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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 682: Entering The Hong Lin Royal Palace Bahasa Indonesia

Once the head of the department was done with his work, he picked up the long register and put it in a safe before locking it. He also locked his office before he left the building.

“Finally…” Lin Mu said with relief.

He simply put his hand through the walls of the safe and touched the register, storing it into his ring before taking a look. After about five minutes of spirit sense assisted search, Lin Mu finally found the two entries he was looking for.

“Huh… both of the orders in regards to me and the Hei corpse were issued about six months ago. That would be just two months after the last sighting of the Hei corps…” Lin Mu read.

He didn’t know what to make of this as it gave little context and Lin Mu understood that if he wanted to find out more, he will need to go to the royal palace itself.


“Why can’t all this be more simple?…” Lin Mu shook his head.

He then left the law enforcement building and made his way to the main palace. He was in the second ring and needed to cross the third ring to enter the final ring in which the actual royal place was built.

While going through the third ring, Lin Mu even saw the ministry of law there. He wondered if he should go and check up on the Minister of law Fu Delun but then decided to do it later if the need arose.

For now, it would be much easier for him if he just found the intended records in the royal palace.

“So this is the royal place, huh… it does have a rather different design than the one in the Shuang Qian kingdom’s capital.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Unlike other palaces, the place of the Hong Lin Kingdom was a single circular building that towered around two hundred meters. Lin Mu could feel that the palace was not only extended above the ground but also below it.

Once he got past the formation arrays, it became easy for Lin Mu to take a look around. He spread his spirit sense around and checked for all the people that were in the place. Most of them were commoners with no cultivation base, but around thirty percent were those with cultivation.

This included the guards that protected the place and the royal family, along with the royal family itself. After a bit of looking around, Lin Mu even found the king of the Hong Lin kingdom.

Lin Mu checked his cultivation base and found him to be at the peak stage of the core condensation realm. Though he could also tell that the man was actually a bit ahead of that, possibly being at the Pseudo Nascent soul realm.

“He might actually have a heavenly tribulation later.” Lin Mu muttered to himself and squinted his eyes while using spatial perception.

“Oh? There are actually spatial disturbances around him. His heavenly tribulation is not far… another month perhaps.” Lin Mu estimated.

After observing the king who was evidently cultivating by himself, Lin Mu had a strange thought.

“Killing him would be rather easy now, wouldn’t it? With the level of access I have, nearly anyone should be able to kill him. This security seems a bit weak…” Lin Mu spoke to himself.

“You have to remember that there may not be a single other person, who is able to manipulate space as you are doing right now. Even cultivators who are proficient with the spatial element are unable to pass through objects like you are unless they have a very high cultivation base.” Xukong reminded.

Lin Mu looked at the ring on his hand and knew that all this was only possible due to this. It was his biggest fortune that he had been able to come across this ring and grow to this point.

‘But what is the use of it all… once I get avenge my parents and satisfy the world, what do I do? With such great power I can do anything… but what exactly do I pursue?’ Lin Mu couldn’t help but wonder.

There was a flood of thoughts that would fill his mind, but he forcibly supersede them for now and decided to focus on the mission.

‘I’ll need to think of all that later once I’m done. I can’t be making mistakes just because I was distracted…’ Lin Mu thought.

With determination in his eyes, he checked the other areas of the palace. But just when he was checking the underground areas of the palace, Lin Mu sensed spirit Qi fluctuations that were stronger than normal.

“Huh, four Nascent soul realm cultivators?” Lin Mu was able to sense the presence of some people on the lower floors.

Going a bit closer but ensuring that he was not detected by them, Lin Mu observed the said four Nascent soul realm cultivators. From the spirit Qi fluctuations, he could tell that they had varied cultivation stages even if they were all in the Nascent Soul realm.

“Hmm… the one at the bottom has the strongest fluctuations, even if they are a bit suppressed. The three that are in the middle have nearly the same fluctuations, with one of them being lower than the other two.” Lin Mu analyzed.

He first decided to check the one cultivation who was alone at the bottom as there would be fewer chances of him being detected.

‘Since he has suppressed his spirit Qi fluctuations, he might be in seclusion perhaps…’ Lin Mu guessed.

Lin Mu this descended to the very bottom of the palace at the lowest underground floor and arrived at what looked very clearly like a cultivator’s abode. There were spirit herbs planted here and even a spirit Qi gathering formation that circulated the spirit Qi while also concentrating it.

Going past a few smaller halls, Lin Mu reached the inner area where the cultivator was actually located.

Seeing his appearance, Lin Mu was rather astounded.

“Is he… dead?”


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