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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 816: A Six Minute Teleportation And The Next Step Of Expansion Bahasa Indonesia

With the installation of the First Teleportation gate completed, the first thing Jing Luo and Lin Mu did was to let the others visit the Kong Plane as a test.

“So, how many times does it need to be tested before you are sure of it?” Lin Mu questioned.

“While I’ve got the stability down to the correct level, it’s the efficiency that is the problem. The time needed for the teleportation will be different and that is what I need to tweak.

I reckon ten tests should be enough to get a judgment.” Jing Luo spoke.

“Alright, let’s see how it works.” Lin Mu spoke.

The ten people who were going to enter the Kong Plane stood in the teleportation circle and waited for it to activate. This was the flaw that happened with the teleportation gate. While Lin Mu could take many people with him to the Kong Plane instantly, the same couldn’t be done with the teleportation gate.

Its size was enough for only ten to fifteen people to stand in it and it would not be instantaneous travel. They would need to wait for a few minutes for the formation to fully activate and send them.

It was this very time needed for the formation to work that Jing Luo wanted to tweak.


Finally, the formation activated and the ten people were sent to the Kong plane.

“Hmm… twelve minutes… that’s not good.” Lin Mu spoke after seeing the time needed.

“While it’s fine in a non stressful condition like this, I don’t think it will be good in a battle or something like that.” Jing Luo said.

“Indeed. See if you can improve it.” Lin Mu said before taking his leave.

Jing Luo got to work and made several more improvements before it was finally at a decent enough time.

“So how much is it now?” Lin Mu questioned, having returned.

“See for yourself.” Jing Luo said, and activated the formation.

The soldiers that were volunteering this time looked on in nervousness as the fomentation below their feet activated and glowed. The spirit Qi swirling around them was many times more than what they had in their cultivation base and thus made them feel even more nervous.

After all, these soldiers were mere Qi refining realm cultivators and weren’t particularly strong. Though for commoners and general warriors, they were still enough to deal with them.


The formation finally activated and teleported the ten soldiers away.

“Oh! Six minutes! This is way better.” Lin Mu exclaimed, feeling pleased.

“Mmhmm, I managed to reduce it by half. I think I might be able to reduce it more, but the effort might not be worth the returns. For any significant improvement, I’ll need to change the entire array and the materials as well.” Jing Luo explained.

“This is still pretty good. After all, the time will be six minutes for any distance. Whether it be a few meters or a few thousand kilometers.” Lin Mu praised.

“Thank you.” Jing Luo said with a smile.

“Guess it’s time to make the second one now… for the Noon Grass sect.” Lin Mu stated.

“I got the basics ready, and Elder Liqiang has learned some parts of it as well. I should be done with it in a week, and then Elder Liqiang will leave for the Noon Grass sect. We can begin our return to the North as well then.” Jing Luo spoke.

“Yes. Jingming Shang has also sent us some reports regarding the Shuang Qian kingdom. The situation there, while a bit sensitive is starting to normalize. Whatever Wu Hei did, he has managed to handle it well enough.” Lin Mu replied.

“Oh? Seems like the Little merchant showed his worth.” Jing Luo said in a surprised tone.

“I thought you approved of him since he was trusted by your grandfather.” Lin Mu asked.

“People change… and it’s always good to be cautious.” Jing Luo replied.

Lin Mu nodded his head and thought that Jing Luo was correct too.

“We now have a communication channel with Wu Hei, but using it will probably get it exposed so we can only use it once. The informant that made contact with Wu Hei has said that there are certainly a lot of suspicious people around Wu Hei and they are watching his every move.

There are some rumors in the public that Wu Hei has committed patricide for fortune. While it is true, we cannot let it ignite any incidents. That’s why it’s best if we keep the contact channel for when we truly are ready.” Lin Mu explained.

“That’s harsh. At least we can now retreat whenever needed with the Kong Plane.” Jing Luo said.

“Indeed. The Kong Plane will be the godsend for our victory… as long as we can make good use of it.” Lin Mu agreed.

With the discussion done, Jing Luo got to making the second teleportation gate that will be placed in the Noon Grass sect and was done in about a week. Elder Liqiang had already been explained to how it should be installed and was ready to leave now.

“Elder Liqiang, hope your journey goes well.” Lin Mu said as he looked at the elderly man.

“You do not need to worry brother Lin Mu, I’ll get to the Noon Grass sect as soon as possible. Patriarch Hua is also working on talking with the Long Cloud alliance and is in contact with a few people that may be willing to cooperate.” Elder Liqiang replied.

“Very well. Just tell us if anything occurs, the new communication jade slips should work for both of us even at that distance.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Yes. I shall take my leave now, brother Lin Mu.” Elder Liqiang stated.

“Farewell.” Lin Mu, Jing Luo, King Hong, and the few others that were in the hall said together.

Elder Liqiang flew away and soon disappeared in the distance. Once he was out of the range of their sight, Lin Mu lightly sighed to himself.

“Hopefully things go well…”


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