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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 660: Heading To The Fen Clan Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu raised his brows upon hearing the information that Jingming Shang had just shared. He knew exactly the kind of formation that Jinxing Shang was talking about and wondered if it really was that one.

“Senior, could it be the same as the bewildering formation we saw that dead Nascent Soul cultivator set up?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Hmm, we won’t know until we go and check it out ourselves. But if it really is that one, or even something on the same level, then we will have confirmation that the Fen clan truly has some ancient links.” Xukong answered.

“I see… I guess it’s time to go meet with the Fen clan myself.” Lin Mu replied before focusing back on the real world.

“Get the records we found for the Fen clan… we will be going to meet them ourselves.” Lin Mu ordered.

“At once, senior!” Mu Tao said before leaving for the vault.

“Do we need to do anything else before that?” Jingming Shang questioned.

“We have most things sorted out and ready. We can leave as soon as Mu Tao comes.” Lin Mu replied.

“Alright.” Jingming Shang nodded his head.

Lin Mu also took out the jade slip and informed Jing Luo of what he was going to do.

“You can go on ahead, I’ll continue my work here. If you need help with the formation, I can get there quickly, anyway; it’s not that far.” Jing Luo replied.

“Okay,” Lin Mu said before putting the jade slip away.

The Fen clan was about a hundred kilometers away from the Jiao Long city. While this distance would take around half a day for commoners to reach, for Qi refining realm cultivators, it would take a mere hour.

As for Lin Mu and other Nascent Soul realm cultivators, a mere five minutes would be enough to get there.

“Here’s the records, senior Lin Mu.” Mu Tao finally returned with what was a pack of long scrolls.

There were fifteen scrolls that were tied together into one pack, and each of them was a meter long while being three inches thick. One could tell from this that the records were rather vast.

“Hopefully, the Fen clan can make use of this and join us in the alliance.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Lin Mu exited the room with Mu Tao and Jingming Shang before looking in the direction of the Fen clan.

“It’s in the west from here, right?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes senior.” Mu Tao replied.

“Alright, let’s fly there then.” Lin Mu said before taking out two spirit swords from his ring.

The spirit swords came to float in front of Jingming Shang and Mu Tao.

“Senior, what’s this?” Mu Tao questioned and Jingming Shang looked on in confusion as well.

“Climb on them. It’ll be faster if I fly there and take you two along on the spirit swords.” Lin Mu explained.

Even if the two men were in the core condensation realm, Lin Mu’s cultivation was way above them and he would be much faster than them.

Mu Tao and Jingming Shang nodded their heads and jumped onto the spirit swords.


Lin Mu shot up into the sky along with the other two straight up before going in the western direction. Jing Luo had upgraded the formation arrays around the clan and thus, no one could see the three of them fly up from the clan.

This was also the reason why the scouts sent by Shantung were unable to see anything, despite the hustle-bustle of the Mu clan. Even the Servants of the Mu clan had greatly befitted from the increased spirit Qi and now nearly all of them were in the Qi refining realm with only the younger children left in the body tempering realm.

It was evident that with a little more time, the servants would reach the core condensation realm as well. Plus, all this had only increased the loyalty of the servants to the Mu clan and they were willing to devote even more to the clan.

But this was just the start of the Mu clan. Lin Mu had instructed Mu Tao to pull in more people along with the new businesses that they had obtained. The other members of the Merchant councils had no idea that it was actually the Mu clan that owned the three massacred clan’s businesses now.

They only knew that Jingming Shang had taken advantage of the massacre and taken over the businesses. While they were displeased due to this, they couldn’t really complain, since they were intending to do the same if it ever happened.

Though Jingming Shang dismantling the Hui clan and freeing off the bonded labor was beyond their expectations. The other members also didn’t know that the Mu clan was now debt free and richer than ever before.

“There it is!” Jingming Shang pointed at a small patch of forest.

Lin Mu looked in the direction and found it to be only trees.

“Just from the initial observation, the formation array seems to be of a good quality… let’s see how it holds up against spirit sense…” Lin Mu said before extending his spirit sense.


He actually felt a little resistance when his spirit sense got closer to the barrier, but after a little push, it easily bypassed whatever thing was restricting it.

“Huh… they have a spirit Qi muddling formation added to the array as well.” Lin Mu muttered.

He continued ahead and the three of them were now at the very edge of the formation. Lin Mu touched with his hand and felt it easily pass through.

“Yup, it’s a bewildering formation. And one that is even better than the one in Northern forest.” Lin Mu said to Xukong.

“That might be more due to the fact that the one in Northern forest was running out of spirit Qi and was made with few resources,” Xukong replied.

“Ah, yes. That might be it.” Lin Mu said before looking at the formation array. “Let’s see how this goes..”


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