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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 772: A Relaxing Bath Bahasa Indonesia


Lin Mu laid in a large bronze tub as water boiled in it.


“Is this enough?” Little Shrubby asked.

“Yeah, that’s hot enough.” Lin Mu said.

He then laid back and rested his head. Lin Mu had been fighting for about a week straight and even though he was not fully exhausted at the end, using the Flaming Devastator had certainly put some extra strain on his body.

Soaking in warm… or boiling water in his case was rather relaxing for Lin Mu. His body had reached a level of toughness that warm water did not even feel like anything. Only when it got to bubbling did it feel comfortable.

Fortunately for Lin Mu, there was little shrubby who could heat it up in a jiffy.

He scrubbed away the filth and dirt that had stained him and washed the blood on his body as well. The wound on his right hand was tingling, which was a sign that it was already on its way to healing soon.

Lin Mu spent about an hour soaking in the water and felt better after it. Feeling refreshed, he donned a new pair of dark blue robes with black designs. The robes he was wearing previously had been burned away during his breakthrough.

Thankfully Lin Mu had no lack of clothes now. He had enough that they would probably last a hundred years. That is of course… if he didn’t end up destroying them every day.

Thinking of the clothes, Lin Mu had a thought.

‘Wonder what Jing Luo would be able to do with the corpse of the Troll Demon beast. It certainly has some different properties, maybe I’ll get to see something new.’ Lin Mu thought.

“What should we do now?” Little Shrubby questioned, bringing Lin Mu out of his thoughts.

“Oh? Yeah… our main mission that we came here for is pretty much complete now. And thinking of the time… I think we have just a little under a month left here.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Then… do we go back?” Little Shrubby asked.

“Do you want to go back?” Lin Mu asked for his opinion.

“Hmmm… I’m fine with either option. But the things here are good too. We can find lots of food and herbs we don’t find other places.” Little Shrubby said.

“Hmm… that’s true.” Lin Mu agreed.

“You can look around the remaining time. See if you can find things or treasures to further your cultivation base. I’m sure you should be able to find herbs and other treasures that can help your body cultivation as well.” Xukong suddenly spoke.

“Oh yeah, that’s true as well. Coming back to this place later will be difficult. And I don’t think we’ll have the opportunity again anytime soon. At least not before Gu Yao is dealt with.” Lin Mu said, as a glint appeared in his eyes.

He was now even more confident of killing Gu Yao. He had managed to kill two Dao Shell realm creatures one of which was even a Shell Genesis stage Dao Shell realm demon beast Troll, thus he felt like he could do a lot more.

After thinking for a bit, Lin Mu made up his mind.

“Alright, we’ll stay here for a while more. I’ll try to reach the Adult Stage of the Nascent soul realm as well in the meantime.” Lin Mu said.

“Okay~” Little Shrubby agreed.

With that said and done, Lin Mu and Little shrubby began their journey again. The place they were heading to was none other than the Billion Flower Meadow. The location that the former Adviser Chu had left from was nearby from there and Lin Mu wanted to see how it actually was.

Even though he knew that he could leave at any time, he still wanted to be assured of it. It would be very unfortunate if he was late and the mission he came for was failed. He did not want to give up on a strong allow as the Noon Grass sect.

Even though they were the lowest ranked of all the Top sects, they were still a top sect. Not to mention they had a lot of strong cultivators among them, even if they were low key most of the time.

Plus, if he managed to get the Noon grass sect on his side, convincing the Long Cloud alliance with them would be far easier. After all, even if Lin Mu was strong, it was a different thing if there was another Top ten sect in the conversation.

So far, Lin Mu had gathered only a handful of allies and he didn’t know if they would be enough for the battle that would be coming. He knew that even if he got very strong, the quantitative factor was hard to ignore.

The Northern Tribes were still the unknown factor, and Lin Mu did not know how they would be acting. Plus, Lin Mu now knew that they had three Immortal Ascension realm cultivators as well along with several Dao Treading realm cultivators.

This only made him more anxious. After all, Lin Mu did not know if he would be able to get the top three sects on his side. They were the only ones that had Immortal Ascension realm cultivators among them.

Not to mention, Lin Mu was technically a wanted criminal among the sects and the kingdoms. There was little to think if they would prefer to attack him first rather than listen to him.

With the scheme Gu Yao had hatched, it was quite likely that they would choose the former. That’s why Lin Mu knew that he needed to have power and allies on his side. Only then would he be on talking terms with the sects.

Time was running out, and Gu Yao was spreading his net. With each passing day, Lin Mu felt more anxious, but he knew that was not good. All he could do for now was keep a strong mind and soldier on.

As these thoughts went through his mind, Lin Mu ended up reaching the meadow.


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