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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 608: Crossing The Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s spirit sense observed the cultivators in his range and he realized that there were three Nascent Soul realm cultivators here, along with twenty core condensation realm cultivators and over forty Qi refining realm cultivators.

The Core condensation realm cultivators were the ones mainly dealing with the formations, while the nascent Soul realm cultivators mostly supervised and dealt with the formations that were the most complex.

The Qi refining realm cultivators were mostly there to do chores and menial tasks. They would hand the materials and tools to the core condensation realm cultivators as needed and would also supply the spirit Qi when needed for testing.

But currently, all of them were under the pressure exerted by Lin Mu’s spirit sense. Lin Mu himself did not know that his spirit sense was doing this.

“A-adolescent stage of the Nascent Soul realm?” the surprising elder stated.

He focused on the spirit Qi fluctuation coming from the other two and realized that they were not weak either.

“A beast at the Infant Soul stage and another cultivator at the Adolescent Soul stage of the Nascent Soul realm… how are they here?” He added.

“Are they from our sect?” An elder who found this all unbelievable said.

They could not imagine there being intruders in the sect or even in the sacred grounds and thus thought of the only other option which was none other than them being some disciples or elders of the sect that were here instead.

“No! They are not from our sect! I don’t recognize any elder to be like them and they are far too strong to be disciples!” The supervising elder uttered out loud.

He did not even consider Little Shrubby in it, as he was a beast and would obviously not be a disciple.


“Looks like we got to hurry…” Lin Mu said with a sigh before chanting something.

The supervising elder, who had gotten agitated along with the others, suddenly became dazed as his eyes went dull and facial expression blank. Jing Luo looked at it with an incredulous expression and spoke.

“What did you do to them?” He asked.

“Just bought us some time… let’s get as far away as possible. The others may arrive soon too,” Lin Mu replied as he gazed at little shrubby.

Shrubby instantly understood what Lin Mu meant, and the harness appeared on his back. Jing Luo narrowed his eyes upon seeing this as it was the first time Little Shrubby had shown the harness, as Lin Mu had not needed to ride on his back at the Minor plane before.

The only thing that Little Shrubby had even shown Jing Luo was the Spatial storage belt that he wore on his neck as a collar and the prosthetic spirit tool. But then he saw Lin Mu climbing on top of Little Shrubby and strapping into the Harness.

Jing Luo understood the use of the Harness. He had seen Little Shrubby’s speed and knew how fast he was. He was way faster than him, or perhaps anyone in the Nascent Soul realm. Plus, he was sure that Little Shrubby had not used his full speed yet.

Whenever they battled, Little Shrubby used short bursts of speed. For him to reach his top speed, he would have to run in a straight line for a long time to be able to do that and thus had never used it in the minor plane.

There was simply not enough space there. If Little Shrubby started running, he would not even reach half way to his full speed before crossing the entire length of the Minor plane, running out of space to run.

The elders and disciples of the Ripple mist sect were still in a daze and looked like they would be for a while.

“Where do we go now?” Jing Luo questioned.

“Out of here. Anywhere but first we just need to get as far away as possible.” Lin Mu replied.

Jing Luo nodded his head and flew up. Little Shrubby pawed the ground and pushed ahead. He didn’t go at its full speed from the start, since that would create a lot of noise. Instead, it started to leap across the area while running, while creating barely any sound.

Even now, Little Shrubby was moving at a speed faster than at which it flew. While Lin Mu could fly faster than this, that would let out a lot of spirit Qi fluctuations and attract quite a bit of attention.

Even now, there were several people who had noticed them.

“Who’s that flying in the air?” A disciple who was at the Qi refining realm asked his companions.

“If they can fly, then they must be a Nascent Soul realm elder.” One of the companions answered.


And just as the disciples were speaking about this, they felt a strong gust of wind rush by.

“WHAT IN THE NAME OF HEAVENS WAS THAT?!” The disciples who were knocked back couldn’t help but say.

They moved their eyes to catch a glimpse but could only see a red blur moving at a blinding speed.

“Is that an elder too?” Someone questioned.

“I think that was a beast?” Another disciple wondered.

“A tamed beast? That too at the Nascent Soul realm? I highly doubt they are one of the few that our sect has.” A senior disciple who was at the Core Condensation realm spoke.

“Who do you think they are then, senior brother?” A junior disciple questioned.

“I think that elder was not wearing the robes of our sect either,” someone noticed.

The Senior Disciple narrowed his eyes as he thought of something. He then pulled out a jade slip and held it in his hand. Closing his eyes, he sent a message and then put the jade slip away.

“Let’s see who they really are…” The senior disciple spoke.

By now, Lin Mu, Little Shrubby, and Jing Luo had already crossed a quarter of the Ripple Mist sect. The gate of the sacred ground was located far too deep into the sect, plus they needed to cross several barriers too.


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