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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 108: Waking Up To Fantasy Bahasa Indonesia


The stars were pulsating now, mimicking my heartbeat.

I do not believe this is an event that is normal for Practitioners.

I mean… I have seen Practitioners who have a tree growing inside their Cultivation Point or even have some loli living inside of it, but I’ve never heard of an entire galaxy or universe inside a Practitioner’s Cultivation Point.

Does this have to do with me absorbing Monster Crystals and forming my Cultivation Point earlier?

Is this only limited to me or does everyone also benefit from this?

Or is it just because of the specific Monster Crystals I absorbed?

So many questions, so little answers.

I should experiment on that when I get the chance.

Now I wonder what these stars are? The fact that they’re pulsing in sync with my heartbeat is kind of disconcerting to be honest.

I reached my senses out towards those stars, which I’m not even sure if they are stars at this point.

The last thing I expected was for those stars to reach back to me, a stream of power filling up my body.

I opened my eyes and everything looked clearer than before.

It was as though before this I had been looking at the world through a veil and now the veil had finally been lifted.

I could hear the ant scurrying below the ground, see the small bead of sweat that was rolling down Diao Chan’s cheek, and even smell the scent of leaves in the air.

The power that was coursing through my veins was so thick and potent I felt like it could tear up everything if I let it run wild.

I felt alive.

Ok, I’m pretty sure there’s a price for this kind of power right?

Just as that thought came through my mind, a sharp pain came from deep within my abdomen, prompting me to spit out a mouthful of blood.

I cut off the link with those stars and the world returned to its original colour, the pain in my abdomen now a dull throbbing ache.

I spat out the rest of the blood that was in my mouth, using my Quarks to summon a blob of water to rinse it.

Can’t say that I didn’t expect that, but I guess I’ll have to experiment a bit further to know its limitations and capabilities.

Sometimes I just wish there was a tutorial for these kinds of things… I want an easy life ok? This is almost no different from my past life if I have to do all this myself.

Oh wait.

I can just pass this off to my disciples can’t I?

Yep, I’ll just say it’s for their training and push this research thing to them.

Oh! Since Elaria and Odriana are already researching about those Crystals, I can even say it’s a joint training programme for them to better know each other!

Not to mention the fact that those busybodies have already set their sights on Elaria, I think it would be a good idea to steer my sisters back towards the cultivation side of things for now.

With this project, my sisters should become more interested in advancing Practitioners instead of technology.

That should keep the balance right?

Two birds with one stone.


Speaking of which… It’s been over two hours and none of them have woken up yet. What gives?

I ended the Technique and the girls began to stir, each of them extremely disoriented when they opened their eyes.

“Huh… Ah… Where are the ropes and candles?” Diao Chan muttered sleepily.

“Muuu… Papa… Huggies…” Cai Hong reached her hand towards the air.

“Odri-sis is coming… Eh?”

Soon all of them woke up muttering weird things which I promptly ignored.

“Ma… Master? Umm… Did you see?” Lian Li asked sheepishly.

I raised my eyebrow, “If you are asking if I saw what you saw within the illusion, then no.”

All of them sighed in relief together.

Now I’m curious what they actually saw, it can’t be that embarrassing right?

Shrugging since it didn’t really matter to me, I moved on.

“Now… Did you feel anything was out of place when that Technique was in effect? Like people with two heads? Or flying mushrooms in the sky? Or maybe even giant monsters walking around in broad daylight?” I asked.

All of them looked at one another before turning back to me and shook their heads.

“Ummm… Cai Hong… Cai Hong just saw Papa patting Cai Hong’s head… Then Cai Hong fell asleep…” My loli dragon reported while poking her fingers together.

Ok… That’s simple. Can’t really see much if you actually fall asleep in the vision.

Odriana twirled her hair with a finger, “I just… I just saw our childhood again. Nothing strange happened? Right?”

Why are you asking me?

Manami smiled at me, “Ara? I saw that we were already wedded, my dearest Master. I am ashamed to say that the vision looked too real for me to distinguish it from fiction. This Technique is leagues better than what Shizuri could pull off.”

Eh? It’s just a really simple Astral Technique though? Even Heaven Sect’s Outer Core Practitioners who are specialised in Astral Quarks can cast it?

Lian Li coughed into her fist, “That… Umm… We were just doing our usual night activities… Though I suppose there might be a little bit different since… Er… Nevermind… Forget I said anything.”

What did you even see…

Eris chose to remain quiet, looking away from me.

Elaria grinned at me, “Onii-sama! I saw you fulfill our childhood promise! Does that mean you remember your past already?!”

I shook my head, “No. I don’t even remember what childhood promise I had with you and the Technique only lets you see what you desire most but the caster themselves would not be able to see it.”

“Oh… I guess I will try harder then!” Elaria pumped her fists together, completely unfazed.

It’s a little weird that all their visions were so vivid, the world they see would be rather distorted and weird which would immediately give the illusion away.

I guess maybe it’s because of the fact that they have little resistance to mental Techniques now, which explains why they were so susceptible to that fox’s Techniques.

That would make sense.

After all, I got my pseudo-immunity from going through countless mental torture from the Matriarch of the Royal Spiritual Family Sect. That woman really liked to mess with people’s minds.

I meant that both literally and figuratively.

You do not want to know what she does when she’s in a bad mood, trust me.

I have no doubt the only reason I survived so long under her ’employ’ was because she felt I was more useful to her alive.

Well, that means I have my work cut out for me if I want to train my girls to have that same level of immunity without them going through some sort of trauma…

Guess I’ll have to scrap all the other training plans I had for tonight and just focus on this for now, seeing as how it’s their weakest part.

Well, it’s my responsibility as their Master after all.

Oh well, I should earn my keep then.

I’ll make sure no illusions or mental attacks will work on them by the time I’m done.


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