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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 712: Treasonous Confirmation Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing Lin Mu’s question, King Hong was confused.

“I haven’t had any official actions in the past three months and I have certainly not given any permission to Minster Fu Delun.” King Hong stated.

“I see. Then I wonder why Mister Fu Delun ordered some records to be moved to the royal repository?” Lin Mu asked again.

King Hong and adviser Liu narrowed their eyes as they looked at Lin Mu.

“This is absolutely wrong your majesty. I have never done such a thing.” Fu Delun lied right away.

Lin Mu could feel the nervousness of the man and the faint tremble of his legs rather easily.

“Oh, is that so minster Fu Delun? Then King Hong should be fine with us checking the royal repository, shouldn’t he?” Lin Mu questioned further.

“This…” Fu Delun was now stuck, he didn’t know how to proceed.

It was now that he suddenly had an idea.

“You are lying, there are no such records in the royal repository. After all, they have not been accessed since the king began preparing for his breakthrough.” Fu Delun stated.

“Like I said, if King Hong or adviser Liu checks it, I believe we will find what are facts and what is fiction.” Lin Mu replied calmly.

King Hong deliberated on it a bit and seemed to be hesitating. But then he took a deep breath and looked at his uncle.

“Please go and check the Royal repository adviser Liu.” King Hong ordered.

“At once, your majesty.” Adviser Liu said.

And just as he said this, it happened.


Fu Delun threw out an explosive talisman that blasted the flooring and the chairs around, which knocked up a lot of smoke and dust.

“Got you…” Lin Mu said as he disappeared the next instant.


“HNGMPGF!!!!” The sounds of multiple things cracking could be heard along with a muffled cry.

“YOUR MAJESTY!” Adviser Liu flew to the protection of King Hong while Hua San and Hua Wu also became alert.

They looked for Lin Mu but found him to be missing.

“What?” Hua San suddenly detected something with his spirit sense hidden behind the smoke.


He waved his hand and executed a technique, blowing away all the smoke. Once the smoke was gone, they could finally see the scene behind it. Lin Mu stood there with his hand extended.

In front of him, Minister Fu Delun was as if frozen, while there were also shattered pieces of objects on the floor. If one looked at it, one would see that they belonged to a communication jade slip and two spatial storage tools.

“He made the wrong choice.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Escaping in front of Lin Mu was an impossible option. Even the use of the explosive talisman by Fu Delun was something under Lin Mu’s control. Lin Mu knew he would need to show proof of action to the king and thus he simply made Fu Delun think that he was caught and act accordingly.

If Lin Mu truly wanted to, he could have frozen the man in the very first second he saw him move. But Lin Mu intentionally let it happen. Now there was inexplicable proof that the minister was acting against the interest of King Hong.

Even if he was not under the control of Gu Yao, he would have still been arrested for an action like this. The action of using the explosive talisman went beyond any common misdemeanor that the king might tolerate and was now the same as an attempt on his life.

After all, the explosive talisman that Fu Delun had used could very well hurt the king, and the smoke was enough for him to take advantage of and kill the king. Alas for him, there were four Nascent Soul realm cultivators in the room and all he wanted to do was escape.


“FU DELUN, YOU DARE!” King Hong was now truly angry.

He stood up with a bang and pointed his finger at the frozen man. Of course, he didn’t know that Fu Delun was frozen and he just thought that the man was looking away from him.

Adviser Liu didn’t speak about anything right now and closely protected his nephew while keeping an eye out for danger. He looked at Lin Mu, who was holding back Fu Delun with some unknown technique.

Of course, due to being at the Child Soul stage of the Nascence soul realm, his senses were also stronger and he was able to tell what the objects broken on the floor were.

“A communication jade slip and… two Spatial Storage treasures?!” Adviser Liu was shocked now as well.

He would have understood Fu Delun having one spatial storage treasure but two was beyond anything that the man should have been able to afford at his current income. Even he himself only had a single spatial storage treasure and only the king had two such.

In their treasury as well, they only had a couple of spatial storage treasures. And even those were just low grade ones and not the mid grade one that minster Fu Delun had. Adviser Liu knew at this moment that even if Fu Delun was not being controlled by Gu Yao, he was obtaining ill gotten wealth from somewhere.

He finally looked at Lin Mu, who was casually standing there with his right hand extended out flat towards Minster Fu Delun. He then saw Lin Mu mutter something in a very low voice.

Upon hearing the words, he couldn’t understand them and even felt strange. It felt like a daze, and he certainly didn’t want that to happen to him in this situation. Thus he deiced to ask the only person who could answer him.

“What is happening, brother Lin Mu?” Adviser Liu questioned.

King Hong watched on as he came back to the front from his Uncle’s back.

“I believe this should be enough of an explanation.” Lin Mu said, pointing to Fu Delun.

“Yes… it is enough…” King Hong finally spoke.


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