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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 626: A New Destination Bahasa Indonesia

After feeling a bit better in a minute or so, Jing Luo decided to continue his explanation.

“The belt can be socketed with spirit stones of different grades and can provide a steady high output of spirit Qi that a cultivator cannot provide himself normally. But… I expanded the belt to the max and eighteen high grade spirit stones seem to be the limit for it.” Jing Luo said as he withdrew the belt from his spatial storage ring.

Lin Mu looked at the belt and saw that most of the inscriptions on it were destroyed and looked like they were burned off.

“The amount of continuous spirit Qi needed by the wind strider boots destroyed a high capacity spirit Qi infusion belt as well.” Jing Luo said with a sigh.

“So if it were a lower number of High Grade spirit stones, the formations would not have been destroyed?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Exactly. But Wind Strider Boots require far too much spirit Qi to function. Originally, they aren’t even supposed to work for extended periods of time like this. They are supported to be used for short bursts of speed.

I just modified the design a bit and made it so that they can work continuously as long as I want, but the counter problem to that is that they need a high volume supply of spirit Qi.

This was one of my projects that I worked on before I left the clan, but never got to finish. Didn’t think I would work on it again after so long.” Jing Luo answered.

Lin Mu could see the hints of sorry in Jing Luo’s eyes and understood that he must be missing his clan now. It had been a long time for the man, over fifty years, and he could not even begin to guess how that felt.

It had been barely six years since Lin Mu’s parents had died and he still missed them from time to time. For Jing Luo, Lin Mu could only guess that it was many times more painful.

“We should figure out what to do next.” Jing Luo suddenly said.

“Ah, yes. Seeing as there have been no signs of anyone pursuing us, we should be safe.” Lin Mu replied.

“That was inevitable. Unless the one pursuing us was a Dao Treading Realm Cultivator, they would not have been able to keep up with our speed. Though I now don’t know where we exactly are…” Jing Luo said as he stroked his beard.

“Hmm… let me check where we exactly are.” Lin Mu said before withdrawing a jade slip from his ring.

‘Since we ran in the southeastern direction from the Ripple mist sect, we should have already left the borders of the previous kingdom. And considering our speed and how long we ran, we should be about… four hundred kilometers away from the sect.’ Lin Mu calculated and checked on the map.

“I think I have an idea of where we are.” Lin Mu said.

“And where is that?” Jing Luo questioned.

“We have come about four hundred kilometers from the Ripple mist sect to the south eastern direction. This roughly puts us at the border of The Kingdom of Shu.” Lin Mu said as his brows furrowed.

Jing Luo noticed Lin Mu’s reaction and wondered if something was wrong, but then recalled his own memories.

“Is there one of the sects that is under the influence of Gu Yao in the area?” Jing Luo asked.

“Indeed. It is a mid level sect called Mountain Brush Sect.” Lin Mu replied.

“The Mountain Brush sect… I remember them. They were one of my attackers as well and took part in the assassination.” Jing Luo said as a spark of fury appeared in his eyes.

“We need to leave this area as soon as possible. We still don’t know if Gu Yao has been alerted or not yet. While we do need to gather more information about the current condition of the empire, I don’t think this will be the right place.

While we personally would not be harmed by this, if they get a whiff of our presence so soon, our latter plans might become troublesome.” Lin Mu explained.

Jing Luo went over Lin Mu’s words and found his hypothesis to be reasonable.

“That does seem likely. We are only four hundred kilometers away from the Ripple Mist sect anyway. We need to go much farther than this, they can still inform their allies at this range using communication jade slips.” Jing Luo said.

“Exactly. We best get going.” Lin Mu said.

“Where do we go, though? I know about the kingdoms, but seeing as how it’s been over fifty years, their situations might have changed and thus my judgment could be wrong.” Jing Luo asked.

Lin Mu thought over it for a minute and saw the map. Currently, they were in the upper mid part of the Great Zhou Empire. They literally had the entire southern part that they could go to as of now. But after thinking for a bit, a specific kingdom popped up in Lin Mu’s mind.

“We do have a lot of places that we can go to, but the closest location that I think would be safe is the Fenlong Kingdom.” Lin Mu stated.

“The Fenlong Kingdom? Hmm… they are quite small, aren’t they. They don’t have that many cultivators there that belong to sects there either.” Jing Luo muttered.

Both of them deliberated over it and discussed the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a final decision.

“Fenlong Kingdom it is then. If we go two thousand kilometers further south and then a couple of hundred kilometers east, we should arrive there.” Lin Mu said.

“We should set off, then. Though I will not be able to keep up with the same speed. At least not for a while, till my meridians are a bit rested, and the belt fixed.” Jing Luo replied.

“That will be fine. We will stop by some smaller villages on the way and see if we can find some information there as well.” Lin Mu assured.

Jing Luo nodded his head and the two of them, along with little Shrubby, began their journey again.


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