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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 952: A Mistaken Obstacle Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu was rapidly making his way to the Black Dune elder’s location.

“If I recall correctly, his name is Elder Xuzhou…” Lin Mu recalled.

He had met several of the elders of the three sects and had picked up on their names back then. He knew of this elder Xuzhou and had exchanged a few sentences with him. Lin Mu remembered that elder Xuzhou was an Adult Soul stage Nascent soul realm cultivator and was from the combat pavilion of his sect.

They were the people that mostly took care of the missions outside the sect and were also the department that had the highest manpower along with general strength.

His current location was about six hundred and ninety kilometer north of the Long Cloud sect. It was actually rather surprising to him that the Gu Legion would attack people of the alliance this close to the Long Cloud sect.

‘No… from the information Hua Wu told me earlier, the Gu Legion has now gone on an all out offense. Not only are they fighting in the open now, they’ve gotten the Zither wind alliance to hold the three sects back in their own frontiers.’ Lin Mu thought.

It was due to the Zither Wind alliance attacking the three sect’s areas that the Gu Legion had been able to ambush the other teams due to them being occupied. If not for this assurance, they might not have gone out this quickly.

Though this also made Lin Mu wonder about the stance of the top three sects. While he wanted to know more from Hua Wu, he also knew that he needed to leave as soon as possible to help the others.

“At least I know why they cannot be reached on the communication jade slips… the Northern tribes have used jamming formation arrays to prevent communication jade slips from working in many places…” Lin Mu muttered to himself as a hint of anger flashed on his face again.

Apparently, the Gu Legion and the Northern Tribes had gotten very suspicious about the fast growth and movement of the Long Cloud alliance. And since they were making a lot of possess all of a sudden as well, they decided to pull this trump card.

It was in a way double edged blade, as the jamming formation arrays could stop their own means of communication too. Not to mention that it will also hinder the other people that might have to use the areas.

This would apply to the top sects as well, especially since they were within the range of these jamming formation arrays as well… or so they thought.

‘Until we get a direct confirmation from the different locations, it will be hard to tell just how far it is.’ Lin Wu thought to himself.

He didn’t know where Jing Luo and little Shrubby were either.

‘At least for Little Shrubby, I can vaguely tell that he is somewhere in the north… very far up in the north, almost at the border of the northern lands.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

All this only made him more anxious and urged him to speed up.


Another gush of spirit Qi rushed out of his body as he sped up another level. Lin Mu’s breakthrough in his body cultivation had essentially put him at the peak of Dao Shell realm’s power.

That combined with his own spirit Qi cultivation, meant that his speed was not less than that of a Dao Treading realm cultivator. Though it also made him miss Little Shrubby that much.

‘Even with my increased speed, it is still not comparable to him.’ Lin Mu thought to himself, as a hint of longing could be seen in his eyes.

While thinking all this and traveling at a high speed, Lin Mu didn’t even realize the areas that he was passing over. He had already passed over multiple towns and villages, shocking the people of those settlements.

There was no lack of people that had been knocked on their butts just from the bursts of winds Lin Mu made while flying; this applied to both commoners and cultivators alike. The commoners were kind of used to this, but the cultivators were utterly stunned, for they knew that the person that passed over their heads was no normal expert.

So far, Lin Mu had been uninterrupted, but now he was nearing a rather sensitives location. Normally, he would not have missed such critical information, but the current urgency made him skip out on a lot of these things.

A few minutes later, the scenery in front of Lin Mu changed, and instead of a forest a vast and sprawling city appeared. But just as Lin Mu saw it, a dome of light appeared around it as well.


~whoosh~ whoosh~ whoosh~

Then one by one, streams of light appeared on top of the light dome, exuding spirit Qi. Lin Mu’s gaze went to them and he realized that they were all cultivators.

But that was not all as the lineup was nothing weak either.

“HALT! YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE RULES OF IRON BULL CITY!” The cultivators floating in the sky shouted.

But seeing that Lin Mu didn’t slow down at all, they increased their power.


All of them seemed to be synchronized as they made several handseals at once.


Hundred and hundreds of runes appeared in the air before arranging themselves into a long chain. The chain curved around the area in front of the cultivators, as if acting like a barrier.

Not wanting to deal with them, Lin Mu simply increased the height at which he was flying.


He stepped mid air, creating a gust of wind that tore through the air all the way to the ground, creating a gully there. This changed his height to at least a hundred meters higher.

But this seemed to have enraged the cultivators instead.

“YOU DARE!? You dare try to run away after breaking our rules! This is the land of the Empire! Not even the sects shall dare act like this!” They yelled.


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