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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 614: Three Against Five Bahasa Indonesia

The elders felt like they were being exhausted just from running around. In their case they didn’t even realize that Little Shrubby had brought them quite far from the other elders.

“Huh? Where are the others?” The two Child Soul stage Nascent Soul realm elders said.


But what greeted them was a thundering roar coming from the top. Their eyes went wide as they saw Little Shrubby falling like a flaming meteor from the sky. His speed was something they could barely comprehend, and right now he looked mostly like a blur.

If it were not for his roar, they would have just thorough that it really was a meteor that was falling from the sky. The two elders knew that if they did not move, they would be instantly squashed to death.

Thus, they decided to split apart to escape.

“You think it will be this easy?” one of the elders said.

But then…


A metallic hand suddenly slapped his face. He felt the breath leave his lungs as his cheek ached. This slap was enough to stun him and stop him from moving. The other elder heard the loud slap and couldn’t help but look.

But as soon as he turned, he was met with the same fate.


This time two hands slapped him at the same time, making his ears ring non stop.


The stunned elders were then hit with the falling meteor, which was none other than Little Shrubby. His claws were spread apart and slashed the two elders from the back of their head to the bottom of their spine.

The two didn’t even have a chance to scream before their death was assured. Little Shrubby’s claws had pierced from the back of their skull and ripped it out along with their entire spine.

It was as if someone had scooped out the seeds of a cucumber using a spoon. Except the cucumber was a human and the spoon, Little Shrubby’s claws. The smell of burnt meat could also be felt as his hot claws seared the flesh and blood.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” A delayed scream came from the Nascent Souls that had left their bodies.

Seeing the Nascent Souls appear, Little Shrubby got even more excited.

“There’s the yummy bits,” He said with a growl before chasing after them like a cat behind a butterfly.

Back at the place where Lin Mu and Jing Luo were fighting, the elders barely saw red flash falling from the sky before sensing the loss of the two Child Soul Stage Nascent Soul realm elders.

“Heavens! The eleventh, twelfth, and the thirteenth elder were killed!” The reexamining elders couldn’t help but say.


“You should focus on the fight in front of you.” Lin Mu said as he switched the slim sword mid way and withdrew a large battle axe from his ring.

Taking a lesson from Jing Luo’s book, he shot out the Iron Thorn Spear along with the short sword and then swung the Axe with his own hands.


The short sword slashed at one of the elders while the Iron Thorn Spear activated the Qi skill that was contained within it.



Tens of black blades shot out from the Iron Thorn Spear as they burst apart slashing the three elders. They were having a difficult time blocking so many attacks and barely manged to do so at the cost of bearing some cuts on their body.

The short sword though, managed to cut the Achilles tendon of the second elder who had come to help elder Ko.

“AH! My leg!” He shouted and tried to retreat.

But then Lin Mu blinked to his back and the Axe, which was originally coming towards Elder Ko, was now slashing at the second elder.


The Axe fully cleaved the elder in half diagonally from the top of his right shoulder to the left side of his waist.

“SECOND ELDER!” Elder Ko shouted, his eyes bloodshot.

But Lin Mu didn’t stay in the same place for more than a second and reached the third elder, who was currently occupied by the black blades that had been released by the Iron Thorn Spear.

“YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!” Elder Ko stated before strong spirit Qi fluctuations arose from his body.

Mist wrapped around his hands and torso as his aura started to rise.


Elder Ko flicked his hand, which caused the mist to turn into a whip and attack Lin Mu. The Nascent Soul of the second elder had managed to survive and was now taking refuge behind Elder Ko.

“Oh? Your Nascent Soul is still alive? I was sure that attack should have destroyed it.” Lin Mu said casually, though he really was surprised.

The attack with the Axe was infused with spirit Qi and should have also destroyed the Nascent Soul along with cleaving the elder in half.

“You aren’t the only one who has some tricks under his belt.” The second elder, who was in the form of a Nascent Soul spoke, his face was like that of a vengeful ghost.

The third elder finally managed to block all of the black blade attacks of the Iron Thorn Spear and looked at Lin Mu with shock on his face.

‘It hasn’t even been ten minutes and half of our people are already dead.’ The third elder thought.

His spirit sense spread around and saw the dead bodies of the rest. Three were killed by Little Shrubby and one each by Lin Mu and Jing Luo.

“Who are you! There is no way someone like you would enter the sect for no reason.” The third elder couldn’t help but ask.

“That is none of your concern…” Lin Mu said as he clenched his right fist.

The Axe had been stored away and Lin Mu was now unarmed, rest for the Iron Thorn Spear and the short sword that floated at his sides. The two elders did not sense the spirit of Qi spinning within Lin Mu’s arm or they would have long since interrupted him.

“Who sent you? Is it the Long Cloud Alliance?”


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