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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 10: Deja Vu Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

It didn’t take much for me to leave the village.

All I had to do was tell leader that I found my mate and she let me go.

Not like she had a choice anyway, I owe this place nothing with how they’ve treated me. The village leader did nothing when I was crippled too, so she shouldn’t expect me to stay after I healed myself.

This new life was granted by Master, so I belong to Master.

Another reason why I was let go so easily is probably because she knows I’ve found my mate.

Most people don’t know about this but fox youkai mate for life.

Once a fox youkai has chosen her mate, they would usually leave their covens to live with their mate to bear their offspring. If the child is female, she will definitely grow to be a fox youkai while male children will be human and remain within human society.

In the event of a female child, the parents will raise her until she is old enough to set off towards the mother’s village on her own, beginning the cycle anew.

Should the fox youkai come across a mate who does not return her affections… Well, we are all extremely proficient in hiding traces of kidnappings.

We are quite possessive after all.

Thus began my journey with my Master whom I looked forward to spending lots of time rolling in the hay with.

Except there was one problem.

This Lian Li girl.

She’s Master’s first disciple and I know for a fact that she harbours affections for Master as well. It is also obvious she knows that Master is my destined mate and is clear on showing me her disapproval of that fact.

I wanted to ask Master if I could warm his bed that night, only to find this busy body preventing me from doing so.

How cute.

She thinks she can deny our sacred communion?


Don’t you know Master and I are destined to be together? I don’t mind sharing since we both belong to him, but what do you mean you want to wait until you’re worthy before partaking the forbidden fruit that is Master?

Ara, ara? It is true that Master’s greatness is truly beyond our comprehension but that is beside the point.

I wish to make love with Master, it is as simple as that.

If you wish to wait for certain conditions to be met before you claim his seed, that’s your choice, don’t force it on other people.

Do you even know how much I’m holding back right now?

If you were any other person preventing me from reaching Master, I would’ve just decapitated you right there and then.

Just as we began hissing at each other, Master poked his head out of his tent.

“Girls, no fighting ok? It’s getting late as well so go to sleep, we have a long day of travelling tomorrow.”

Both of us nodded meekly at his words.

Master’s words are law.

I suppose I’ll try again some other day.

Ufufufu, I can’t wait!



It seems Lian Li and Manami got off on quite a bad footing, I caught them hissing at each other outside my tent that night.

Lian Li had claimed Manami was going to ‘devour Master’ and ‘taint Master’s pure soul with her black magic’, while Manami called Lian Li a ‘spineless, naive little girl’ who was ‘only good at being a hypocrite’.

I hope they learn how to get along soon since they’re both my disciples after all. Having my disciples fight with one another all the time would shatter my dream of living the easy life.

I idly wondered what I could do to help them get along? Maybe a group cultivation session would help?

That might be a good idea that I’ll try out.

Unfortunately that can only take place on another day because right now we were being robbed again.

“This is a robbery! Males on the left! Females on the right!”

Huh, I just got a feeling of deja vu.

Manami was visibly angry and probably wanted to attack them but Lian Li stopped her.

It seems I succeeded in influencing her to dislike human bloodshed, I gave myself a mental pat on the back for the achievement.

I guess I should start teaching Manami the same thing too, don’t want her to accidentally inspire Lian Li to destroy the world or having those thoughts herself.

I quickly gave the bandits the money they wanted and they thankfully left us alone.

Too bad it meant I lost the ‘heaven-sent’ gold that Lian Li found by the river. I sent a silent prayer to the merchant who probably won’t see this bag of gold again.

When we made camp, I instructed Lian Li in improving her Divine Lightning control while devising a training regime for Manami to get used to her restored cultivation again.

I am teaching her from first hand experience after all.

Our current destination is the capital city of Jin, I’ve been thinking that it was high time I went there to look for some treasures for my dear disciples.

Oh, but now I’m broke again. Maybe I should go hunt those bandits when my disciples are asleep to get my money back?

No, no, no. I shouldn’t be a hypocrite by pretending to be a benevolent teacher while doing the opposite behind my disciples’ backs. Yes, I must uphold the mentality of a good teacher!

