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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 806: Clearing His Mind Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu then brought Jing Luo and King Hong to the middle of the grotto and showed all the ores, the trees, the smaller herbs, and the spring that flowed out from the middle. Its water was tinged light red and looked beautiful as well.

The water was naturally warm and if one drank it, one would feel their insides heat up. To normal humans, just a sip or two would be fine, but if they drank more, they might get a fever and if they still kept it up, they would just end up dying.

This was because there was fire elemental spirit Qi mixed into it. This was in a very delicate balance since the fire element was the opposite of the water and both counteracted each other.

The existence of the spring was already rather rare. But if one compared the concentration of the fire elemental spirit Qi in the water to the air, they would find that the air was more concentrated.

Thus, the value of the water was lesser than just cultivating directly in the air.

“You two can take your time here and King Hong can cultivate, I’ll go take a look back at the palace. The time we decided on is already over.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Alright. I’ll gather some of the Earthen flame ores for use later. Oh, and since we’re here, I should also take some fresh thousand year old Hong Lin tree sap.” Jing Luo spoke.

“I’ll cultivate here. I have a feeling that this place is very beneficial to my physique.” King Hong replied.

Lin Mu nodded his head and activated the runes of the Kong Plane’s anchor before teleporting away to the real world.

A few seconds later, he appeared in the Xiaofan world and met with the ministers and asked if there were any problems or if there was any news. Since there was nothing particular, he returned back to the Kong Plane.

Once he was there, Lin Mu picked a place and sat down as well. He needed to think of his upcoming plans and how they would go about them.

‘We need to wait for Hua San and Hua Wu to contact us again so that we can officially establish the alliance between the Noon Grass sect and us. Once that is done, we can discuss some more plans with them and tell them what the potential problems will be.

I’ll also need to make use of the Noon Grass Sect’s power to interact with the Long Cloud alliance. They are far more likely to listen to another sect on the same level rather than just me.

Even if I’m at the Dao Shell realm, it just won’t be enough. Plus, there is always the fact that they will consider me to be the dangerous factor instead.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Lin Mu spent six hours pondering this, during which he stayed silent.

Jing Luo and King Hong were doing their own things and thus did not bother them. But they were spending it productively as well.


“So many things to do and so many uncertainties to go through.” Lin Mu muttered to leftism.

It was now that Jing Luo heard Lin Mu and Spoke.

“Are you fine Lin Mu?” Jing Luo questioned.

“I am fine, but I am unable to figure out the course of action that we should take so that we have the best result. There are too many uncertain factors which are preventing me from making an accurate prediction.” Lin Mu answered.

Hearing this, Jing Luo was rather surprised.

“Prediction? You are making predictions? For what?” Jing Luo asked further.

“How the things will go and how we will need to react to them. Gu Yao has the advantage of secrecy and so do we, but we do not have the power of numbers on our side yet.

I am trying to find a way to optimize everything.” Lin Mu replied.

“You know, you are stressing yourself out too much. Thinking like that is no use. Predicting the future is something many people have gone crazy doing. Unless one is an immensely powerful expert and can pry into the fate, they will be unable to make an accurate prediction like you are trying to do.

Rather than that, it’s best if you just take it one step at a time and solidify that step. As long as you have a solid foundation, even if you run into a problem, you won’t have to flail around as much and will have something to fall on.” Jing Luo lightly scolded.

Hearing this, Lin Mu felt as if his mind was expanded. The curtain that was blocking his thoughts from flowing smoothly was lifted and new ideas started to flow through his mind.

“I GOT IT!” Lin Mu said out loud.

Jing Luo wondered what happened to Lin Mu now, but was then suddenly hugged by Lin Mu.

“THANK YOU! I NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO!” Lin Mu said while hugging the man tight.

Jing Luo didn’t know how to take this, but just decided to speak.

“And what did you think?” Jing Luo questioned.

“All our problems stem from the fact that Gu Yao has an expansive network and he can quickly cover for any trouble that occurs for him quickly. They do this with the expansive communication that they have.

But they are still lacking in the actual physical intervention. If they respond to a certain problem, they will need some time to do so as the people under him will need to travel wherever they need to.

That is exactly where we need to overwhelm him. As long as our alliance can move around quickly, we will have the upper hand.” Lin Mu answered.

Jing Luo had a little hard time catching up, but he soon figured out the gist of what Lin Mu was saying.

“So… you are saying we need something to travel between them fast? Something like my spirit boat?” Jing Luo questioned.

“No, I mean something even faster… a teleportation array!” Lin Mu answered.


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