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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 779: The Kong Clan’s Fate Bahasa Indonesia

Kong Hutao took a deep breath as if he was still a real human and started to speak.

“As you already know, I am or was the Last ancestor of the Kong clan. My clan was exterminated by the invaders during the great invasion. The alliance of the three continents had chosen to unite them and had laid down a great plan.

Unfortunately, before the plan could be fully completed, the Yao clan managed to summon a great beast in the Pseudo immortal realm. This beast destroyed and killed all the people of the continent and only a few that were already on their way to escape managed to survive.

I tried to fight the Beast, along with several other sect patriarchs and the clan heads of the Western continent. All of them died but did manage to injure the beast fatally. But then the beast decided to detonate itself in its blind rage.

Many of my clansmen and others had already died, but they did not want me to die as well. They wanted vengeance and thus they… forcefully… against my wishes… teleported me away to the central continent.

They also passed on the anchoring formation plate of our Sacred grounds to me and then the beast finally detonated. Unfortunately, despite their best wishes, I was already injured and my life was running out.

Knowing that I would not have long to live and take vengeance, I decided to enact a different plan. It was also during this time that some of the invaders managed to detect my presence and chased me down.

I ran and ran since I was in no condition to fight. Finally, I decided to take a radical decision. I unleashed the anchor of the sacred grounds and pulled all of the invaders that were chasing me inside it.

Then using the powers of the formation, I killed them all inside there. But now that the sacred grounds had been unleashed again, they could not be moved anymore. And without the right location, they would not be able to exist for long without being broken.

Thus, I did what I had to. Using myself as the base, I changed the entire formation array of the scared grounds. I turned it into a minor plane and attached it to the world. But this time I made some other changes.

The sacred grounds would not have a fixed location so as to prevent the invaders from finding it and if they did so, they would be trapped inside it. Only those that are natives of this world would be able to escape it.

But that was just one half of my plan. I also wanted vengeance against the invaders. Thus, I chose to allow the sacred grounds to choose anyone as long as they were of this world and worthy enough to become the inheritor.

They would have to fulfill one condition though… they would have to exterminate the Yao clan and the northern alliance along with all the invaders.” Kong Hutao explained.

Hearing this, Lin Mu was stunned. He had not expected there to be such a story behind this place.

“I guess I have some good news for you and some bad news as well.” Lin Mu spoke.

“What is it?” Kong Hutao questioned.

“The Northern alliance was exterminated a long time ago along with the Yao clan.” Lin Mu answered.

“And what’s the bad news?” Kong Hutao asked, his brows furrowed.

“They have made a comeback in the recent years… they even managed to call another invader from a different world.” Lin Mu replied.

“CURSED FATES! Has this world been forsaken by the heavens?” Kong Hutao said in frustration.

“There is more…” Lin Mu said and explained all that Gu Yao had done and gave him a bit more information about the invader and how it could control beings.

Hearing this, Kong Hutao was stunned.

“This… this is even worse…” Kong Hutao said in a helpless tone.

“I know… and that’s why I along with a few more allies, are looking to stop them.” Lin Mu replied.


“If it really is as you say, then it is impossible for your cultivation base. Even Immortal Ascension realm cultivators have perished, not to mention Nascent soul realm cultivators like you. They have perished in the six digits.” Kong Hutao stated.

It seemed like he had already given up hope and had suffered a lot.

“NO! I will defeat them! They took my parents from me, and they killed a lot of people that were my friends. I shall not let them do whatever they want.

As for the invader… it shall perish too!” Lin Mu said with determination.


The moment he did so, a character appeared on his forehead and let out a glow. Kong Hutao saw the character and was stunned.

“Ordained… YOU ARE ORDAINED?!” Kane Hutao said out loud.

“I am indeed. I became ordained by the world’s will when I accepted its mission to exterminate the invaders and the traitors of this world.” Lin Mu replied.


“So all hope is not lost. If you are an ordained, then this is fate finally favoring us. You will be the right person to inherit this then… inherit the vengeance of my clan.” Kong Hutao said in a serious tone.

“I will avenge all that have suffered due to the invaders and the northern tribes.” Lin Mu said with determination.

“Good!” Kong Hutao said out loud and nodded his head.

His expression seemed to be far better than before and his complexion had improved too, which made Lin Mu wonder about the techniques used to make the portrait. For it to have such varied changes, Lin Mu wondered just what kind of materials and skills were needed for it.

“While it seems like the formations and security is set beforehand has gone a bit haywire, the inheritance formation should still be intact. But before you can inherit this officially, you will need to get the key.” Kong Hutao stated.

“Where do I find that?” Lin Mu questioned.

“You need to find a turtle.”


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