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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 599: Fall In Spirit Qi Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu’s breakthrough had brought profound changes to the Minor plane that he was currently unaware of.

In the mountain residence of Jing Luo, the man was working on several sets of spirit weapons. Sweat was visible on his forehead as he etched the formations on the spirit weapons.

But just as he was about to put the last rune on the spirit weapon, a tremor shook the entire place.


“DAMMIT! What the hell is it this time?” Jing Luo cursed.

The past few weeks have been getting tiring for him since the amount of spirit Qi was getting lesser and lesser with time. Jing Luo knew that this meant their plan was working, but he still couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

He was also doing some extra preparation on his own by making several items that they may need later. That was why he was slogging off right now. But now the tremor had basically wasted a couple of hours of his work in less than a second.

He stepped out of the residence and flew up to get a measure of the area.

“Huh? It’s everywhere?” Jing Luo said upon seeing the entire plane trembling.

He was unaware that Lin Mu had another breakthrough and was simply estimating the progress by checking the concentration of the spirit Qi in the air. He looked up at the sky and saw the spirit Qi swirling in the air.

All of the spirit Qi in the minor plane was heading towards the top of the mountain right now. When Lin Mu broke through to the Child Soul Stage of the Nascent Soul realm, this kind of reaction was not present as the concentration of spirit Qi was still quite high.

But now that it had fallen to about five percent of the original, a spirit Qi infusion caused by a breakthrough caused the spirit Qi of the entire minor plane to rush towards Lin Mu. This was a warning in a way and showed that the minor plane was about to run out of spirit Qi soon.

“No way could it be?” Jing Luo muttered in disbelief.

He finally guessed that this must have been caused due to a breakthrough and all the spirit Qi was now rushing towards Lin Mu, who was at the top of the mountain. Jing Luo had never gone where Lin Mu was since the start, as he had been asked by Lin Mu to not be disturbed.

He did actually know that Lin Mu was simply going to sleep there and instead thought that he would be in seclusion while actively cultivating. Jing Luo knew that it was best for one to be undisturbed during secluded cultivation and easily accepted Lin Mu’s request.


But then another change happened, which shocked Jing Luo.

“The spirit Qi is decreasing at a rapid pace! If this keeps us the minor plane will run out of spirit Qi in a short while.” Jing Luo said, feeling both anxious and excited at the same time.

He was anxious as he did not know if the plan would truly work or not and he was excited as this would be his chance at leaving this place where he had been trapped for over fifty years now.

‘Grandfather, Duan Ke… I’ll meet you soon now.’ Jing Luo thought to himself.


A thunderous roar was heard coming from the forest, and Jing Luo snapped back to look at it. One could see a reddish blur moving at a great speed. But that was not all as there were six more blurs following it which were in different colors.

The blur approached the area where Jing Luo was and then flew up to come to stand beside him. Once the blur came to a stop, one could see that it was none other than Little Shrubby. He had changed in the past ten months as well.

His size was at least thirty percent bigger than before, and his fur now had additional patterns on them. Small flaming sparks appeared on his fur from time to time as his body exuded a powerful beastly aura.

If one looked at his back though, they would see five more beasts there. But the difference was that these beasts were not alive and were just corpses. Some of them were crushed to death, while some were burned.

The one thing in common was that each of these beasts was being held up by metallic hands. One of these hands was the prosthetic spirit tool that Lin Mu had gotten Little Shrubby a long time ago, while the others had slightly different designs from that.

But one could tell that the newer hands were of a better quality than the one Lin Mu had bought for Little Shrubby.

“You’re here too? Did you sense something with your master?” Jing Luo questioned.

Over the months he had spent quite some time with Little Shrubby and had gotten to observe the beast. He understood that the beast was almost the same as a human and had even better intelligence than most.

In addition to that, the beast was incredibly fast and strong such that even he could not defeat it, despite the multiple attempts in the past ten months.


Little Shrubby growled in a low voice and nodded his head.

“So it really is him… looks like our time to leave this place will be near. We best get ready.” Jing Luo said as he looked at the five beasts Little Shrubby was carrying with the prosthetic hands.

“Are these the last of the beasts?” Jing Luo questioned.

Little Shrubby nodded his head once again in reps one.

“Perfect, just in time. Put them in the cold room for now. I’ve already finished processing the remaining corpses that you brought.” Jing Luo said.


Little Shrubby growled in a low voice, before flying away to the mountain residence to do the task he had been given by his master. He had faithfully completed them, and his master was also about to wake up soon.


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