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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 757: LIGHT UP THE SKY! Bahasa Indonesia


Lin Mu shot forward as well and thrust the Iron Thorn Spear at the head of the Bronze Tribe wolf.


The wolf raised its front paw and used its claws to block the attack. More sprats were let out from the contact, but the force of the impact was enough to strain the wolf as well. Its paw was slightly pushed to the back and Lin Mu noted it.

“So that’s now it is, huh?” Lin Mu learned.


The wolf barked in anger and swiped his claw at Lin Mu, who just blinked away. It then shook its body, knocking away Little Shrubby, who was clawing its back.

“Haha! Its defense is not as strong as it seems.” Lin Mu laughed from the top.

He could see that the steel wire like fur was torn apart like some common yarn. Little Shrubby flew back as well, but not before spitting out more flames that irritated the wolf.

Lin Mu blinked again and grasped the short sword before thrusting it down at the back of the wolf’s neck.


Another grating sound was heard as the sword sank a bit into the wolf’s body. Its fur was dense and was several inches in thickness. Lin Mu could tell that he had not even touched its skin yet.


The wolf was now furious and whipped its tail from the back. It moved like a steel cable snapping and ripping through the air. Its speed was quite fast as well and Lin Mu could not move in time due to the Short sword being stuck in the dense fur of the wolf.


The tail of the wolf passed through him as if he was air and reflected back. The wolf couldn’t feel anything being hit and was confused. It frantically kept on whipping, but that one second delay was enough for Lin Mu to blink away again.


Little Shrubby’s claws extended and started to heat up. Soon they turned red hot, with the centers being a blinding white in color. It was hard to even look at them, which showed just how hot the claws were.

“TAKE THIS!” Little Shrubby roared.


His claws sank into the beast’s thick fur as if it was paper before being ripped apart. The heat of the claws softened the bronze fur and the sharpeners of the claws made it easy to cleave it apart.


The Bronze Tribe Wolf whimpered in pain as blood was spilled for the first time. Little Shrubby’s claws had torn open a wound in the wolf’s back.

‘So fire is the weakness of this beast, huh.’ Lin Mu thought.

It was now that Xukong’s voice appeared in Lin Mu’s mind.

“Remember how the elements work against and with each other!” Xukong reminded.

Memories appeared in Lin Mu’s mind, and he recalled the weaknesses and strengths of each element. The Bronze Tribe Wolf obviously had an affinity to the metal element, as could be seen from its metallic bronze fur and thus its weakness was none other than fire that little shrubby was using.

Wood could fuel the fire and thus increase its power. Lin Mu looked around and smiled.


Little Shrubby didn’t even need to hear Lin Mu’s idea, and flames appeared on its body. Soon they became larger and larger, and it now looked like he was completely made out of fire. With Lin Mu and Little Shrubby’s connection, words were not even necessary, and he knew what to do.

Little Shrubby hadn’t used the Seven Beasts’ burst but was simply using the fire attribute Qi to coat his boy and amplify his flames now. It was one of the abilities that came to him naturally, but he didn’t use it as much, since it was almost never needed. But now that was exactly what was required.


Little Shrubby leaped away from the Bronze Tribe Wolf and started to run. But he wasn’t running away or toward the wolf, but around it.


Second, after second, Little Shrubby picked up speed and started to make circles around the wolf. The wolf was of course, irked and tried to attack Little Shrubby.


“Not so fast,” Lin Mu said as he sank his fist into the side of the beast’s neck.


While it was not enough to spill blood, Lin Mu’s fist was enough to create imprints on the fur of the beast. The punch had forcefully pulled the wolf’s attention towards him.


It growled at Lin Mu but he simply smiled at that he even put away the spear and the sword as he knew what he needed to do. At his current strength, using weapons to fight it was a bit inefficient.

Rather than that, he had a better method now, and his part in the plan was to hold the beast in one place.

The wolf bared its fangs and bit at Lin Mu, who blinked to the side before punching again.


His fist hit the head and slightly moved the wolf.


The wolf bit towards Lin Mu again, but he blinked away again.


Another punch hit the beast, making it grunt in pain. But this was just the start.


Lin Mu’s fists were like a hammer hitting the gong as he kept on punching while dodging with a blink. The wolf did its best to bite him, but was unable to do so due to Lin Mu’s blink.

To catch up with the speed of blink was not easy and it would need for the attack to be faster than Lin Mu’s reaction speed. As he simply could not be stopped once the skill had been activated.

And while this was happening, Little Shrubby continued to run circles around them, spread the fire everywhere. But due to the speed at which he was running, the flames were now rising up.

Lin Mu smiled at seeing this and finally spoke.

“Little Shrubby… LIGHT UP THE SKY!” Lin Mu shouted.


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