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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 764: An Ugly Beast And Hordes Bahasa Indonesia


A wall of flames was spat out by the beast which burnt down a swarm of beasts that was heading towards the grotto.


Then in the next moment, the beast disappeared, leaving behind a mere blur. A few seconds later, it appeared in a different location where more beasts were gathering and spat out more flames burning all of them down.

The beasts that were dying were not weak either. There was a mix of Qi refinement, Core condensation, and even Nascent soul realm beasts in them. Their cultivation bases varied, but their numbers were in the thousands.

All of them were in a strange, frenzied state and tried to rush towards the grotto.


“I WON’T LET YOU GET CLOSE!” Little Shrubby let out an angry growl.

He had sensed the beasts appearing and had stopped them before they could even get within two kilometers of the grotto. He had killed and fought thousands of them by now, but their numbers were just endless.

Little Shrubby could tell that they were being attracted by Lin Mu, since the aura that he was releasing right now was irresistible to all the beasts. It was as if someone had thrown a pile of bloodied meat in the center of starving beasts.

Like sharks rushing towards blood, the beasts all rushed towards the grotto. Even Little Shrubby himself could feel the temptation. But he felt it differently. To him, he felt that it was precocious and nothing should happen to it.


Little Shrubby burst through a herd of beasts and tore them to shreds. His claws had been ripping into flesh non stop and were now stained with blood. Due to their heat, they were constantly drying out the blood that covered them.

And now a layer of dried blood had caked up on them. Little Shrubby’s entire body was lit with flames as well, thus if any beast tried to get close or touch him, they would get injured too.

If they were weak, they would be burned even before touching him just due to the sheer heat. As for those that were stronger and a bit more durable, they would experience their skin and bones being scorched upon touching Little Shrubby.

Of course, this was IF they even managed to do that. So far, Little Shrubby had the advantage due to his greatly superior speed. But he had now been fighting for several days now and was getting tired.

While his spirit Qi consumption was not at the same level as when they fought the Bronze Tribe Wolf, it was certainly getting closer and closer.


And just as he was fighting yet another horde of beasts, a loud tremor shook the ground. It was as if a mountain was falling and caused the beasts to shiver involuntarily. Little Shrubby instantly sensed it and knew what it was.


He disappeared and reached the sky in a couple of seconds and gazed upon the large beast that was approaching. It had three legs that looked like that of an elephant, a fat body that had bulging rolls of skin, and warts that looked like bubbles.

Its back had a strange greenish black fur that emanated a foul stench and at the bottom of it, there was also a short tail that looked like that of a donkey. Then there were its arms that were covered in rough and rugged skin.

It looked like it was made out of stones but the power in them could be felt as well. The torso of the beast had small hard bumps on it as well that were Grey colored. Then there was the beast’s head.

Its head looked mismatched with its body and was relatively smaller. It had a wide mouth that opened all the way to its ears and two bulging eyes that had horizontal pupils like that of a goat.

They were colored yellow and the sclera around it was a black-red in color with the veins popping up every now and then. At the top of its head, there were three horns as well. Two of the horns were short and stubby, but the one at the center was long and sharp.

Every step of the beast shook the ground and made it crack. It was three times the size of the Bronze Tribe Wolf that Little Shrubby and Lin Mu had fought before and looked far more powerful than as well.

Little Shrubby narrowed his eyes and felt a sense of danger from the beast.

‘It’s at the Dao Shell realm… but stronger than the wolf…’ Little Shrubby thought to himself.


But then he showed his fangs and let out a threatening growl.

“I won’t let you go further!” He said staunchly.

The ugly and large beast had reached closer by now. It looked at Little Shrubby, who was standing in the air and opened its mouth. Its teeth were of different sizes and were black and yellow in color, looking utterly repulsive.



The beast let out a loud cry that sounded like laughter. It was eerie and would make one feel goosebumps.



Little Shrubby didn’t hold back and shot out a fireball from his mouth. The fireball hit the beast on its face and exploded, causing an explosion.


But then, in the next second, the ugly beast swiped its hands, blowing away the smoke of the explosion. It was unharmed and looked to be the same as before. Its face now had an ugly frown on its face that suited its ugly appearance.

“BUG! KILL!” The Ugly actually spoke some words.

It then swung its large arms towards Little Shrubby.


Strong winds were knocked up due to the force behind them and actually pushed Little Shrubby behind.

And while Little Shrubby was distracted due to this momentarily, the Ugly beast moved at an astonishingly fast speed and appeared right above Little Shrubby.. It then lifted its hand and slammed them towards Little Shrubby like a hammer.


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