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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 844: The Odds Flip Bahasa Indonesia

Ku Waowen was incredibly angry, and her fury was now overflowing. Her original intent about trapping Lin Mu and extracting more information from him was long gone and all she wanted to do now was to kill him.

“YOU WILL DIE TODAY!” She yelled and spun the lance in a circle.


A glowing circle was formed due to the spinning of the lance and was shot out like a spinning blade.


Lin Mu flipped in the air, dodging the ring while keeping his gaze locked onto the old woman. For some reason, he felt like there was a problem with her.

‘Even if I did break that, her anger seems a little too much.’ Lin Mu thought.

“Perhaps you broke something that allows the access to the inheritance of the Immortal Ascension realm cultivator.” Xukong suggested.

“That shouldn’t be possible. The access formation for that will be deep in the middle layers of the array, there is no way a complex formation like that will be broken with an attack like that.” Lin Mu replied.

Even if Lin Mu knew his attack was strong, he knew its limits as well. Besides, he himself did not want to use an attack that was too strong as that might result in an explosion that would gravely hurt him too.


The short sword and the Iron Thorn Spear made their return and blocked the next attack that had reached Lin Mu. Lin Mu had linked back up with all of his spirit weapons that were fallen on the ground.

“She didn’t think to confiscate the weapons… not like it would have mattered much, I got more.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He now understood just how shocked Ku Waowen really was. Any experience cultivator like her would have confiscated weapons as soon as they got the chance. But it was evident that Lin Mu’s words had pushed her a little too much.

“Once I get rid of you, the sects will all suffer. Their souls will join you in the flames of torture! JUST IMAGINE THE MAGNIFICENCE!” Ku Waowen said out loud.

‘I’m not even from sects.’ Lin Mu thought to himself and kept on dodging.

The battle continued on as Lin Mu and Ku Waowen exchanged attacks back and forth. Lin Mu’s Mortal Strengthening Scripture had also recovered his armor and he could ignore most of the blowback from her normal attacks.

But a direct attack would still break his armor. He had understood that much. Lin Mu also got to learn quite a bit from Ku Waowen. Since he hadn’t fought any cultivator that was at the Dao Shell realm yet, his understanding of their skills and methods was lacking.

The only ones he had fought were Dao Shell realm beasts, thus the same factors would not apply to this fight. Lin Mu was also not going all out as he felt like something bad would happen if he did that.

His instincts were telling him to hold back. Plus, that combined with the fact that Ku Waowen had still not hurt him significantly despite having a very high cultivation base suggested to Lin Mu that she was planning something.

His spirit sense was already scanning around to find if there was any trap set, but he could not perceive any at this point.

‘Is it really just her being unable to catch up with me? Or is there really something else?’ Lin Mu wondered to himself.

After about fifteen minutes, both Lin Mu and the old woman had sustained some injuries on their bodies. In this time, Lin Mu’s armor had been broken at least three times from attacks he could not dodge.

Ku Waowen had a skill that allowed her to accelerate her normal attacks and techniques by ten times and it would be done randomly. This caught Lin Mu off guard and it ended with his Mortal Strengthening Scripture’s armor breaking.

Thankfully, at his level, only the part that was struck would break, and not the entire armor. Thus repairing it was just a matter of time and earth elemental spirit Qi, which he had a sufficient amount of.


Suddenly Ku Waowen tapped her lance on the ground and spun mid way through her attack.



“Huh? What?” Lin Mu said in confusion.

Ku Waowen had made a strange move that didn’t make sense. If she had continued onwards, she would have been able to block his attack or at least parry it, but turning around mid way had caused her to get injured by Lin Mu’s short sword instead.

A deep gash had been cut out onto her waist and the flesh within it could now be seen.

“Haha!” The old woman laughed instead of wincing in pain.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and knew that something was wrong. A surge of spirit qi was felt by him and his pupils became pin point.

“FADE—” Lin Mu tried to use the skill, but was interrupted before that.

“Ahahaha! AHAHAHA!” Ku Waowen laughed again, seeing Lin Mu fail.

“How’s this possible?!” Lin Mu was puzzled.

Taking the chance while Lin Mu was a bit distracted, Ku Waowen made a few hand seals.


Her fingers moved like a blur and created various runes in the air. Then the very next second, she joined her palms and spun them like a blooming lotus.

“With the Ancestors Blood, With the Ancestors Bloodline, Calling the Bloodline, Calling the Will!” Ku Waowen chanted.


The blood that had spilled out from the old woman’s body started to gather together. Globs and spheres of blood rushed up from the ground and turned into hundreds of streams that split in the air and rushed back towards the ground.

But this time they entered very specific places. Lin Mu’s spirit sense had stopped working and he could only look around to see what was happening. The streams of blood entered the crevices and indents that had been made during the battle.

Lin Mu’s anxiety increased while Ku Waowen smiled widely, showing her missing teeth.


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