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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 848: Tough Battle Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s words rumbled in Ku Waowen’s ears and scared her to no end. But at the same time, her flight and fight instincts activated and she started to fly back.


But before she even went a meter away, Lin Mu appeared to block her path.

“S-so fast!” Ku Waowen was stunned.

Then without caring, Lin Mu swiped his claws at Ku Waowen. The old woman’s pupils shrank in fear and she immediately threw out a small ornament that looked like a stick figure of a man.

The stick figure changed its form rapidly and turned into Ku Waowen.


The transformed stick figure exploded instantly the moment Lin Mu’s claws stuck it, showing just how much power was contained in that attack. Ku Waowen’s heart ached at the loss of the Stick figure, but she was also grateful for escaping.

That stick figure was a high grade spirit tool that was a consumable. It could only be used once, but it could protect one from even a Dao Treading realm cultivators attack. Normally it should be activated beforehand so that it was ready.

But Ku Waowen ended up doing it midway through the fight. If it was done beforehand, the enemy would not be able to tell that the figure in front of them was not a real person. It was a treasure that Ku Waowen had obtained after a lot of work.

‘That was given to me by ancestor… But now I had to use it here…’ Ku Waowen through while gritting her teeth.

She continued to fly back, but at the same time, she knew that this fight was not something she could avoid.


Lin Mu shot out of the smoke made by the explosion and attacked Ku Waowen again. His attacks were crude and no longer had any particular skill that they did when he was in his normal form.

Right now, Lin Mu could only think of a limited number of things and was mostly controlling his body through his instincts. There was a river of pure rage flowing in his mind which muddled his thoughts.

He didn’t even think about himself and what he had become at this moment.

His claws rubbed against Ku Waowen’s lance and pressured it to bend. The old woman pushed back with all her force but was still being unable to move Lin Mu. The claws on his feet dug into the stony floor, locking him in a place like an immobile wall.


Lin Mu blew out hot steam through his nose and jumped up using one of his legs, while his other leg swiped at the Lance in one spinning motion.


The lance was kicked out of Ku Waowen’s hand and sent flying into the wall where it became embedded. Taking the opportunity while Ku Waowen was unbalanced, Lin Mu slammed his foot down on the ground like a sledgehammer.



The floor that had managed to maintain its integrity for the most part was directly split apart from the attack. Large cracks spread through it and the floor exploded. Dirt and debris shot everywhere, injuring Ku Waowen as well.

The small stone fragments were like bullets, not to mention the ground that had been shaken. It made the Old woman stumble and almost fall, but she managed to maintain her balance at the last moment.


She took out another spear from her spatial storage tool and counterattacked. Lin Mu didn’t care for it at all and directly met it with his hands.


The spear tip was directly clasped in his palm, and he squeezed it.



The spear was not high grade like the lance from before and was only at the mid grade. It could not bear Lin Mu’s strength and directly shattered.

“This…” Ku Waowen’s eyes went wide at this and before she could react to it anymore, a bone crushing kick hit her chest.


“AAAAAHHHH!” Ku Waowen cried out in pain as several of her ribs were cracked.


She spat out a mouthful of blood as the impact rocked her insides. Five bloody holes could also be seen on her chest, formed by Lin Mu’s claws. The claws in Lin Mu’s feet, while not being as long as his fingers, were still very sharp.

Blood spilled from the five holes and weakened the old woman. Lin Mu lunged forward and directly bashed into the old woman, who was still not able to control herself.


She was sent flying once again and crashed into the wall. Spitting out more blood, she looked at Lin Mu with dread in her eyes.

‘What is this… thing? That is no longer human…’ Ku Waowen thought.

She took out a few healing pills from her spatial storage tool and ate them. While they couldn’t heal her injuries right away, they could still reduce the bleeding and heal them eventually.


But she could only spare a second as Lin Mu attacked her right away.


She was barely able to dodge Lin Mu’s attacks that kept on pushing her back. The non stop attacks were tiring her out far faster than she would prefer, not to mention the injuries were only slowing her down.

‘I need to do something, can’t let this go on for long. If I do that, my injuries will only get worse and he’ll be able to kill me.’ Ku Waowen thought.

Various thoughts went through her mind, but in the end, she could only come up with one solution.

Lin Mu was mid way through a punch when suddenly he was sent flying by a strong impact.


His body created a deep imprint on the wall and he could not even be seen clearly. When the dust faded away, one could see a large sphere in front of Ku Waowen. The sphere was nearly four meters wide in size and was a pale white color.

“ENOUGH!” Ku Waowen yelled as she wiped the blood from her lips.

“THIS ENDS NOW!” Ku Waowen shouted as she threw out her Dao Shell again.


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