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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 589: The Seven Bloodline Beasts Bahasa Indonesia

The sound of bellows came from the lungs of Little Shrubby as they took in vast amounts of spirit Qi in. His fur flared up as fire started burning on it.


A roar was let out by little Shrubby but it was different this time. It seemed as if instead of just him, seven beasts were roaring at the same time. Lin Mu finally got to see the illusory beasts that had appeared before when little Shrubby used Seven beasts burst.

The illusory figures were different from each other and Lin Mu could recognize a few of them.

The first figure was that of none other than the Flash Fire Liger that Lin Wu had known about. It looked distinct from Little Shrubby and was a bit larger in size than him.

The next figure that appeared was that of a Lion beast. Lin Mu tried to recall what it was and recognized it to be the Brood Mane Lion. Its body was a wheatish brown color and it had a similar colored tail. The only difference was in its mane which had tens of lion head like patterns on it.

The third figure was that of a Tiger beast. Lin Mu identified it to be the Scorch Claw Tiger. It had claws that were much larger than of other large cat beasts and were not retractable. They looked to be made of sharp metal that had been heated to a red hot level. They looked more like long knives instead of claws.

The fourth figure was that of a slender leopard. This was the beast called as Hundred Mirror Leopard. The spots on its fur were like mirrors and reflected light when one looked at them. If one got closer they would even be able to see themselves.

The fifth figure that appeared was a panther. Lin Mu recalled seeing this beast in the records as well. It was the Fume Wood Panther. Its body looked like it was made from wood and had grass like fur growing on it. All in all, it was a strange beast that looked more like a plant than a beast.

The sixth figure was something Lin Mu recognized from the records of the Lost immortal. It was a cheetah beast with the name Thunder Bolt Cheetah. Its cry was like that of a thunderclap and it was one of the fastest beasts the Lost Immortal had ever encountered.

The seventh and the final beast was the strangest of them all. Lin Mu could not recognize it no matter what he did and wondered what it was.

“Do you know what beast that is senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I think that is a Midnight Lynx,” Xukong replied.

“A Midnight Lynx?” Lin Mu repeated as he looked at the long eared cat like beast.

This beast was smaller than the other six but had two pairs of long hairs on each of its ears and also on the corners of its eye brows. But that was not the most iconic nature of the beast.

That place would be taken up by its sleek black fur that shimmered under the flashes of lightning. It looked incredibly smooth and if this beast even entered shadows, Lin Mu doubted anyone would be able to see it.

Each of the seven beasts seemed to be powerful in their own self, but if one looked at little shrubby they would find it hard to see their bloodlines in him. Only the Flash Fire Liger, and the Scorch Claw Tiger had some influence on his physique. While the rest of the beasts did not seem to have any influence on him.

Though Lin Mu did think that the Thunder Bolt Cheetah’s speed might have been what made Little Shrubby so fast. But compared to the description the Lost Immortal had written in his memoirs, Little Shrubby was still like a snail.

The Thunder Bolt Cheetah the Lost Immortal had encountered could cross a thousand kilometers in a blink of an eye. The beast was one of the most terrible ones for the then weak Lost immortal and had relentlessly chased him for over three years.

In the end, the Lost immortal could not escape it and had to make a compromise with the beast. As for what the compromise was, the man did not mention it, but from the slightly embarrassed tone in the text that Lin Mu picked read, he reckoned it must not have been something honorable.


“So many beasts, and all of them powerful… can Little Shrubby really handle so many bloodlines?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Most likely not. That is also the reason why not all bloodlines show up in his physique. The most probable result will be that during the merging of bloodlines, only the compatible features will be kept, while most of them will be discarded.

After all, a body can only handle so much before it would either explode, or would incite the wrath of the heavens bringing forth severe punishment Tribulation lightning. That is also the reason why most beasts with multiple bloodlines don’t survive for long.” Xukong explained.

“I see…” Lin Mu replied, feeling a bit concerned about Little Shrubby.

By now Little Shrubby had fully activated the Seven beasts burst and his body had increased by over four times in size. It was entirely covered in flames that raged like an inferno, scorching the earth and distorting the air.


The final bolt of tribulation lightning finally fell and this was three times as thicker than the first one. But not only that, this lightning bolt even had traces of purple color in it, making it seem far deadly.

The Tribulation lightning bolt struck Little Shrubby’s body and dissipated all of the flames on his body. They exploded like a firework and Little Shrubby was made to kneel on the ground. The power of the tribulation bolt was far stronger than all of the previous ones combined.


A crack was heard as Little Shrubby’s Core finally shattered and a blinding light came from it. The bloodline pattern on the core glowed like the sun as it split apart, giving birth to the Nascent Soul.


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