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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 846: The Terrorized Ku Waowen Bahasa Indonesia

Ku Waowen was pleased at seeing Lin Mu fall into her trap. While it had taken quite a bit out of her to plan it out and execute it, she had finally succeeded. The mental pressure of Lin Mu having information about spies was simply too heavy.

She knew that there was no way she could kill him, just like that. Especially since her earlier attempt at sending a message to her superiors had failed due to Lin Mu interrupting. While she had indeed added the content that she needed to send, she did not know if it was sent out successfully or how much of it was sent.

Either way, she knew that only by keeping Lin Mu alive and extracting information from him was the option for her here. Any other option would lead to grave danger on their end.

They would not know how their foes were planning against them. In a prolonged war, the most important part was information and once someone had a grasp on it, the war was as good as half won.

‘His skills and abilities are also very impressive. He will be something the ancestors will certainly be interested in. Especially his body. How did he make it this strong? He’s like a beast.’ Ku Waowen thought.

While she thought this all, Lin Mu was struggling in the chains that were restraining him.


“Still not giving up? It’s useless! The more you struggle, the tighter they will get.” Ku Waowen said.

But Lin Mu paid no attention to it and kept on struggling and pulling on the chains.


“I… Have… To… Get… Out… Of… Them…” Lin Mu said to himself between breaths.

But even his peak Nascent soul realm strength was not enough to break them apart. Not only that, but he felt that the longer he was held by them, the weaker he was getting.

“Without spirit Qi, you are nothing! Every cultivator will falter. You are simply naive!” Ku Waowen scoffed as she walked towards him.

By the time she reached Lin Mu, he had stopped struggling.

“Finally done?” Ku Waowen asked in a teasing tone.

“…not,” A low whisper was heard by her.

She leaned in slightly and asked, “you said something brat?”

“I’m not…”

“Oho? Still got a little kick in you?” Ku Waowen chuckled.


A fierce slap hit Lin Mu’s face as blood dripped from his mouth.

“Let’s see how long you can keep up with that.” She said in a cold tone.

But at that moment, her heart shuddered.


“Huh?” Ku Waowen became alert and checked the area with her spirit sense.

Her instincts were telling her that something had changed, but she couldn’t tell what.

‘Ko… Na…’


But even after checking everything, she couldn’t find anything. Everything seemed to be the same.

“Mi…” A whisper was heard.

“Sha…” another appeared after that.

Ku Waowen’s ears perked up and tracked the whispers to none other than right in front of her.


“Zu…” the whispers continued.

They didn’t make sense to Ku Waowen and seemed to be in a completely different language she had not heard.

“Ge… Yu… La… Di… Mo..” Lin Mu’s lips kept on chanting.

Ku Waowen felt the fine hairs on the back of her neck standing. She didn’t feel like moving and kept on listening to the faint chanting coming from Lin Mu’s lips.

‘What is this…?’ Ku Waowen was in a strange state.

She felt like she needed to listen to the chants, but at the same time, she felt like her heart was telling her to run away this very instant. Her brain also started telling her that she needed to stop Lin Mu from doing whatever he was right now.


She raised her hand as it trembled, but couldn’t bring it to hit Lin Mu. A sense of terror filled her body and paralyzed it.

She didn’t know how long she was in a state. It could have been for a few seconds, or perhaps even hours. Time had become a fleeting existence and could not be perceived by her at that moment.

Ku Waowen then felt her vision narrowing and new words starting to sound in her ears. She still couldn’t understand them, but the emotion she was getting from them was very oppressive.

‘What is this… malevolence?’ Ku Waowen thought.

It was then that those words turned into an understandable dialect, but when she heard them, it was as if her entire being shook.

“Ignite thy heart as a furnace, let your rage fuel your strength and unleash rampage upon the worlds!!!”


A loud noise woke her up from the trance and she saw Lin Mu looking up at her. Blood dripped from his face as a malevolent gaze assaulted her. His eyes glowed in a red hue and looked almost filled with blood.


“Impossible!” Ku Waowen said as she saw the chains that bound Lin Mu being forcefully pulled outwards.

Lin Mu’s fists were clenched, and his knuckles directly popped out of his skin. The white bony knuckles were stained with blood, looking gruesome.


Lin Mu pulled on the chains, curling his body and making the chains creak.

“HOW!?” Ku Waowen shouted in confusion and fear.

“You said I am nothing without spirit Qi… You were wrong… Like I said before… I need no spirit Qi to defeat you!” Lin Mu said, his voice hoarse.


A beastly growl was let out by Lin Mu as a newfound power filled him.


The chains that bound Lin Mu snapped at that moment and he was released.


His body fell to the ground and spread cracks in it.


Lin Mu slammed his fist into the ground as his body trembled nonstop. Ku Waowen stepped back in horror and felt like she was now facing something that was beyond her comprehension.

The more she watched, the more she got scared. In front of her, Lin Mu’s body warped and turned before starting to enlarge.


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