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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 578: A Great Sword Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Mu didn’t even know if the sword was able to handle the activation of so many formations, not to mention the consumption of spirit Qi that came with it. But then he remembered the spirit Qi concentration here and understood that the sword would still be able to function.

But if this was the Shuang Qian kingdom, for example, there was no way the sword would be able to work, unless the user supplied all of the spirit Qi on his own. But that was not all, as Lin Mu could not even tell the grade of the sword.

The reason for this was because while the sword did have a lot of formations, it was not emitting any major spirit Qi fluctuations, which made it hard to estimate. But just from the quality and number of formations on it, Lin Mu guessed that it was a high grade spirit weapon easily.

“Ah, I see you noticed it.” Jing Luo said upon seeing where Lin Mu was looking at.

“What is this sword?” Lin Mu questioned, feeling quite curious.

“To be honest, even I don’t know. The sword randomly fell from the sky one day. I’ve tried to analyze it but the runes and formations on it are just too complex for my capabilities.” Jing Luo spoke.

“Fell from the sky? When exactly did this happen?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Hmm… it was a year after I appeared in this minor plane. Back then there were some instabilities in the world due to the detonation of the spirit tool I had. That was a prototype of a peak grade spirit tool, thus it had quite a lot of power in it.

Though seeing this place was likely to be part of the sacred ground of the Ripple Mist sect, I reckoned it just came from there. Or perhaps it was part of their sect and accidentally fell here due to spatial interference.

And I had no reason to doubt it either, as it was not like that was the first time it happened. From time to time, beasts would also appear out of thin air randomly. I had to be on my toes all the time for the fear that a random Nascent soul realm beast would pounce on my back.

Oh, there was also that one time when half a cliff fell about an inch from my head when I was sleeping.” Jing Luo answered.

Hearing Jing Luo’s words, Lin Mu was reminded of the random items that he got from the lesser void when he used the ring’s ability. But at least it wasn’t as dangerous as Jing Luo’s condition. Lin Mu didn’t know if he would ever be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that a cliff would randomly fall on his head.

“This sword, you said you analyzed it… did you try to ever use it?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yes, I did. And I failed… miserably.” Jing Luo said with a wry smile.

“Why? It’s just a sword, can’t you just swing it?” Lin Mu felt strange.

Even if a spirit weapon was sealed, and their skills can’t be used, one could still act like a brute and swing them like a barbarian.

“Believe me, I tried, but the blade will just fly away from my hands if I do that. Even getting it here was a herculean task.” Jing Luo spoke.

“Huh? How did you put it on that stand then? You must have had to lift it, right?” Lin Mu questioned.

“I didn’t… or rather that stand was how I even got it here. I had to literally build the stand around it and then carry the stand here. I had to be careful while doing so as well, if I exerted too much strength or went too fast the blade would take that as an attempted use and would fly away, destroying the stand in the process.

I went through over fifty stands before I was able to get it here. They were hard to build too, considering the weight of the sword along with the formations. I had to put really inert, durability increasing formations on the shelf or it would break automatically. The sword’s self defense formations are quite strong too.” Jing Luo explained.

“That… quite a peculiar weapon alright.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Of course it’s gonna be peculiar. It’s a Pseudo Immortal Grade weapon after all… or so I think.” Jing Luo revealed.

“Pseudo Immortal Grade Weapon?!” Lin Mu said in shock.

The only Pseudo immortal grade weapon he had seen till now was the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode, but it was not an offensive spirit tool but rather a supportive one. Even if it did have offensive formations in it, that was only for self defense. But even then its power was massive.

Lin Mu couldn’t even begin to understand how much power this sword would have since it was a fully offensive spirit weapon. And with the condition’s that Jing Luo said the sword had, Lin Mu was even more intrigued by it.

“What do you think, Senior?” Lin Mu asked.

“Hmm, it’s probably as Jing Luo said. The sword likely has gained a certain level of sentience and thus can fly away if someone intends to use it.” Xukong replied.

“But if that’s the function embedded in it, how would one use a weapon like this?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Any weapon that starts to exceed the boundary of the Spirit grades will gain sentience and along with it, new limits will be bound to the weapon. Some of these limits are intentionally put by its creator, while some are created automatically during its creation.

There is probably a limit bound to the weapon which dictates who can wield it. If one can find that limit, they will be able to use it. And seeing the number of formations on it, I reckon that limit must be something really severe.” Xukong answered.

“I see… it really is just a decoration for now I suppose.” Lin Mu muttered.


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