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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 923: Two Words To Shake The Skies Bahasa Indonesia

Patriarch You Yi heard it and found it to be a good option. The other two thought the same and discussed it for a minute before deciding.

“Then it shall be done. All elders proficient in formations will learn from Junior Jing Luo, starting today!” The Patriarchs ordered.

Seeing that they had accepted the suggestion, Lin Mu was pleased and so was Jing Luo. He could see the merit in the suggestion and knew that they would be saving a great amount of time this way.

Jing Luo silently counted the number of sets he would need to make and also allocate the time that would be needed to teach the elders that knew formations.

After this was done, the black dune patriarch and Light harmony sect patriarch wanted to see something else.

“Can you show us that… Invader?” Shandian asked.

“Of course.” Patriarch You Yi spoke. “Bring it in!” he ordered.

One of the elders contacted someone using the communication jade slip and a couple of minute later the rabbit beast that was infected with the invader was brought in. It was kept in a large cage that was impossible for the beast to live.

There were some scars on the beast’s body, but they seemed to be healing already. It was as if the beast had been injured multiple times and was not allowed to heal fully, which was true.


The disciples that brought the invader in placed it in front of the patriarchs and retreated from the halls.

“Hmmm… so this is that invader?” Patriarch Mingliang asked.

“This is merely one of the avatars of the invader that has taken over this rabbit beast. There are more such like these.” Lin Mu replied.

“Oh? How many do you think there are?” Patriarch Mingliang seriously questioned.

He could tell that Lin Mu knew a lot more than he showed, and his opinions mattered a lot more than others.

‘If what You Yi told me about his master his true then he probably has the best estimate about the invader and its strength here.’ Patriarch Mingliang thought.

“I can’t estimate fully. So far, I know for sure that at least three such avatars were killed while there were a lot more that might have escaped. They all were fragments of a larger avatar that came from a single source.

But this one… I don’t think it is from that source.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Oh? What do you think it is, then?” Patriarch Shandian questioned.

“I think… that the smaller avatars earlier were just the start. Those avatars that escaped gave information to the invader’s main body where our world was. This has now brought it here and it has sent out more of his avatars here.

More might be arriving or could already be here. If that is true, then the only reason why the invader’s main body itself hasn’t entered the world is probably due to the world’s barrier.” Lin Mu answered.

Hearing this, cold expressions appeared on Shandian and You Yi’s faces while Patriarch Mingliang seemed to be deep in thought.

“Is this the same as that one thousand years ago?” Patriarch Mingliang asked.

“No… that one was… different. It was coming through a teleportation array that was in one of the shrines of the northern tribes. Though it was a very strong beast too and could be the bane of our world.” Patriarch You Yi replied.

“If you are talking about the one that Old man Jing Wei fought, then it is indeed different. In fact… this one might be stronger than it. “Lin Mu spoke.

Then thinking of something, Lin Mu wanted to try it. “The invader’s main body might be possibly in the… Immortal Realm.”


The moment he said those two words, skies shook and a wave of thunder could be heard streaking across it. Out of nowhere, Dark clouds appeared and the entire Long Cloud sect turned gloomy.

The disciples who were going about their daily tasks and duties couldn’t help but feel like they were being choked all of a sudden. The pressure on their bodies increased exponentially and the ones that were weaker directly fell to the ground.

In the main hall of the sect, the elders were in a similar situation, but due to being vastly stronger than most disciples they could bear the pressure far better. But even then, they felt like a sword was now hanging over their heads and a chill went down the spine.

The three patriarchs who were at the highest cultivation base managed to somewhat resist it, but the words that came from Lin Mu’s mouth were enough to shock them to no end.

They thundered in their ears louder than the thunder outside and felt impactful. The patriarchs were at the Dao Treading realm and had lived a long time, being very experienced and knowledgeable.

They knew that there were cultivation realms above the Immortal ascensions realm but they didn’t know what the exact name was. But now that Lin Mu had spoken them, they were carved within their minds.

They couldn’t even understand how it was possible and felt like their world was shaking.


Of course, as the other elders also came to understanding those two words, they were stunned. Many of them couldn’t help but start panting, as this was a great event.


The thunder shook the skies again and streaks of lightning shone within the clouds, threatening to drop any moment.

The three patriarchs were brought out of their traces due to that and looked at Lin Mu with complex expressions.


Suddenly, a white pattern lit up on Lin Mu’s forehead. It floated out from his forehead and let out a wave of energy that spread all over the area. Wherever it went, it erased the pressure that the people were feeling.

In less than five seconds, it had already covered the entire sect and reached all the way to the clouds.

And in ten seconds, it had wiped the clouds away as well; as if telling them there was no use for them here.


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