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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 978: Frontier And Eradication! Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing that the two closest people to him, Jing Luo and Little Shrubby were fine, Lin Mu felt more relived than he had thought. While he had hoped that they would be alive at the very least, getting the confirmation was still pleasing to him.

“So where is Little Shrubby? Or Saviour beast, as you call him now.” Lin Mu asked.

“He should be at the frontier. He’s been there the past two months or so.” Elder Zhan replied.

“The frontier!?” Lin Mu was shocked.

The frontier was the most dangerous place right now and was also very far from where they were. Lin Mu had once come close to it a long time ago when he went to kill the Great Slumber bear.

But now that frontier had unofficially been shifted toward, entering into the Great Zhou empire even more due to the advance of the Northern Tribes. Of course, the Top three sects were still in denial and didn’t accept that even if the Long Cloud alliance told them this.

It didn’t help that the zither wind alliance was undermining their attempts at every step either.

But now the top three sects had developed the attitude that this was just a play by the two alliances to get them distracted or get their support. Thus, they chose the path of neutrality again and kept to themselves.

The more Lin Mu heard of them, the more he felt disgusted with the Top three sects.

“Yes… Elder Jing Luo told him something and after that he went there. None of us knows what he is doing or what he was told. It’s not like we can question him, either.” Elder Zhan answered.

Hearing this Lin Mu furrowed his brows.

“Seems like I’ll have to find Jing Luo first, then…” Lin Mu muttered.

Done with the planning, Lin Mu decided to not waste anymore time and leave.

“I’ll head out then. My guess is that the Gu Legion’s members should be heading somewhere near the Coal Fell village. But it also means that the villagers might be in danger.” Lin Mu said, a bad feeling rising in his heart.

“That does seem likely. The others have already left to support them, so you get to see them along the way.” Elder Zhan replied.

Lin Mu gave the man a nod before disappearing into thin air.


Elder Zhan could only look on and sigh to himself.


“Such responsibility and pressure… I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it ever…” Elder Zhan muttered to himself.


Back in the sky, Lin Mu reappeared a kilometer away from the outpost.


The air tore apart as Lin Mu increased his speed non stop. The sounds of explosions echoed throughout the forest and scared beasts and humans alike. Even if Lin Mu knew that this might alert the Gu Legion members potentially, he had to hurry at any cost.

Especially since there was a great chance that the Villagers of the Coal fell villager might be in trouble. And if anything happened to them after Lin Mu had saved them, he would not feel good.

Several hundred kilometers were covered by Lin Mu, his speed the highest he had used till now.

‘Seems like this is my current limit… even when combining both my cultivation bases.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

His speed was still enough to overtake most Dao Treading realm cultivators and no one below it should be able to match or overtake it below that. Excluding Little Shrubby, of course.

Lin Mu’s was now close to the former location of the Coal Fell village and his spirit sense was already spread around. He had kept it extended the entire time, looking for any suspects.

Lin Mu had even seen teams of black dune sect disciples that had been dispatched to the Coal Fell village and the Iron Bull sect. He had overtaken both of them, and they were certainly surprised to hear the sonic booms in the sky.

Even though they had left earlier than him by many hours, Lin Mu still ended up being the first one to reach the scene.

And when he finally saw it, he wasn’t pleased.

“They…” Lin Mu said in a low voice as sparks of anger appeared in his eyes.



The villagers pleaded to their captors, the Gu Legion people.

They were currently being held captive, and most were tied up. A few of them were dead, having been killed as examples.



“SHUT UP! Or do you want to join them as well?” One of the Gu Legion members said as he slapped a woman hard enough to uproot several of her teeth and break her jaw.


The woman directly fainted and fell to the ground.


Suddenly, all of the Gu Legion members felt a chill at the back of their necks.

“WHO!?” They had been trained and fought long enough to develop battle instincts that warned them of impending danger.

Unfortunately for them… it was not enough.

“Die!” A cold voice filled with killing intent echoed.



The Gu Legion member who had slapped the woman found his field of vision changing rapidly and he could even see his own body, which was now headless.

‘Huh? How?’ The man wondered to himself, but his voice never came out for he had no lungs attached to him.

The companions of the man didn’t even get to witness this as they too died similarly. But the ones who did see it would remember it forever in their minds.

Them being the villagers.

Today, they saw a slew of weapons that rained down from the sky. There were sword, spears, axes, sabers and many more in them. But all of them had one thing in common: they killed their target in one hit.

One swipe to sever a head, one stab to pierce their hearts and one slam to flatten their bodies.

In less than ten seconds, the entire Gu Legion’s detachment of over a hundred members was eradicated.


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