need help just give us a call, ok? I can send you to the main road a few metres down from the village, will that be fine?”

Eris nodded, “I’ll make my way back here in a few days so no need to worry.”

“Ufufu~ Same thing as before. I will read your memories to get an idea of the location,” Manami placed her palms together and a circle of light appeared below Eris’s feet.

I panicked slightly from my sister’s blatant display of her Technique inside the shop, my head swivelling around to see if there were any witnesses to the event.

I’m quite surprised that my sister would make a blunder as big as this. Teleportation isn’t a Technique that is common and even the masters of the Major Sects struggle with it. To date, I don’t think there is a reliable Teleportation Technique outside of Master’s.

When I first saw my sister use it I was absolutely shocked. It seems like they have yet to understand the implications of such a Technique.

A teleportation Technique that can transfer a large group of people over any distance as long as the Practitioner has an idea of where the location is. If one of the teleporters have been to the location before, all the Practitioner needs to do is to read their memories and they would get a picture of the location, allowing them to repeat the Technique for others without the memory reading after that.

Whole armies can be moved with this Technique and assassinations would be an absolute breeze too. This is a Technique that empires would wage war over!

And she told me that Master had just casually taught it to her?

Well… Though it is certainly true that any adversary of our Master would most certainly meet their demise, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be careful either.

What will happen if we bring back undesirables because of our carelessness?

Fortunately, it seems the store was empty of customers. In fact, I’m quite surprised that we were the only ones to have come into this store so far, seeing how high quality the clothes in this boutique were.

Unfortunately, there was a single female staff that saw our exchange in the corner of the shop. Our eyes met and she gave me a small nod without breaking her business-like smile.

I took note of her face, fully intending to silence her later.

“Ufufufu~ Shall we continue our little shopping trip, Kiyomi?” Manami asked behind me.

Eris had already disappeared from sight, leaving only Manami, the female staff and I inside the store.

“Sister… What were you doing? Aren’t you being careless by showing others your teleportation Technique?”

She tilted her head at me, “Hmmm? What are you talking about? The store is empty, no?”

I jerked my head slightly at the store clerk who has remained at her position ever since we came in.

Glancing in that direction, Manami smiled when she saw who I was referring to.

“Ah… I forgot you are still not aware yet. This store is ours and so are the staff.”

I stared blankly at her.

“Ufufufu~ Oh my cute little Kiyomi! You should see the face you’re making now~” she giggled.

My sister waved her hand at the clerk, prompting the girl to make her way towards us with a sincere smile.

The clerk bowed low to us, “Greetings High Priestesses, how may I help?”

Manami smirked at me, “Mmmm, I just wanted to ask how is business going?”

The clerk raised her head, “It is doing quite well! We have already established a connection with a few ladies of the noble court with our wares, as per High Priestess Diao Chan’s instructions. Lady Elaria has also established a business plan with us so we will be able to market her goods within the week.”

My sister nodded her head, “Mmm… And how are our collaborators doing?”

At the mention of the word ‘collaborators’, the clerk stiffened up noticeably.

Manami furrowed her brows, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to them?”

“No, no!” The girl denied quickly. “We found out that they had an elder son that had just taken his steps to being a Practitioner. We just aren’t sure where the son ended up.”

“Ara? Did we not ask them to give us everything?”

The girl nodded, “Yes, we did. But they had requested that we don’t involve their son in our business by promising more offerings… We are still in the midst of investigating that son’s background so we have not yet reported it to the High Priestesses.”

I pulled at Manami’s sleeve, “I’m sorry, I’m still a little bit lost?”

“Oh my dear little Kiyomi. You see, we found a little merchant family some time ago that needed a little help. So we, like how Master has taught us, went to help them by kick starting their business. The fact that we needed a few merchants to put pressure on the Xi Family was just a happy coincidence~”

I raised an eyebrow, “I don’t suppose the payment of such help offered is their souls?”

“Ufufufu! My, my! I wonder where my dear little Kiyomi learnt that sense of humour from? Whatever will we do with their souls? No, no, no. All we need is for them to praise the same glorious God as we have and for our business to come first before anything else!”

Hmmm… I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, my sisters are quite resourceful after all.

But the son is a Practitioner too hmm? What are the chances that he could be at Heaven Sect right now?

“Could you be a dear and help me package these two lovely clothes for me? I still have places to be~” Manami requested, handing the aforementioned clothes to the clerk.

“Where else are we going?” I asked.

“Ufufufu~ There was someone who called for a hit on Master back at his hometown. We had a lead that brought us back here and we’re going to follow up on it.”


A little bug with no power dares to try and take down the epitome of power?


How cute~


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