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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 741: Increased Might! Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing King Hong’s words, Lin Mu was pleased.

“Very well, we should take our leave now though…” Lin Mu said as he looked around the bare mountain.

The formation arrays that Jing Luo had made earlier had been broken and only a few of them had managed to survive until now. But even those that survived did not seem like they would last long.

“I never expected the tribulation to reach this level,” Hua San commented.

“Indeed. It was no normal tribulation, of course. That was the Aqua Wisp Tribulation lightning.” Lin Mu replied.

“I don’t think I’ve heard of it before..” Hua Wu said before taking a look at King Hong. “But what’s happened to you King Hong… you’re different.”

King Hong took a look at his hands and chuckled.

“Even I don’t know exactly. All I know is when I was just about to die, something deep within me awakened and pushed through, saving me and transforming my body.” King Hong said.

“Oh? You don’t know the name of your physique?” Lin Mu asked.

“This is a physique?!” Adviser Liu was stunned.

“Yes… this is also the reason why your clan was ‘cursed’ this is not a physique that should appear in a world of this level. But now that it has, and you have survived, I do not know what changes will happen.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Not of this word… huh…” King Hong muttered.

“Do you know what its name is?” King Hong asked next.

“It is called as the Dauntless Ember Physique. As for the abilities, I believe you should know them far better than me.” Lin Mu replied.

King Hong looked at his hand and clenched his fist. A red flow appeared on it as the red lines glowed like flowing magma. The spirit Qi fluctuations coming from his body also became apparent, giving them another shock.

“The Child Soul Stage Of the Nascent soul realm?!” Adviser Liu was stunned.

King Hong was confused and looked within his Dantian only to be greeted by what looked like a child version of himself. His Nascent soul looked like him when he was ten years old and had red glowing lines on his body as well.

One could tell that the Nascent soul was a unique nascent soul due to the virtue of his physique as well.

“Looks like I managed to break through all the way to the Child Soul stage…” King Hong said.

“That is expected with your physique. It won’t be long before you gain full control of it and your cultivator base will soar. From what I know, the previous owner of the physique was a great emperor who conquered an entire world.

But you have an advantage over him such that you can still have heirs unlike him, who was cursed.” Lin Mu explained, shocking them completely.

King Hong was also stunned, wondering how his clan ended up with a physique like this.

“You mean to say… my children will also have this physique?” King Hong asked.

“Well, your first born will. As for the rest, now that you have awakened your physique, I can’t tell what changes they will have. But one thing is for sure, the talent of your children will be far higher than most cultivators in this world.” Lin Mu replied.

“I see…” King Hong replied.

“Ahahaha!” Adviser Liu suddenly started laughing.

“King Hong can finally get married! Hundreds of women are dying to join you!” Adviser Liu said out loud.

“Uncle that…” King Hong was a bit embarrassed.

“Now you have no excuse to deny their offers. You shall have hundreds of children!” Adviser Liu declared as if there was no other option.

Lin Mu simply chuckled on the side, and so did Hua San and Hua Wu.

“Well, that can come later, for now, we have more important things to get to.” King Hong spoke trying to divert the topic.

“Of course,” Adviser Liu said with a smirk.

King Hong knew that his uncle would not waver and that he would have to deal with an extra headache in a few months.

“Hmm… now that King Hong has successfully broken though, all he needs to do is to focus on cultivating. In the meantime, I’ll wait till Little Shrubby finds the location of the Wandering sinkhole.

We have saved you, but we still need to save the supreme elder of the Noon Grass sect.” Lin Mu stated.

“Indeed. If you need anything senior, just ask.” King Hong replied.

Lin Mu nodded and all of them then left the mountain, which was now bare of all trees. It looked rather strange as there were no ashes left behind by the trees, either. Lin Mu wondered about it, as he found it to be rather different.

The area of about five kilometers around the mountain had turned empty as all of the Hong Lin trees had been burned away. Only the grass and other plants that were not Hong Lin trees were present there.

If they were not there, the area would certainly look a lot more eerie. Soon, the four of them reached the capital city, where everyone was talking about the appearance of the red light pillar.

“Hmm… we’ll need to do an official announcement later.” King Hong spoke.

“Or, rather than that, we can just keep it a secret.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Oh?” King Hong was intrigued.

“I think it is better for us that your breakthrough and physique are kept a secret for now. If it gets out, it will definitely cause a commotion which may bring Gu Yao’s interest. Though you do have an advantage against him now… he can’t control you with the human controlling blood curse.” Lin Mu replied.

“He can’t!?” King Hong was surprised.

“Yes. Those that have bloodlines and physique can be affected by the curse, but only up to a certain extent. Even if they are, they can still break out of it. But with your physique, I don’t think the curse will even work at all.” Lin Mu stated.


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