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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 748: Scared Nascent Souls? Bahasa Indonesia

“One down, five more to go.” Lin Mu said as he accelerated towards the Child Soul stage Dagger Beak bird.


The Iron thorn spear hit the barrier that the Dagger Beak bird had created and vibrated due to the impact.

“Oh? That’s rather strong,” Lin Mu said, finding the technique used by the beast better than a lot of defensive Qi skills that he had seen till now.

“But not enough,” Lin Mu added as he cocked back his fist.

Spirit Qi swirled within his right fist as an imposing aura emanated from him.


The Dagger Bird Bird let out a wary cry as it flapped its wings to distance itself from Lin Mu as fast as possible. It could tell that the attack Lin Mu was charging up was nothing weak..

“Too late,” Lin Mu spoke.

Boulder Collapsing Fist: Second Form- Piercer!


The needle like condensed spirit Qi shot out of his hand and traveled at a speed hard to see.


It pierced through the barrier easily and entered the body of the Dagger Beak Bird.


The very next moment, the head of the Dagger Beak Bird exploded like a watermelon, splashing brains and blood everywhere. It couldn’t even let out a cry before it died. But then a pale light could be seen from its corpse that was falling.


Lin Mu saw the Nascent Soul of the beast trying to run away.

“Not so fast!” Lin Mu blinked and reached the Nascent soul instantly.

Both of his fists clamped around the Nascent soul like a vice.


The Nascent soul tried to struggle, but under the power of Lin Mu’s fingers, it was all for naught.

“Little Shrubby will like this,” Lin Mu said as he stored the Nascent soul in his ring.

He had already learned that Little Shrubby liked the taste of Nascent souls, and since it helped his cultivation as well, he didn’t mind capturing them additionally.


The remaining four Dagger Beak Birds that saw their leader die were shocked and angry. They let out loud cries and rushed towards Lin Mu in a mindless rage. Lin Mu didn’t really mind them and passed through their charge using Flicker.

The beasts were confused when they saw that nothing had happened to Lin Mu despite the fact that they had pierced him with their beaks. Their powerful beaks that had killed thousands of beasts had failed today.


Unfortunately for them, their confusion was short lasting as the short sword flew in from the top. It had been hiding in the canopy of the trees and Lin Mu had just been waiting for the right opportunity to use it.


Two of the Dagger Beak Birds were killed instantly and their Nascent souls tried to escape. Lin Mu quickly got to catch them while the other two tried to escape.



But just as they tried to run away, a red streak hit them and a fiery explosion was heard. Both of the Dagger Beak Birds were killed in an instant as Little Shrubby crushed their heads.

“Ah, there you are.” Lin Mu said as he saw Little Shrubby grabbing the Nascent souls of the two Dagger Beak Birds that he had just killed.


Little Shrubby quickly ate the two Nascent souls while they cried out in horror.

“They always taste so good~” Little Shrubby said in pleasure.

“I got three more,” Lin Mu said as he withdrew the three Nascent souls he had put in the ring.

But when he pulled them out, he saw a rather strange reaction.

“Huh? What’s up with them?” Lin Mu was surprised.

Little Shrubby looked at him too and saw the three Nascent souls in Lin Mu’s hands. Two of them looked like small featherless baby birds, while one of them was like a feathered bird that had yet to learn to fly.

“Why are they not trying to run and are shivering?” Lin Mu looked at the three Nascent souls that were frozen in one place.

Little Shrubby came closer and gazed at them as well before speaking.

“They are scared of something.” Little Shrubby spoke.

“Huh? They are scared?” Lin Mu said in confusion.

It was now that a voice was heard in his mind.

“Those three were noisy, so I made them shut up.” Xukong stated.

“Ah… haha, no wonder.” Lin Mu chuckled.

Xukong’s aura was something that even human cultivators would be scared of, not to mention actual beasts. Lin Mu could imagine the three Nascent souls going crazy in the ring’s space.

Finding oneself in a completely different space was often disorienting as well as confusing. Unfortunately for them, there was someone far more dominating in the space of the ring.

“Well… at least it makes it easier.” Lin Mu said as he passed the Nascent souls to Little Shrubby.


He quickly ate them and let out a pleased purr. He then looked at Lin Mu and spoke.

“What was that aura on them, master? There was an extra aura on the Nascent souls.” Little Shrubby asked.

“Extra Aura? Oh, that must have been Senior Xukong.” Lin Mu replied.

“Senior Xukong is a beast?!” Little Shrubby was shocked.

Little Shrubby had long since known that Lin Mu had a master and that he was inside the ring Lin Mu had. Lin Mu didn’t know that little Shrubby could see the mysterious ring too, but reckoned that it was due to the soul link that both of them had.

What Little Shrubby didn’t know was that Lin Mu’s master was actually a beast.

“Huh? I never told you that?” Lin Mu questioned.

“No,” Little Shrubby replied.

“Hmm, yes I don’t think you ever did,” Xukong added.

“Ah, I see. Well yeah, he is a beast… a very strong beast.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Can I see him?” Little Shrubby questioned.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows upon hearing this.

“I don’t know actually… can he senior?” Lin Mu said in a confused tone.


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