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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 989: Little Shrubby’s Important Task. Wu Hei And Wu Teng’s Situations Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing that the task was important and only Little Shrubby could do it, Lin Mu was intrigued.

‘Well, Little Shrubby does have a lot of advantages that others don’t.’ Lin Mu thought to himself before Jing Luo started to speak.

“Little Shrubby is at the frontier, spying for us. He’s a beast, so no one will suspect him even if he gets spotted, and he can just mix in with the other beasts that live there anyway. Atmost, the people of the Northern Tribes will think that he is a Dao Shell realm beast that has made that area his territory.” Jing Luo spoke.

Lin Mu could only nod hearing this, as it was a very appropriate option.

“And in addition to that, he will also be picking off any Northern Tribesmen he spots or any Gu Legion people. With his speed and abilities, it is something that is best suited to him. At the very least, he has no problems in killing Nascent soul realm cultivators in less than a second and the Dao Shell realms can be battled by him.” Jing Luo added.

“What about the rescues that Little Shrubby had been doing? I heard from Elder Zhan of the black Dune sect.” Lin Mu asked.

“While that was indeed good. Having him block off the enemies at the very entry is an even better option. We don’t even know how many threats he has also stopped from entering from the frontier.” Jing Luo replied. “The only foe that is left in the empire is Gu Yao.”

Lin Mu thought over it and realized that unless it was a Dao Treading realm cultivator that actually appeared, there was little to no chance Little Shrubby would be in trouble. He could always run away with his speed.

From Lin Mu’s estimation of Little Shrubby’s speed growth, at his current cultivation base outrunning a Dao Treading realm cultivator would be easy.

‘And this is still when he hasn’t used the Seven Beasts Burst skill. If he does that, his strength will increase even more and so will his speed. He might be able to fight off a Dao Treading realm cultivator long enough to injure or run away.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

While it wasn’t so that Little Shrubby couldn’t be trapped at all, to do that, the Northern Tribes will need information about Little Shrubby. At the very least, they would need to know he even existed.

“Seems like Little Shrubby has been doing a lot of work then.” Lin Mu muttered.

“He has indeed. With you gone, he was great help.” Jing Luo agreed.


Lin Mu sighed to himself, finding himself missing the beast.

“Well, not anymore. I’ll do what I’ve been skipping out on.” Lin Mu stated.

“Good!” Jing Luo clapped his hands. “So what is it that you want to do first?” he questioned.

“Well, we’ve had a few things we’ve been delaying for a while. We should get them done. And some of those things can be done in one direction.” Lin Mu answered.

“I’m guessing meeting up with Wu Hei?” Jing Luo asked.

“Yes. And also your grandfather, of course.” Lin Mu replied.

“Of course! I’ve been ready for years now.” Jing Luo said, feeling excited.

“Before we go though, has there been any news about Wu Hei? I find it strange that he never tried to make contact.” Lin Mu replied.

“No, there has been. Even our spies in the Shuang Qian Kingdom are unable to come up with much. As far as we know, Wu Hei mostly stays hidden in his residence and does whatever he wants through his subordinates.

My guess was that it isn’t him doing this voluntarily, but rather Gu Yao or someone else authoritative putting him under house arrest.” Jing Luo answered.

“Huh? Wasn’t Wu Hei the second highest one in the Gu Legion? Just below Gu Yao.” Lin Mu asked, finding it strange.

“That is still true, but Gu Yao has probably developed suspicions over the previous ones that he already had. Wu Hei killing his father is the most obvious thing that could have been assumed.

And there is also a chance Gu Yao has a hunch that Wu Hei is not under his control and has been testing him. After all, Wu Hei isn’t that strong compared to many other Gu Legion members and the Northern Tribesmen entering the Great Zhou Empire.” Jing Luo explained.

“I see… and do we have any idea what Wu Hei’s cultivation base is?” Lin Mu questioned.

“He is definitely in the Nascent soul realm, but the exact stage is unknown. But the most likely thing is that he shouldn’t be that strong being at either the Infant Soul stage or the Child Soul stage.” Jing Luo answered. “Either of those two stages could have been enough for him to have great authority in the past, but with Gu Yao’s changes, there are a lot more like him.”

“So in simple words… he’s not special anymore.” Lin Mu stated.

“Exactly. Perhaps the only reason he is even alive and has his rank is simply due to the fact that he is Gu Yao’s family.” Jing Luo replied.

“I see… but he isn’t the only nephew, either. What happened to his mother and Wu Teng?” Lin Mu questioned.

“We have no news about the mother of Wu Hei and as for Wu Teng… he’s back in the Vermillion Legion.” Jing Luo answered.

‘The Vermillion legion?’ Lin Mu thought to himself as an idea struck him.

“They’re using him as the mole in the Vermillion legion… there is no doubt.” Lin Mu said, feeling confident.

“Are you sure?” Jing Luo asked.

“Yes. Wu Teng was part of the Vermillion Legion in the past, too. It would be less suspicious for him to be there and Gu Yao will be able to extract any information from the Vermillion Legion.” Lin Mu replied.

“Hmm…” Jing Luo’s expression darkened as he saw the possibility in Lin Mu’s words.


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