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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 752: Fire Attribute Spirit Qi Bahasa Indonesia

At the volcano, fire attribute spirit Qi swirled around as it poured into the bodies of Lin Mu and Little Shrubby. The concentration of it had reached a point where it had almost become visible to the naked eye.

One could imagine that after a certain point, it may even start to condense and turn into liquid. Of course, something like that needed a lot of power to happen and it had only occurred when Lin Mu had broken through to the Nascent Soul realm.

But this time, it was actually Little Shrubby who was driving the fire attribute spirit Qi to gather. After all, he had two bloodlines that had a great affinity to the fire element, the Flash Fire Liger Bloodline and the Scorch Claw Tiger bloodline.

His other bloodlines had different affinities, such as the Fume Wood Panther that had the affinity to the wood element, the Thunderbolt Cheetah that had the affinity to the lightning element, and then the Midnight Lynx that had an affinity with the Darkness element.

As for the Brood Mane Lion and the Hundred Mirror Leopard, those didn’t really have a particular element that they had an affinity with, but rather innate techniques and skills that were unique to them.

But for now, the fire element was the strongest for Little Shrubby, and thus he was taking full advantage of it. Not just him, but the Fire attribute spirit Qi itself seemed like it wanted to be part of Little Shrubby and was being naturally attracted to him..

Little Shrubby was also at the Adolescence Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm like Lin Mu, and was slightly below his level. But with the speed at which he was absorbing it his cultivation would soon catch up with Lin Mu it seemed like.

Lin Mu on the other hand, was focusing on getting a feel for the fire attribute spirit Qi instead. He knew that he didn’t really use a cultivation technique and just used his own sense when he absorbed spirit Qi.

He was using the primordial path and was not going to switch around now. It was also due to that because of which he could absorb any elemental Qi as he wanted. The only difference being that the efficiency would be slower.

Right now he was using the Embrace of Hong Lin, which was a fire attribute cultivation technique. It had two parts to it, the body cultivation and the Qi cultivation paths. Lin Mu hadn’t really used the Qi cultivation path of it and was just using the body cultivation one till now to further the five treasures realm cultivation.

But even then, just using the body cultivation part made it so that his natural affinity to fire attribute spirit Qi increased and allowed him to absorb more of it naturally. Lin Mu’s spirit Qi stores were increasing bit by bit and his Dantian was now gaining another color.

So far, it only had two kinds of spirit Qi in it. The first being the attribute less spirit Qi or the non elemental spirit Qi and the Earth elemental spirit Qi. The attribute less spirit Qi just appeared like water while the East elemental spirit Qi looked brown in color.

White and brown were the two colors in his Dantian as of now. But now a third color, red was being added to it bit by bit. There was already some fire attribute spirit Qi that Lin Mu had absorbed back when he first reached the capital of the Hong Lin kingdom, but all of that had been directly been taken in by his Nascent soul.

That was the difference between the Nascent soul and Dantian. The spirit Qi that was taken in by the Nascent soul would increase his overall cultivation base, while the one being stored in his Dantian would allow him to do things like use spirit weapons, Qi skills, control formations, and many such things.

Of course, spirit Qi that was stored in the Nascent soul could also be used, but doing that meant that one would be decreasing their cultivation base in exchange. Lin Mu’s Dantian had been continuously expanding as his cultivation base grew and at this point, even he did not know what his max capacity was.

This was due to the fact that his Dantian never reached full capacity. When it reached the eight percent mark, the excess spirit Qi beyond that mark would be absorbed by his Nascent soul.

One could imagine this setup to be like a donut shaped container. Its outer and inner walls were open and if one filled water in it, it would fill up. The difference was that the walls of the inner circle were lower than that of the outer circle.

Thus, when the water reached a certain point, it would fall into the inner circle. Comparing this to Lin Mu’s body, the container itself was Lin Mu’s Dantian, while the bottomless inner circle was his Nascent soul.

Calling his Nascent soul bottomless was accurate since it had increased its capacity at an exponential rate as compared with normal spirit Qi cultivators. For example, if one had thousand drops worth of spirit Qi core when they broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, to reach the Child Soul stage they would need at least twice that amount.

But in Lin Mu’s case, that number was more than just twice. And with each increase in the stage it multiples over and over again. This was also why it was difficult for him to breakthrough as the amount of spirit Qi needed by him was simply too much.

In fact, there was a chance that Lin Mu might complete the second treasured organ of the Five Treasurers realm before he even reached the Adult Soul stage of the Nascent soul realm.

At that point, just his own body would be comparable to that of an Adult Soul Stage Nascent soul realm cultivator. Lin Mu simply hoped that he found the solution here, and that was his wish… for now.


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