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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 594: Hidden Improvements Bahasa Indonesia

The next thing Lin Mu wanted to do was to finally complete the thousand armament blade Scripture.

He had reached about seventy five percent completion in it and had learned quite a lot of weapons. He reckoned now that he had this opportunity, he may as well do it. It would only help him a lot as it would be increasing his personal strength.

Plus, he had gotten the new weapons from the vaults of the Tri Cauldron peony sect so this would be a good opportunity to get used to them.


Lin Mu took out a long scythe and observed it. This was one of the weapons he had gotten from the vaults and was suitable for the Thousand Armament Blade Scripture. The scythe’s blade was a meter long while the pole itself was a bit over two meters long.

Its blade curved evenly for about three quarters of the way before it hooked down. The blade was a smooth silver in color while the pole of the scythe was covered in black leather and had runes imprinted on it.

This scythe was one of the high grade spirit weapons that Lin Mu had managed to get from the vault of the Sect patriarch. Since it was kept in the top vault, its value was bound to be the highest amount all of the other weapons.

“Hmm… I’ll need to brand it.” Lin Mu muttered as he released his spirit sense and branded the scythe with it.

With Lin Mu’s cultivation at the Nascent Soul realm and his large stores of spirit Qi, it was easy for him to brand multiple high grade spirit weapons. He reckoned that even if he did ten of them, he would be fine in controlling them.



Lin Mu grasped the handle of the scythe and swung it with his full force. The power was enough to create an arc of energy that traveled for over ten meters before fading. One had to know, this was done with just his own physical strength and not spirit Qi.

But when Lin Mu looked at the glowing runes on the handle of the scythe, he was intrigued.

“This is a different spirit weapon… I didn’t even use my spirit Qi.” Lin Mu said.

“This scythe seems to be able to convert your physical attacks into energy.” Xukong stated upon seeing the effect of the scythe.

Lin Mu used the scythe a few more times and realized that the more physical strength he used, the stronger the energy attack would be. This made him wonder what would happen if he used spirit Qi for the scythe instead.


Lin Mu started to pour spirit Qi into the handle as the runes started to light up again. But this time, different runes from before were activated. Lin Mu sensed the working of the scythe with his spirit sense and saw that the runes were channeling the spirit Qi through its internal channels and into the blade.


A second later, the blade of the scythe started to vibrate at a high frequency. It looked to be trembling, and if Lin Mu observed his reflection on it, it looked blurry. It was quite unique for him to say the least.

‘Time to test it out… but what would be suitable for this?’ Lin Mu wondered.

After thinking for a moment, he took out a bunch of materials he had gathered. These included metals and ores as well as some armors. He reckoned these would be the best things to test the scythe with.


Lin Mu swung the blade of the scythe at the first item, which was a rectangular ingot of metal.



Two sections of the ingot fell to the ground evenly as the scythe’s blade passed through them like a hot knife through butter. He picked up the two pieces of the ingot and saw a mirror finish on the surface that had just been cut.

“Whoa! This is more powerful than I thought,” Lin Mu exclaimed.

Feeling pleased with a new type of weapon that was now added to his arsenal, Lin Mu couldn’t wait to start his practice.

“Let’s get to it!” Lin Mu uttered before busying himself in practicing the Thousand Armament Blade scripture.

Lin Mu practiced for a week nonstop, testing the limits of his body. Yet even after all this, he realized that he could go on. Lin Mu had learned enough to know that any Nascent Soul realm cultivator at the Infant soul stage would have been exhausted if he did the same as he had.

This left him with only one reason.

‘The effects of the Body cultivation are even more profound the more I explore…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

By now he had completed the Thousand Armament blade scripture by another five percent, leaving only twenty percent left. If he was able to keep up the same rate of progress, he would be able to complete it in one more month, but Lin Mu could already feel a bottleneck approaching.

He just hoped that it was a soft bottleneck and he would be able to overcome it quickly. If not, things would become difficult for him. In this time, Lin Mu was also keeping an eye on his body, or more specifically his Dantian.

He wanted to ensure that the Well of Slumber was working normally and there were no abnormalities. While Lin Mu found himself unable to wake himself up right now, he could tell that his control over the bloodline ability was increasing slightly.

“Though it should automatically stop once there was no more spirit Qi left in the environment.” Lin Mu reckoned.

Lin Mu returned to his practice and took some breaks in between as well. In these breaks, he either learned more Dao Script from Senior Xukong or read the memoirs of the Lost Immortal. At first, he could still feel the passage of time, but after a month, it started to get blurry and Lin Mu himself entered a haze of cultivation.


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