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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 146: You’re My Golden Finger All Along! Bahasa Indonesia


“Not you again,” I sighed while rolling my eyes. “Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Ehehehe~ Nothing’s wrong with me. Absoluuuutely nothing~” She giggled while staring at me like a piece of meat about to be eaten.

“So last I heard you got blasted into pieces by my sister, haven’t you had enough yet?”

“Enough? I haven’t even started yet my little toy~ Why don’t you come over here and let me eat you up?”

I let a fireball materialise above me, “I’m not the helpless little kid you found back then anymore, mind you.”

Her eyes lit up, “Ohhh~ Feisty little thing aren’t you? I do like it when they struggle so~ Manami was so much fun when I was playing with her too. Such a shame she had that little accident and couldn’t play anymore~ I would have just loved to–“

My fireball exploded at her chest, instantly engulfing her in a pillar of flames.

The fire was hot enough to instantly disintegrate her, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

What? Were you expecting me to just stand there and listen to her backstory which I am totally not interested in? Besides, I’m sure you guys already know her circumstances already anyway.

I was just about to leave the clearing when a voice came from the pile of ashes.

“Ehehehe~ How cruel of you. But I like it.”

I turned back to see the pile of ashes molding together like a liquid before expanding outwards to form the shape of a fox youkai. In less than a few seconds, the girl had regenerated herself completely with a smug smile on her face.

“Ehehehe~ Surprised? I learnt a few things while I was in the Spirit Realm~ A certain old geezer who was too full of himself just had to come over to disturb me, so I played with him for a bit. At least he was useful for something to me~”

Old geezer… Must be that Heaven Sect founder guy which I can’t remember the name of. Shang Diao or something? Whatever.

Well, it seems like she can reform herself out from ashes, so what about something else?

A little bit of Astral and Darkness quarks and… Snap.

“Oya?” She lifted up her hand with a curious expression, just as the tips of her fingers began disintegrating away.

“You’re quite determined aren’t you?” She chuckled at me, not at all concerned that she was currently breaking down into nothingness.

Well not really nothingness, but on a molecular level actually. Her entire body is currently breaking apart and reforming into air and dispersing away. I’ll admit it’s an idea I got from my forced trips to some other world.

I crossed my arms, “Well… If it will stop you from bothering me and my disciples, nothing’s too extreme.”

She had no way of answering me as her head had already disintegrated, which was soon followed closely by the rest of her body.

But if there’s something I’ve learnt, she’s way too obnoxious to let this stop her either.

It’ll just be a matter of time before she comes back and–

“Ehehehe~ That was a rather interesting experience, anything else you like to try, toy?”

I turned around to see her standing behind me with a full faced smile, her hands pulled casually behind her back as a clear sign of mockery.

I pondered for a moment, tapping my chin with a finger.

“Mind if I touch you for a bit?” I asked.

“Oya? I never knew you were a pervert~ Ehehehe~ I don’t mind, touch me anywhere you like~”

She bent at her waist to thrust her chest at me, egging me on.

Ignoring her pathetic attempt at seduction, I grabbed her by the head before using the same Technique I did on the monster worm I killed in the other Plane.

She gasped as all the Elemental Quarks within her body collapsed and solidified in a single point, her entire body shrivelling up into a dried husk in a matter of seconds.

Without missing a single beat, my other hand stabbed into her chest, grabbing the crystalised Monster Crystal and pulling it out.

Releasing her head, I let her now deceased body fall lifelessly onto the floor. What surprised me slightly was that the body actually started to disintegrate on its own, which normally shouldn’t happen.

Shrugging to myself, I crushed the fist sized orb in my hands, quickly absorbing the Elemental Quarks within it. I sucked in a breath when I realised the power that now coursed through my body was much more than expected.

Still not as much as those giant worms but a significant amount that was enough to expand my Cultivation Point by quite a bit.

The whole process took less than a few seconds, since I’ve already grown accustomed to it by now.

Surely this would permanently put her out of commission right? Then again… I actually don’t mind if she comes back now.

I watched in fascination as the fox youkai reformed herself out of thin air, this time looking slightly confused than before.

“What happened? What did you do?” She asked while patting herself with her hands. “That was… The first time in a while I felt pain… How did you–“

Opting not to answer her, I grabbed her wrist with my right hand and did the same thing once more, waiting for her body to shrivel up again before stabbing my other hand at the exact same place before.

The crystal I pulled out was the exact same size as before, meaning there was no Elemental Quarks lost when she reforms herself.

Interesting… Her new Technique should involve the usage of time reversal in some form… That definitely warrants some study.

Ah, since I already have it, I’ll just crush this one and absorb it too.

Less than a second after I was done, she reformed again in front of me.

This time she raised her hand in an attempt to cast an offensive Technique at me but my right palm was already at her abdomen before her Quarks could start circulating.

She let out a low groan of pain before her body turned into the dried husk once more.

Again I pulled the Crystal but instead of absorbing it, I just held it in my hand while waiting for her to reform.

When she finally did, I slapped her pathetic attempt at a palm strike away from me before placing my free hand on her chest.

She hissed at me as the same thing repeated itself, which now has me standing there with two Monster Crystals in my hands.

I extended my senses into both of them and found that they did indeed have the same quantity of Elemental Quarks.

Then that means… Heh heh heh… I found my cheat now.

How convenient.

I wonder how much I should expand my Cultivation Pont before I stop?

Can’t believe such a perfect test subject just showed up in front of me, there’s still quite a lot of things I am itching to find out too and she’s the perfect person to help me for it!

Oh, she’s back again.

Now once more…


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