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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 663: Matriarch And History Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing the words from Lin Mu himself, Miss Fen felt much better than before.

“And do you already have a way to do so?” Miss Fen questioned.

“We do actually.” Lin Mu said before withdrawing the records that they had obtained from the inheritance vault of the Mu clan.

“There should be the records that you were intending to get from the Mu clan.” Lin Mu stated.

Hearing this, Miss Fen felt a bit embarrassed. It was as if a secret had been revealed and that too, one that was not just humiliating but something that could cause a blood feud. But surprisingly, no one here was angry at her.

Seeing this, she took a breath of relief and felt much better about doing this.

“This is more than I thought there would be…” Miss Fen said after she saw the number of scrolls there were.

Not only the quantity, but their size was quite large too. She opened one of them and saw it spread for over twelve feet before being fully opened.


Various letters and words swimmer across the surface of the scroll, changing ever so often.

“This… there is the basis for bloodline sealing theory, Bloodline collapse theory, Bloodline invocation… just how much information is there in it?” Miss Fen felt a bit overwhelmed seeing it all.

“Well, we didn’t know what would exactly help you, so we got everything that seemed suitable or close to suitable.” Lin Mu replied.

Miss Fen hurriedly opened the other scrolls and took a quick look through them as well, feeling even more amazed at it.

“If there is so much information and that too in this detail, we would be able to do this on our own!” Miss Fen said in an excited tone.

“You don’t need my help?” Lin Mu asked, feeling doubtful.

“Senior need not spend his valuable time in this. You have already helped enough by giving this to us. If we can’t even find a solution on our own, then it would be a shame to our clan.

We will not take up any more of your valuable time.” Miss Fen answered.

‘Huh… seems like this was way more effective than we thought…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

“At least it allows you to do other things till then.” Xukong added.

“That’s true,” Lin Mu said before looking at the scrolls.

He had already gotten the Mu clan to make copies of all the records and documents there were in the vault, and thus he had them too. He kept them with him just in case he ever needed the information in the future.

Besides, Lin Mu was intending to learn some of it as well when he was free. These past few days he has been to the Sleepscape a few times as he had been working on some doubts about formations that he had.

His understanding of the formations was increasing once again, which was a good thing for him. Since Lin Mu had two teachers now, Jing Luo and senior Xukong to clarify his doubts, his progress was even faster.

Lin Mu, Mu Tao and Miss Fen discussed a few more plans with Jingming Shang for about six hours before they were done finalizing everything. Jingming Shang asked her for help in determining the flow of goods to find out the location where Gu Yao was hiding, along with getting access to their trade routes.

Miss Fen also had a rather expansive trade circle and it would fill in the missing gaps in the information that Jingming Shang had. The trade circles of the Hui, Fei and Shu clans had already expanded their scope of surveillance, and this was only making it better.

While Jingming Shang did not have an estimate on how fast they would be able to find some clues, he did say that it would take less than a year for it. Since the long distance trades usually happened in the cycles of several months, it was normal to take that long to find the patterns.

“We shall take our leave then, Miss Fen.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Please, stay assured that we will do our best to assist senior in the alliance” Miss Fen said simply, knowing that the best way to show her gratitude would be through actions rather than just words.

Lin Mu nodded his head and then left along with Jingming Shang and Mu Tao.

“That went well, much better than I expected. I was sure that the elders would have opposed us.” Mu Tao said.

“Well, if Miss Fen gave the word, they would not dare oppose her. After all, she is the matriarch of the Fen clan.” Jingming Shang spoke.

“Matriarch?” Lin Mu said, feeling a bit confused.

“Ah yes, I guess not many people know this. The Fen clan is a Matriarchal clan and women are the ones who take care of the administrative matters of the clan while the men take care of the business part outside the clan.” Jingming Shang expanded.

“Huh… even I didn’t know that. I thought Miss Fen only became the council member because she was the one with the highest cultivation base in her clan.” Mu Tao stated.

“Yes, that is something that might be confusing to others. And I don’t think the Fen clan clarifies this for others either. Even I only know about it in detail because I had the Fen clan investigated before.” Jingming Shang replied.

Lin Mu raised his brows upon hearing this and felt a bit curious.

“And why did you do something like that?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Well… before I actually joined the merchant council of Jiao Long city, I was looking around the entire empire for a suitable place to settle down. One fine day, I was sitting in a tavern when I heard some gossip about the Fen clan that had come to trade a lot of herbs for a low price.

After investigating a deal like that, I got more curious and eventually found out more. In reality, it was the fact that something as unorthodox as a matriarchal clan like the Fen clan could establish itself in the Jiao Long city that caught my attention.

I thought that if someone like that could be stable here, then it should not be a problem for someone like me with a troubled past.” Jingming Shang bared his history.

“I see… that does seem like fate.” Lin Mu muttered.


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