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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 785: Remnant Dao Crystal Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu learned a bit more about the Great Island Turtles from Senior Xukong and understood that they were often used as mounts by many cultivators. The only problem was that they were rather slow.

But this didn’t matter when they could carry massive amounts of weight on their bodies. Since they were impervious to most kinds of damages, these beasts were basically mobile forts.

The cultivators would set up different structures on the backs of these turtles and turn them into mobile fortresses. They could be taken into a war and serve as as a camp for the soldiers.

Of course, this was something done only in higher level worlds as the low leveled worlds would either not have such beasts in them, or would not have cultivators that could tame beasts as these.

Kong Hutao could be said to be a lucky person, as he actually managed to find an infant Great Island turtle before. It is lucky because these beasts are hard to distinguish from other common turtle beasts before they reach a certain size.

“What do you think the cultivation base of this beast was senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“There is a chance that it may have reached the Dao Treading realm, seeing how long it managed to live and the sea around it.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu nodded his head and finally reached the interior of the shell.

“Whoa!” Lin Mu exclaimed upon seeing the interior.

He could see long and wide pillars supporting the top of the shell and beams extending from it spreading across the roof of the shell.

“Are those… his bones and spine?” Lin Mu questioned in awe.

“They are indeed.” Xukong answered.

Since the beast had been dead a long time, the flesh had long since decayed, leaving behind only the shell and bones. This hollow space would have once been filled with the flesh of the Great Island Turtle, whose name was Bao.

It was now that Lin Mu discovered something he had missed.

“Wait, why can I see things? Where’s the glow coming from?” Lin Mu turned his eyes towards the bottom and saw a small blue spot.

It was faintly glowing, yet its glow was able to reach the bones and the shell. This was of course, very weak and normal humans would not be able to see anything. But for Lin Mu, it was still enough to see.

Lin Mu quickly dropped to where the blue glow was coming from and slowed down his descent when he was close enough.

“Huh… what is this? A Gemstone?” Lin Mu questioned.

In front of Lin Mu, there was a small blue gemstone floating. It was six-sided, but two of its sides were longer than the other four.

“This… the Dao Embryo actually condensed into a remnant Dao crystal?!” Xukong said with shock.

“This is a Dao Embryo?!” Lin Mu questioned, feeling stunned.

“Not exactly. After the death of a creature, their Dao Embryo would fade away and dissipate. But in certain rare cases, instead of dissipating like that, they would condense into crystals such as these.

They are called as remnant Dao Crystals and are very rare. If sold, they can easily fetch a price of several hundred thousand peak grade spirit crystals. Of course, only a fool would sell it like that.

There is a market for it, but no supply. They are simply too rare.” Xukong answered.

“What’s it use though, senior? I’m guessing they can be used for cultivation and help increase our cultivation base?” Lin Mu asked.

“No, they can’t increase your cultivation base. They have no spirit Qi in them at all either.” Xukong replied.

“Huh? Then why are they so valuable?” Lin Mu asked again.

“What these crystals represent is what gives them value. If someone is able to obtain a crystal like this, they are basically assured to have a path to reach the Dao Treading realm. The crystal will help them comprehend the Dao path that was left in it.

For example, if a Remnant Dao Crystal was formed from someone whose Dao embryo was based on the Dao of fire, it would allow one to comprehend the Dao of fire and allow them to make their own Dao embryo.

Since most Dao shell realm experts are unable to do so and fail at that point, this basically gives them a guarantee that they would be able to reach the Dao Treading realm. What’s more, is that it can actually be used more than a single time.” Xukong explained in detail.

“This… no wonder it’s so valuable.” Lin Mu couldn’t help but gasp.

“Should I take it? Touching it won’t cause any problems, will it?” Lin Mu asked.

“Yeah, you can touch it. The crystal itself is inert and won’t do anything.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu nodded his head and touched the crystal before taking hold of it. It was slightly cold to the touch and light as well.

“Feels like I’m holding a feather, it’s very light.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Hmm… so it’s the lowest quality Remnant Dao Crystal. The more their weight, the better their quality. The quality decides how fast someone would be able to comprehend their own Dao Embryo from the crystal.” Xukong added.

“I see…” Lin Mu muttered. “Wonder what Dao Embryo can be comprehend from this.”

“Hmm… it should be a Dao Embryo based on the Dao of Water. The Great Island turtles have an affinity with water and a slight affinity with earth. Seeing the sea around us and the crystal itself, it should be one of the Dao of water.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu nodded his head and put the crystal into the ring for now.

“Let’s return now. We’ve had quite some gains.” Lin Mu said before ascending back to the top.

About fifteen minutes later, he exited the ruins and met up with little Shrubby.


But then the sound of air gushing could be heard.

“Why do I sense the aura of my father on you?” Xiaobao’s voice was heard.


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