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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 111: You Have Received A New Quest! Bahasa Indonesia


Unfortunately, my request of reading the second part of the play’s script was denied, the nekomata telling me that it was to be kept secret for now.

Not sure why they wanted to keep it a secret from the actor, maybe they were afraid I would run off after reading it?

Or, more likely, they have yet to have it written out.

So far, nothing in the play suggested hints of BL yet so there’s that I suppose.

I returned back to the mansion just as the sky began to darken.

Fred was at the gates to greet me.

“Second Young Master.”

“Sup Fred,” I raised my hand in greeting. “Heard they found you collapsed in an alleyway yesterday, what happened to you?”

He scrunched up his face, “I do not know. The last thing I remembered was meeting your father and brother. I think I was supposed to show your disciples around town but I do not remember any of that.”

“Huh… If there’s someone around that can knock you out and mess with your memories, they must be quite the expert.”

“My thoughts exactly, I would think it might be the fox from yesterday.”

Ah, the undead fox huh? She is quite the strong one and seeing as to how Elaria stopped her with a cannon for now, she might come back in the future. I should probably prepare for that eventuality.

I mean, I could just return my body back to its adult form now if I wanted to, but there’s still quite a number of things I need to do with this body of mine.

First is the play that I am acting in which requires a child actor, ain’t no way I can continue to act in it if I return to my adult form.

The other reason is the more important one.

The expansion of my body’s Cultivation Point.

I am still not entirely sure if the Cultivation Point’s expansion is only limited to children when their bodies are still growing or even adults are able to influence it.

That’s why I am having my disciples test it out first.

If they aren’t able to use the Monster Crystal to expand their Cultivation Point, then that most likely means this phenomenon only works on children.

I should see how much I can push this exploit as much as I can, I’m not dumb enough to let an opportunity like this slip past.

I’m pretty sure there’s still a limit on how much it can expand. Most likely the limit would be the physical body itself, where if I expand it by too much I might face the possibility of exploding again.

Maybe some physical exercise would help expand the limit? They do say to train both mind and body don’t they?

I’m also pretty sure my physical body is also limiting my usage of those stars that are inhabiting my Cultivation Point.

Most of the time my body is strengthened through Techniques so there wasn’t really a need to train it physically much, perhaps I should try it for now and see how it goes.

“Hey, if you want, I can spar with you?” I suggested.

He shook his head, “With all due respect, Second Young Master, my honor does not permit me to draw my sword on children, no matter their mental age.”

“That’s a load of bull and you know it. You’ve whacked me plenty of times back in the past.”

He smiled, “True, but that wasn’t with a sword.”

“Fine then, hand-to-hand.”

He bent over while placing a hand on his back, “Ah… I apologise, Second Young Master, it seems my age has caught up with me. I don’t think this body of mine can do anymore physical labour.”

Why the hell is this guy trying to avoid me so much? Whatever, I can always just ask Eris or someone else who likes to bully kids or something.

“So… Anything I should know that happened today?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Your father was looking for you, not sure what he wanted since he walked off after he knew you weren’t around. He did mention about telling you to go meet him when you’re back, though.”

Huh… What could he even need me for? Is he going to chew me out for something my sisters did again?

“Where is he now?”

“I believe he should be with the Young Master in the study.”

I nodded and left Fred to his guard duties.

I made my way towards the study, greeting the servants along the way with a nod.

Entering the study room, I saw my father and brother discussing something at his desk.

Noticing my entry, father stopped what he was doing, “Ah, you’ve returned. I’ve got something I need you to do.”

He gestured me to come closer, pulling out a letter from his drawer.

I stepped beside my brother, my head barely reaching past the table’s height.

He opened up the letter and passed it to me, revealing it to be a letter of acceptance for a Guild Request.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

He steepled his fingers in front of him, “Our Adventurer’s Guild issued out a Request a few days ago, some kind of monster subjugation I believe. We have a visiting adventurer team and they’re lacking one person to fill a slot for that Request.”

I raised an eyebrow, “And? What does that have to do with me?”

“Are you not listening, brother?” My brother rolled his eyes. “The adventurer team that took up this request is lacking a Practitioner to fill their last slot to complete the minimum requirement numbers to subjugate this monster. You are a Practitioner, are you not?”

I frowned at him, “I still do not see how that relates to me? Can’t they have some Practitioner from the Guild to fill that slot?”

My father clucked his tongue at me, “Have you forgotten how our town’s people think? Practitioners are not welcome here. What do you think is the likelihood of there being Practitioners around?”

I shrugged, “Be that as it may, I still do not see how this is my problem? I don’t remember having some agreement with anyone that I will fill up slots for any Adventurer teams lacking a Practitioner?”

“Ah, but you wouldn’t leave some mortals stranded without helping them right?” My brother wiggled his eyebrows at me creepily. “We already agreed to the Request in your place.”

“Well, take the damn Request back, I don’t have a reason to follow your silly little play here. Besides, didn’t I mention the day I got here that I lost my Cultivation Point?”

“My people had overheard you telling your disciples that you got your Cultivation Point back yesterday night,” my father tapped his finger on the desk.

I clucked my tongue, “Tch… Ok, but that still doesn’t mean I need to do any of this. I’m out.”

I tossed the letter on the table and prepared to walk off.

“Ah, but you don’t even know the monster they’re subjugating yet,” My brother taunted, leaning back on his chair.

I gave him a sideways glance, “Does it matter?”

“Yes,” My father nodded. “It’s a dragon with scales that matches your adopted daughter’s hair colour.”

I froze.

“I mean… How often do you see a girl with that kind of hair colour?” My brother pointed out. “I mean sure, in this town there’s tons of people with weird hair colours but I don’t think she was influenced by them, was she?”

My eyes narrowed at him, “So? What are you suggesting?”

My brother stood up from his seat, “I’m just saying… Things might get a tad bit troublesome if the dragon knows of your…’Adopted’ daughter’s circumstances.”

“Have you considered that maybe I can just shut you two up?”

My father smiled, “Look at it this way son, the dragon is a threat to the town your sisters are building as well. You do this little favour by making sure this dragon threat is gone, and no one needs to know you stole a dragon egg, hmmm?”

I stared hard at them.

What are they gaining by doing this? I doubt that this actually benefits them in any way? Was the dragon threatening their business? Or were they after the dragon materials after the subjugation? I don’t think asking them will provide me with a forthright answer either.

I cursed inside my mind.

Seriously though, what is another Myriad Colours Dragon doing here? Did they know about Cai Hong?

Now that I know about this, I can’t leave it be as well. This dragon might be looking for Cai Hong’s egg and if it finds out about Cai Hong’s current condition, destroying this Plane would be a simple matter for it to do.

I doubt it would be happy to find out one of its own was sticking to a lowly mortal like myself.

I’ll have to do this without the girls finding out.

“Where is it?” I asked, snatching the acceptance letter from the table. I could probably track down this dragon myself but it’ll take a long time since I don’t even know its general direction.

My brother pointed at the letter, “Follow the Adventurer group, they will know. Keep the dragon as far away as possible you hear?”

“Uh huh, I’ll just grab that info out of them and I’ll be gone.”

“Ah… What I meant was they would know because they have a really good tracker on their team. They don’t actually know where it is exactly, either.”

I considered committing both fratricide and patricide right there but decided against it. They still have their uses for now.

Fine, I’ll play to their little tune for now.

I guess this is also a good chance to test how much I’ve changed too.

Now I’ll just hop on down to the Adventurer’s Guild and hopefully I’ll have this whole farce done before dinner time.


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