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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 734: Aqua Wisp Tribulation Lightning Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing that Senior Xukong knew about the reason Lin Mu was intrigued.

“I think the entire Hong clan might have a dormant physique that never managed to awaken. The first King Hong finding the use of the Hong Lin trees might also be due to that. We already know that they contain fire attribute spirit Qi, thus it makes sense.

The Dormant Physique is definitely of the fire attribute and thus, to oppose it, the Aqua Wisp Tribulation lighting has appeared. This is a dual attribute tribulation lighting and has the water element in addition to the Lightning.” Xukong explained.


Lin Mu felt enlightened and didn’t know that there were different elemental variations in the tribulation lightning as well. It was new for him and he was also surprised by the fact that the Hong clan had a dormant physique.

This was the first time he would be seeing another person with a unique physique.

“Is the physique they have an innate physique too?” Lin Mu asked.

“It is bound to be. If it were an acquired physique, all of their heirs wouldn’t have had it either. Plus, it makes sense that only one heir in the family has it. Many physiques can only be passed on once by a person to a single offspring.

This is where the physiques differ from the bloodlines. The bloodlines can be used by an entire clan but physiques are limited to a few people.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu nodded his head and watched on, wondering just what kind of a physique it could be. Unless the physique was awakened, he would not be able to tell what it was.

“Wait… if the first three kings managed to survive this, then doesn’t it mean that they knew what physique they had?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Not necessarily. Even if they managed to survive, there is a great chance they never awakened the physique or reached the point for that. Some physiques require a certain cultivation base to activate, while some can be utterly random.

I can’t exactly tell what the problem is unless I know the name of the physique.” Xukong spoke.

“Hmm… I see. Hopefully, he is lucky and we get a strong ally…” Lin Mu muttered.

To Lin Mu, this was both welcoming and a bit of disturbing information at the same time. If King Hong managed to live through this, he would come out far stronger than before and might even have his talent increased to a new level.

Lin Mu could only hope that something like that happened.


About five minutes had passed since the appearance of the tribulation clouds and it was now time for it to start.


The first tribulation bolt was quick and struck down without much wind-up.


The Tribulation attenuation formation activated and runes spread across the air, forming into a dome. The lightning hit the dome with a loud sound, making it tremble. The might of this lightning was certainly not something that normal one could compare to.

Still… the formation managed to come out on top and blocked the lightning before reducing its power by half. Once that was done, it passed through the dome and struck King Hong.


The sound of something burning could be heard as the lightning bolt passed through King Hong’s body. The man was unyielding though, and did not let out a single sound. He held his ground and quickly resisted the lightning.


“The first one is done.” Lin Mu said.

“That’s just the first one… we don’t know how many he would be getting.” Xukong reminded.


Lin Mu swallowed his saliva and felt lucky that he didn’t need to go through a tribulation that was similar to this. The ones that he had used before were the normal tribulation lightning bolts, even if they had come from different beings.

One of them was taken from alchemist Bilao, one was taken from the Fire Fang snake and the last was taken from the Black Water snake. But the power of this single bolt was definitely stronger than that.

Lin Mu narrowed his eyes as he tried to sense the spirit Qi in the air. It was moving in a rather strange pattern and it was like the sea, ebbing and flowing.

“Something is different…” Lin Mu muttered.


The rumbling thunder quaked in the sky as another bolt was charged up.


The second bolt descended and stuck the formation, making it tremble, but it still managed to hold well. The power of the bolt was reduced by half before it shot down to King Hong.

“Ugh…” The man let out a muffled grunt but held on, letting his spirit Qi strengthen his body.


The third bolt charged up very quickly after the second one and struck down before the formation could fully block it.


This time, only thirty percent of it could be blocked and King Hong received seventy percent of the bolt’s power. One must know that the power of the bolts got stronger as they progressed and thus the third bolt was far more powerful than the previous too.

“ARGH!” this time King Hong let out a cry of pain and almost fell from his position.

Blood flowed down his head, and his clothes were now burning. The lightning had set them on fire and they were now an additional hindrance to the man.


Adviser Liu noticed this and waved his hand, sending out a wind skill that extinguished the fire. But it was now that Lin mu noticed something.

“He’s shivering?” Lin Mu muttered.

He could see that King Hong was shivering as if he was cold. And not only that, but his skin had also taken on a slightly blue tone as if out of blood.

“It’s the Aqua wisp Tribulation lightning’s secondary effect! It has managed to penetrate his meridians and is now clogging them up with water elemental Qi that will prevent his own Qi from circulating properly!” Xukong spoke up.


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