Pointless killings, bad!

Kill with good reason!

Wait, what kind of people would fit this category? Ok, not going to have a moral dilemma here, I suppose I’ll just do whatever I feel I need to do.

Still, how fortunate would it be if my disciples just so happened to find another sack full of gold tomorrow morning?


(Lian Li POV)

That vixen was not happy I held her back from killing those bandit dogs.

But it seems she understood Master’s infinite benevolence from how he freely surrendered his money to the bandits and asking them to let us pass.

At least there was some hope for this minx.

I managed to track down the bandits’ hideout to a cave nearby at night, only to find the fox already there and stringing the bandits up by their manhoods.

She seemed to be just as surprised to see me there.

I told her about the first bandit group and how I dealt with them, that seemed to put a smile on her face.

She suggested that starting off with a whole hand is too lenient. For mistreating our beloved Master, we should ensure their suffering was as long and painful as it could be.

It seems like I was wrong about her, I had initially thought she was only aiming to breed with Master and nothing more. She really does love Master like me it seems.

But make no mistake, I would still stop her from sneaking into Master’s bed if she tries to.

If Master calls for her to join him that would be another story, but to sneak into the holy sanctum that is Master’s bed herself would be sacrilegious.


Neither of us feel such a thing.

Master is not someone who can be possessed by anyone else.

We belong to him, there is no need to fight for him because we are already his.

He has given us more than what we can repay in our life.

As long as we understand this, we don’t need to fight for his attention.

Well enough about that, we still have this group of filthy maggots to take care of first.

Now, the little finger on your left hand or the little finger on your right hand first? Both Manami and I have all night to do this.

Are you really begging for someone to save you now?


You misunderstand, we are here to save you, don’t you know?

You have sinned so greatly against our beloved Master, so we have come to save you from living the worthless life that you have been so uselessly clinging on to all these years.

So rejoice and repent for your sins!

Now stop making me repeat myself, your left little finger or your right little finger first? I have a lot of things to cut off tonight so stop making me wait.

You should be grateful that I’m even giving you a choice you know?


(Manami POV)

Ara ara, I was quite surprised to see Lian Li gleefully torturing these bandits into crying little boys.

It seems I was quite mistaken about her being a naive little girl.

She told me she had been raped in the past and see herself as less than worthy to be loved by our great Master, thus she sought to obtain the power to walk beside Master as an equal before bedding him.

Mmm, quite a good sister she is, I shall support her in this endeavour of hers.

Make no mistake though, I will still try to get into Master’s sheets as soon as I can.

Of course I will not sneak into his bed, that would make it no different from ****. Anyone who would consider raping Master is less than worthy of living.

I will properly care for him like a good mate would, setting the proper mood before suggesting the two of us to have a romp in his bed. The mood is important.

I am a patient hunter after all.


I’m already having such dirty thoughts about what I want Master to do to me.

Oh no, pure thoughts, pure thoughts.

It’s good that I learned from Lian Li that Master prefers pure girls, I shall strive myself to be a better mate.

Oh, but there are more pressing concerns at the moment.

Yes, Mr bandit who has stupidly chosen to ruin our travel with our infinitely benevolent Master, would you like me to start with your left eye first, or your right eye?

This big sister can also start with your fingers first like my dear sister is doing over there if you would like?

Oh my? Did you wet yourself? How deplorable.

No worries, let me just burn it off so you won’t wet yourself again.

Ara ara? Could you stop screaming? It hurts my ears you know?

Oh my? Are you begging for mercy now?

Ufufufu… I don’t understand how a worthless scum like you can still imagine you are worthy of mercy?

Now since I lost my patience with you, I guess I’ll start off with your left eye.

Stop squirming so much or my finger might miss. Having your dirty fluids staining this body is already quite a sin by itself you know?

Fufufu, I’m fantasizing about Master filling me with his fluids now…

Ara ara, why are you screaming again? So annoying.

Here, let big sister feed you your eye.

Open wide~~

There, much better, right?

I’m such a nice sister don’t you agree?

Ufufufu~~ Now for the other eye…


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